28 Mom of 5, Switching from Duran to Dr. Osak Omulepu (MIami)

I have been looking into bbl procedures for 3 1/2...

I have been looking into bbl procedures for 3 1/2 years now! I was dead set on going through Dr. Cortes in Houston, But am now looking to go outside the U.S.! I want to do my surgery during the summer of 2015 if I go out of the U.S., Or summer of 2016 indide the U.S!! :) I am looking at DR.DURAN in the D.R. or Dr. Compas in Mexico! If any of you have gone out of the U.S. please message me about how it works, I am very nervous about beimg in a new country!! :)


Downloaded the plastic surgery simulated app from the play store, and fell in love!!! It is actually helping to take away some of the anxiety of the surgery because I can actually play with my own body and see what I would look like!! :) will upload pics!

some more of my photo shopped wish pics..

Just a few more before and after wish pics!

adding Dr. Fisher to my list!

I have decided to add Fisher to my list, his pricing is competitive with the surgeons outside of the U.S. and he is in Miami!!! Just requested a concul which is free! And his reviews are awesome! :)

just priced my airline tickets and recovery house!

Flying through spirit airlines my ticket to Miami would be 70 and 80 back home, for a total of $150 round trip!!! :) :) my recovery house stay for 3 nights would be $1500, and includes garments?? Ive noticed his most common price is around $5500! Soo I do have a few questions, 1.) Do you have to stay in a recovery house? 2.) What all is not includedincluded in the base price? Meds, gauze, etc?? Or should it all be included??

more wish pics

I'm telling you I am sooooo in love with this app! Lol ????????????

3 consultations requested!

I have requested a consultation from Dr. Fisher, Dr. Campos and DRA. Duran. I will also be rating them on how fast they return my call! Tomorrow is Monday and business's day 1. They all said they would call within 2 business days! Fingers crossed! ????????

still playing with this app!! super addicting!! lol

Another wish pic!

ass ass ass!!!!!

Ughhhhh I have got to get some sleep!!! Butt! Lol I can't! All I can think about is my new booty! I am way too obsessed! Lol I am very nervous about leaving the country so I have been leaning more towards Fisher, butt I just seen a pic of a durandoll and I absolutely fell in ?!!!! Lol me and the girls before pics look similar, and she looks like Kim k if not BETTER!!! Which sucksssss!!! Because it makes my decision making even more harder!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol pray for me y'all! I have to pick one!!!!

getting nervous!!

Does anyone know how to find a doctors fatality rate?? I am really starting to freak myself out!! I was going through posts and I seen a comment stating Duran had a patient who died, but it looked like it could have been fake because when I went to the users page it was filled with negative reviews on like 6 different doctors!!! And from what they said they have had the works, TT, bbl, breasts, nose, etc! And it doesn't seem like they liked any of the doctors that they went to, but still it has my mind freaking out! Lol How can I get I a full background of whatever doctor I choose??

my anxiety is working overtime!!

So I am really excited about getting my bbl, and I am pretty much favoring Duran! Butt I can not find any info about her such as certification, death rate, malpractice, etc! Her reviews are wonderful, pricing is perfect! Butt I still need to see and know numbers before I go through with this! I have 5 children who will suffer if anything happens! Does anyone know where I can find out any of this info????????

Dr.Fisher and Dr.Campos

Both doctors have gotten back to me and I have emailed both my pics. Just waiting on a reply for a quote. I think Duran may have contacted me too, but every time I try to call the number back its busy. :) so as far as a response 10 for Fisher and Campos so far!

fisher just quoted me!!!!!!

My surgery and all things dealing with my surgery will be 5000!! :) and the recovery house 2500..... Plus 5 massages for 350, and 2 garments which are 120 a piece or I can buy my own... My airline would be 150 as previously quoted, so around 8000..... Still going to wait on Duran, even tho 8000 and the fact that I get to stay in the us is sounding pretty good! #decisionsdecisions!!!!!!

decisions decisions!!!!!!

Just price checked a flight from Houston to the Dominican and I could fly there and back for $285!!!! Allowing g myself 1500 for recovery house and even tho no quote so far I'm guessing 3500 for the bbl, so a little over 5000.......... Ughhhh! And I know price should be the last thing you put as a priority, but why pay more for something??? My only issue is not knowing how to do do a background check on DURAN, her reviews are awesome, butt!!! I need statistics, and cerification levels etc!!!!!!!!!! Please helppppp!!!!! Lol

consultation from Campos!!! :) And spoke with Duran!!

