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Hello everyone! I have been checking on here for a...

hello everyone! I have been checking on here for a while now and decided to start my own review. 2 months ago, I went to Atlanta to dr jimmerson for a BBL. the day AFTER surgery, I heard of all the other drs in the DR!!:( I was soooo sad, and I still am!!!! I paid 12,400.00 for my surgery, BEFORE meds and flights and hotels etc.. I ended up paying close to 15,000.00. I could've went to the DR and gotten Everything I wanted and STILL had money left FML. anyways, he did a good job, but I was very sad because here in the US, they can only take a certain amount of fat for BBL. they wont suck EVERYTHING out like the drs in the DR will. so he took from my back, and sides, but left my stomach:(:(. So in a way , I feel misproportioned . eeeh so now im looking to go to the DR and get LIPO in my stomach, under my armpits, and either a BR with a BL, or a BA with a BL. I decided to go through bella consultants. jasmine is a sweetheart. im wanting to go with duran, so im waiting on 3 different quotes. buuuuut for some reason im not finding too many pics of BL, BR or BA. im only seeing BBLS!!!! I want to see what her work looks like with breasts. can anyone tell me how to find it.??? oh and I see girls writing their info on here, so heres mine. I am 5'6. 180 lbs. 38DD. my waist is a 35. my butt is a 42. I will take pics and post here in a bit.


Oh wow, I just read something Duran tweeted on August 10th saying she doesn't work with Jasmine and you all are wasting your money!! I wonder how I could make this a "discussion" for everyone to see. Smh
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Oops, I'm sorry there's a fake Jasmine floating around, not Jazmine Navarro. And I would check out Duran's ig for ba's, bl's, br's, etc @Dra_Duran.
Sorry u paid all tht money and ur not happy...i will be following your journey
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My body pics today 8•23•14

These are my pics after my BBL with Dr. jimmerson. I am 3 months post op. (Not 2 months like i said yesterday, sorry) so as you can see from my BACK picture, he didnt take any fat from underneath my arms.( like right above my bra roll area) & he didnt take any at all from my stomach :( . So i feel like my body looks weird . It makes me sad!!!!! So i think i need lipo in my stomach, and in my armpit area. I will post "before breast pics" closer to my surgery.


oh many darling, i understand your frustration...he hooked ur butt up, and didn't give u the smooth flat back and waist we all long to have...i did my boobs in Canada(I'm Canadian), you said your considering implants, u already got a good sized boobs, if u want a lift, that i get, but i wouldn't recommend you getting implants from DR....althought their BBL skills are ON POINT, remember bbl is just sucking out fat, injecting somewhere else...implants stay in your body, and Ive heard from few other girls on RS, that sometimes their boobs go hard, or their implants need to be replace, far sooner than a CAD or USA persons would...member DR doctors got the sculpting skills, got the ass shaping skills, and resources, but becarfully with the implants...quality WILL NOT be like ours at home, if ur gonna do it, get all the info, brand, style, and each implant is pose to have a serial number.(sry if I'm bursting ur bubble, i believen be safe, not sorry sweets)..i know how it feels to be unhappy with parts of your body so do as you must., just ples be safe!
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Hey thanks doll! I appreciate the honesty from you. Thats crazy because i was literally telling my fiancé last night, that maybe implants or ANY breast surgery wouldnt be the best idea For the D.R. .... It seems like they are amaaazing at lipo and BBL, but i havent seen too many breast procedures!! Hmmmm.....
Wowwwww!!! It kills me how USA DR's try to bash & intimidate us from going to dr's in other countries, yet most of their skills don't compare! He's getting sloppy! At what point did the lightbulb go off & tell him to skimp on the lipo under your arms/back & don't do the stomach at all!?!? Don't get me wrong you look good, but just imagine how you'd look & feel had you gotten exactly what the F you wanted & paid for? Sorry. I'm so mad at this! Good luck Duran will get you right!
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Ummmm ok??

Hello beauties! Ok so i requested a quote from Duran for a BR, BL & lipo and i got an email back giving me a 6,000.00 quote FOR A BBL AND BRRAST AUGMENTATION! wth lol!!! Totally not what i asked for!! Has anyone else had these weird quotes happen!?


I've seen some good ones. But more of not so great stuff! Yily seems to be better known for boobs and small waists Durans known for butts n sculpture But ya. Just be safe with boobies n check it out!
I know I've seen headlines saying "women go to DR to get cheap plastic surgery and get bacteria!" Now they know they wrong for that, I been working in critical care for 14 years in a lot of hospitals cause I do Per Diem. I have seen the whole I CU and CCU full of MRSA and VRSA we gotta gown and glove up mask and everything for each patient. I know some of the OR rooms in DR look outdated but honestly the most important thing is the cleanliness of the room and the instruments, the techniques of the people involved. it's a hit or miss, the doctor has to be the one with good ethics to keep everyone else inline. because people usely do what the doc expects of them..... Sorry for rambling on Just to say... Even if it was a cheap plastic surgeon here in the US I would still travel to DR cause they give the results I expect! Besides plastic surgery should be affordable why should you pay $20,000 for a TT. so only the rich get to look good after kids?
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