33 Year Old Getting a Bubble Butt from Cabral - Dominican Republic

I am going to see Cabral on March the 5th (ive...

I am going to see Cabral on March the 5th (ive been researching him for 2 years now, so i know of his past) and im sooo excited i am getting a bbl and lipo and hes also fixing my torn pocket below my right implant. My current measurements are 36-29-44 at 181 lbs. i gained 13 lbs for surgery i would really love to get to a 26 inch waist and noooo back fat at my current weight because im kinda liking this thickness by the way im 5ft 9.5, my butt is good but i figured hell if hes taking it out he might as well put it in where it can do me some good. too much ass is impossible. lol... I can already smell that little waist and the smoooooth back...
Thank u for the prayers and we'll wishes. I'm pretty confident with my choice in PS.. I was going to go with duran but she didn't have any dates so I figure I may as well go with the best. I uploaded a couple pics I can't really do anything without any clothes on because I have a lot of tattoos I'll pretty much be blurring out my whole body lol. the couple that I posted pretty much shows my back fat that run me crazy no matter how I work out its there. So is there any ladies going over this week. I am definitely going to try and post while on over there. Thank you so much ladyiesfor the replyies
Good luck and best wishes on everything from traveling,sx,and recovery I'm praying for you all will be well.. You choose a veteran PS he's going to do right by your body!!
Can we see some current pics? Good luck


so I'm on the 24 hour countdown now. I am a little bit nervous but I think overall I'm more excited.
How did it go?
Awesome! Excited to see your results.
Congrats on surgery
Hector Cabral

i have been contacting him through text and he always replies to my text within 24 hours. His office always contacts me back within 24 hours when i email the office.

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