OkOk so I will also post a pic of my email from Campos, but basically he recommends a TT, which I disagree with! I'm sorry and I'm not trying to sound all prissy but I have five kids and no stretch marks, I have never had a c section, so to scar my stomache now is just pretty much stupid and pointless to me! But to do the TT and lipo and grafting it would be 7000, plus airfare and recovery house. So I would just go to Fisher as far as that is concerned and keep my butt in the U.S. without the TT it's 5245 plus airfare and recovery house. I am not thrilled that he suggested a TT because I have seen plenty of women not get a TT and they looked fabulous and they were my size if not a lil bigger. So to me he just wants to do what he can to charge more! Idk.. So I guess I will be crossing him off for now! I will tell all about my contact with Duran in my next post!

Campos cont'd

Sorry I forgot to add that he said he would only add 600-700 cc's most of the butts I like were not as flat as mine to begin with and had at least 1000 cc's so I really don't think he is the doc for me!


OK I am really trying to do my best to keep Duran on my list for few reasons, 1.) I truly do LOVE her work! 2.) Her quoted prices on other girls is affordable! 3.) Her reviews!! So with that being said know that she is still a possibility! So I call the number on her website, and a lady answers at first we go back and forth for a second, me trying to speak what little Spanish I know and her speaking what little English she seems to know, so I put my husband on the phone ( he is Mexican) and he translates for me for a minute till the lady puts another girl on the phone who speaks more English. This lady and I talk for about 3 minutes, and she gives me an email address, says to send my pics and call back Friday morning. OK, no problem! I then start asking about her credentials and certifczatioNs, malpractice etc. And she says well look on her website, everything is good! Well not trying to sound funny but nobody posts anything negative on their own websites!! She acted like she was a little aggravated that I even asked for credentials which it seems like she would be used to people asking?! I told her how in the U.S we have the board of p.s website and such band asked if there was one like that for the D.R, she said sshe didn't know or no I couldn't really make it out. So that was kind of discouraging because I know there has to be some way to find out and she should know if she is a consultant! Okay so that was pretty much the extent of our phone convo. So I hop off and email her my pics to Dr. Duran's email that she provided, I wait a little while then go back to Dr. Duran's website to do a little more investigatiting. And I notice that the email the lady gave me on the phone was a gmail address, hilarioplasticsurg, but the email on Duran's website is the same name only @hotmail.com sooooo while its possible she owns both email accounts I am now worried that I sent my naked body pics to someone else!!!! So defiantly will be calling back Friday to see if they got my pics!!!!!!! Butt, like it said I am trying my hardest to go with Duran, butt if my research doesn't add up, I don't care how great your reviews are I will defiantly be safe rather than sorry!!!!

Fisher or Duran????? that is the million dollar question!!!!

Sooooo my hubby who is supportive to an extent, ( he knows I'm going to do whatever I want so he just goes along with whatever! Lol) has just given me his opinion, (which he rarely does, so I'm actually pretty happy) and he said that he would rather I go to a Dr. In the U.S. and have it done, even if "we" have to spend a little more! So... Basically he would be willing to help if cost is an issue so I can stay in the u.s !! And I do like Fisher, and as long as he could me this same snatched waist and heart shape that Duran does I guess the 2-3 thousand price difference would be worth it to be able to stay in the United States. I don't see any bad reviews on him just not as many reviews period..... Ughhhh!!! Desicions decisions!!!!!!!!!!!!

DURAN update!!

Sooooo I just. Found out that the email on Duran's website is wrong the lady on the phone was right!! Which is good news! So now I just wait until Friday morning and call for my quote I guess!! :) I did apply for financing for Dr. Fisher just in case and hopefully I get approved! :)

Durandoll is looking bright, butt* I'm still sooooo nervous!!

