41 Year Old, Mid Life Crisis?? Perhaps, but I'm Going for It!! Dominican Republic, DO

I have been on this site and have done extensive...

I have been on this site and have done extensive research on this procedure for over 2 years and early this year, I finally decided to choose the doctor.
I'm going with Dra Duran. It took several weeks to get a quote from her after I sent her my request with photos. It is a bit easier to either contact her office early morning or she responds on the weekends, Sundays in particular.
The challenge for me now that I'm only 2 weeks away from my sx date is which recovery house to stay at. I have already sent a $50 deposit to Real Recovery House by Tropical Deluxe. I just need to give them a call to make sure this is legit before I get all the way down there. I'm very excited and very nervous at the same time. I will be getting what the doctor called lip sculpture and bbl. I'm not sure what all supplies I should buy here and take with me or buy there? Will anyone be there around the same time that I will be?
I will be doing all reviews once I'm home safe and sound! Talk to you all soon.
Looking forward to hearing all about your surgery. Wishing you a safe an speedy recovery - take care! :)
I think the mid-life-crisis bug is going around because I have it too, lol! I am in my 40's as well and can't get over how much my body is changing from one year to the next {sigh}. Between my metabolism slowing radically and the hormonal shifts {from hell, no less}, I feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle with my weight and body shape. It's obvious that Mother Nature has some wicked plans for me (that B!), yet I have no desire to become a pudgy, middle-aged-square, with a flat arse, lol! ;) I've read a lot of the reviews about Duran and other surgeons in the D.R. and have to say the results for TT, BBL & Liposculpture are quite impressive. I'm excited to read that you'll be having surgery soon and can't wait to hear about your own experience. I'll be following your updates and want to wish you the absolute best for a successful surgery. :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have only spoke to her via whatsapp and email. I have spoke to her assistant a couple of times via telephone. This is very different for me, but I have been reading hundreds of reviews and studying her work via pics from her patients and I feel comfortable and confident that she is the one for me!

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