33 Yo/ Tummy Tuck and or Bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

Please help! I need know if I should have a tt or...

Please help! I need know if I should have a tt or bbl or should I do both at the same time? I am so scared of the pain. I plan to travel to DR to have both done this month with Dr. Walkiris Robles. I cant imagine no being able to lay on my tummy or butt. I'm wondering if I should just do the fat transfer to my but and skip the TT. Please let me know what you guys think? Take a look at my photos. I cant believe I finally wrote a review. LOL! I promise to keep you all updated as I appreciate all the real selfer stories that helped me make a decision. TTYL!


Where R the pictures ??
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Sorry. Im new to this. I think I posted them on my other reviews please check them as I am trying to delete this review and having problems.
Understood how do I find the other reviews??

Feedback please

Let me know what y'all think I need


Hey! Both.
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Both a tummy tuck with lipo and bbl. once she gets rid of all the stomach fat u might have loose skin that only a tummy tuck can fix.
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Tt and bbl....:-)
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Looking for someone to buddy up with for my surgery with DR. WALKIRIS ROBLES

Hey so I'm looking for a buddy to go to DR with. I'm leaving from Cali going to DR alone after I found out my husband can't take off work.


I would say do both...but just know it's not a cake walk. Recovery is slow, especially with numerous procedures. I got my butt filled in no drain & it's still sore/swollen. I think the lipo is the worse part. U will be fine alone, use a RH, they will take care of U.
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You don't need a TT. You have good skin elascity and will leave you with a bad scar.
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Thanks for sharing.. Do your research. Best Wishes!
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150 punds before surgery

I leave on 9/10 which means I'm 9 days away, Anybody else going to Dr. Robles around this time. I'm a total nervous reck. I am going alone, Please keep me in your prayers that I recover well and make it back home safe to my family. Thank you all.

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I've been so stressed out about this trip. I leave in 5 days (still have nothing packed) I keep thinking what if I don't make it out of surgery. I haven't found any deaths on the net with Robles. I think I'm just a emotional roller coaster. Is this normal?


Prayers for your surgery! :) Be Positive :) all will go well.
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Good luck, I will be following your journey
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I'm anxious, especially w the death of Joan Rivers. I think they used too much sedatives on her. My Dr's anesthesiologist has over 15yrs exp., I will be in good hands. I truly hope so.
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