I really want to go to Duran, I am just sooo nervous about traveling out of the U.S.!! I have a HUGE fear of death!! lol I know I'm soooo DRAMATIC!!!! lol I still can't find any background information on her, besides reviews!! AND not trying to sound funny, but dead patients can't write reviews!!! I really need the background check to relieve my anxiety!!

found the dominican board of plastic surgeons!!!!!!!!!

http://www.sodocipre.net/miembros.html and yes DURAN is listted!!!!!!!! :) :) :) there goes part 1!! credentials have been checked! she is certified!!! i messaged them to see if she ever had any strikes against her medical record!! and once i get a reply i will update again!!!!!!! so excited i know i wont be able to sleep tonight!!!!! lol

quoted from Duran!

Duran emailed me today and basically its 4700 for TT bbl and lipo, plus 300 for insurance and meds! I emailed her back for another quote with just bbl and lipo! :)

still waiting..

i recieved a quote fromDuran and then i meessaged her back for anoyher quote and i havent heard from her, so idk.... im just kind of pausing for a while until i actually have all the money saved up, also i want to tighten my stomach before surgery so i know i wont need a rtt at all.... lol so starting monday i will be starting an exercise routine.

Mixed emotions.....

Ughhh...... I have so many emotions running through me constantly! First... I'm scared as hell about having surgery, going to another country, recovery and results.... Second, I hate my body, I don't even get dressed anymore, all I can do when I put my clothes on is imagine what I'm going to look like after surgery and how frumpy I look now!!! Which makes me want the surgery soooo bad, I know need to tighten my stomach before surgery, especially if I want to avoid a TT.. , but all the anxiety is making me stressed, so I eat constantly, unhealthy crap, and I think I've gained weight... :( Plus I'm a smoker, (I know soooo unhealthy!!) But I'm SUPER nervous that I won't be able to put them down after surgery to allow my body to heal!!! I'm just a mess!! I need to quit stressing, I know, I just don't know how to control my emotions!!!! I haven't even started my sit ups and stuff, I'm thinking of trying those stomach wraps... I don't know RL sisters, I'm going to try to get my mind off all of this, and get some sleep...

just a lil info.. lol

I'm on instagram and am following duran, her instagram username is DRA_DURAN... She posts pics of girls she's done like every other day to give you a better idea of her work and style!!!! :)dent now that i have her on instagram, and can see all her beuti

ordering wraps this week!!!

So now that the kids are in school and I actually have some mommy spending money, I am going to invest in the stomach wraps!! They are suppose to tone and tighten, so we shall see!!!! :)

still waiting to try wraps!!!

I thought about it, and want to wait until after Christmas to try the wraps!!! Why do them when I know my chunky self is gonna be stuffing my face for the holidays!!!! Lololol but still playing with my surgery app! DRA_Duran is Duran's username on instagram! She posts tons of pics!!! If you have any anxiety (like me) following her made me it easier, because all my nervousness has now been replaced with pure excitement!!!! I have already started buying clothes that I can wear after my surgery!!!! Lol please believe my surgery wont be complete until I have a whole new wardrobe full of clothes I wouldn't havent been able to wear in years!!!! Lol

just patiently waiting...

There's not much I can do, I'm stuck in pause mode! After the new year, I'm getting the wraps, and a waist trainer! I start school in January, so will be scheduling the surgery for summer! Butt am more than likely just going to go through bellavita consultants! Takes most of the work out of it! Will contact Duran for another quote after I do the wraps and "if" they work! Really want to tone the bottom of my stomach up!
My nervousness is pretty much gone! I'm just super excited, I can't wait to rock my new clothes, and actually feel cute in jeans again!!! On another note, is it me, but I haven't seen a lot of post op pics on here from Durandolls lately!!! I've seen a million girls post that they were going, but no updates afterwards! Luckily I have her on my I.G so I see her beautiful dolls everyday!!! :) butt still, I would love to read more post op journeys!!!!!
I did take some more pics today, so I will upload them now! Still playing with the simulator app! Lol



need help!!

I need a supply list!!! I want to have all the supplies bought, and sx paid for after new years!!! Also found a driver from one of the other ladies and I guess he has a nurse for 35 a day!!! :)

bbl supply list, and bbl expense list!

