"36 Year Old 3 Kids, in Much Need of TT,Lipo,and BA with BL - Dominican Republic

Words Can't express how I'm feeling right now, all...

Words Can't express how I'm feeling right now, all I can say is
I can't wait to get my procedures done!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a long journey trying to contact dra duran. FINALLY!!! FINALLY!!! FINALLY!!! she came through. So far I have brought my tickets, paid for my passport, and purchase majority of my supplies. Yes ladies I do know I have six months but I'm not a last minute person, I really don't need to stress myself out at the last minute. I will be stay at Angela's Recovery House
Can I get her contact information I have tried many ways to contact her but haven't been able to for the last month
Office 809.331.5050 ext 212 call around 9 they time send in your pictures and tell her want you want did and make sure you put down what day you want your sx that's where I messed up at not giving them my date here is another number 809.565.5348 download the whatsapp and she is on there as well now you can also go through bellavitaconsulants.com if you don't have the patience
Thank you love
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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