I have with the help of another Realself member, I copied her list and just added or deleted some items lol, compiled a list of items needed! As well as a breakdown of the total price of sx! Items with a (>) symbol mean that you may be able to find the item for less! I used Google and Ebay to price check most items, as well as my Walmart app! Some items such as the vitamins, i know Walmart sells for around $5. You just have to buy the equate brand! ( same difference IMO)

maybe switching doctors and having surgery as soon as next month!!!!!!!!!!! :)

A friend of mine lives in Florida and she said Doctors all over are having specials for the BBL and I actually just sort of stumbled upon DR. OSAK OMULEPU (located in MIAMI) on google! I called today and sent pics. I'm not going to lie, his coordinators could use some help, I am still waiting on an email that she supposedly sent 8 hours ago! But they are polite and very friendly, also will answer all questions! So that is cool!! His before and after pics are fabulous! And did I mention his price?? $4000 HONEY!!! I know I'm like ummmmmmmm okkkkk, Is he working out of a garage or something?????? lol! I still need to check his references, I looked him up on here and couldn't find anything! I found some patients that wanted to go to him, but like me , were looking for actual reviews! On ratemd.com he has about 11 reviews, all positive, except for 1 who loved him but said his staff sucked! But none of them uploaded pics, (Maybe ratemd.com doesn't allow pics? IDK) But anywho, I am eager to hear back from them tomorrow. And will update as soon as they call! Maybe I can be his first real review! :-) :-) Oh and here is a list of his education, honors, certificates etc., as well as his pic!!! :)


Howard University College of Medicine, (DC) 1996 – 2000
Morehouse College, (GA) 1990 – 1995
Bronx High School of Science, (NY) 1986 – 1990

New England Society of Plastic Surgeons
Massachussetts Medical Society
American Medical Association
American Society of Plastic Surgeons Candidate Member
Florida Medical Associaiton
Betta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society

Florida Medical License #ME99126
New York Medical License #2299099
Massachussets Medical License #225335
BLS Certfied
ACLS Certified
ATLS Certified
Professional Experience

Lahey Clinic – Senior Plastic Surgery Fellow Burlington, (MA) 2005 – 2007
New York Methodist Hospital – Chief Resident Brooklyn, (NY) 2004 – 2005
New York Methodist Hospital – Department Of Surgery Brooklyn, (NY) 2000 – 2004


So I have been non stop researching, and online searching for the absolute best rates, and cheapest way to live in Miami for a week!! This is what I have come up with! Hotels average out to about $100 per night, more on the weekend, plus tax your looking at $900! This is for the Extended stay, Candlewood suites, And Howard Johnson... They come with a very small Kitchenette, and only One bed! So I hopped my butt on craigslist, and have been on there ALL night, and actually found a couple apartments (Vacation Rentals), close to or on the beach for around $600 for the week!!! :) Also, there is a website called RelayRides.com, and it is basically ppl who will rent out their vehicle, found one a 2005 pontiac g6 for $26 a day/$150 a week!!!! Flight through spiritairlines.com is now on sale for $68 each way! (They Normally sell for around $200 round trip!!) So $136 round trip (Sale Price)!!! Now of course You won't need a car if you are traveling alone, but if you are bringing a support friend/sig. other etc, it is wayyyy cheaper then any rental car place! And adding up all the cab fare probably cheaper than that too!! They deliver to and pick up from the airport for free as well!! And if that said friend pays their half of the room and car rental, airline tickets, etc It averages out to about 650 per person for 2 ppl!! :) room, car, and flight!! :) This may not work for everyone, as availability and such differs month to month, but for the most part the prices shouldn't be much of an increase, except maybe around holiday times! :) So good luck Miami dolls!! I Wish you all the best!!


Just waiting on confirmation and I will be on my way to being a DR. O Doll!!! Super geeked! I should be leaving on the 24th, and surgery will be on the 26th! every thing will be booked tomorrow!!!! So I will definitely update then!! :) and PICS!! I promise to upload PICS!!! :)

10 Days till Miami!!! Dr. Omulepu!

Booked my sx, plane tickets, and apartment! We leave on the 24th, and come home on the 3rd of March! The only thing I have left to do is buy supplies! I got arnica cream, I'm getting maxi pads and gauze when we get to Miami, Along with a bed pad! Faja ordered and on its way, ($54 on Ebay), Some tank tops, and 2 sheer dresses, I'm only going to wear maxi dresses while I'm there! And a zip down gown the day of surgery, and the next day! They are suppose to send me the confirmation to go do my lab work, and after that I'm good to go! I'm a little nervous, but not scared ( if that make sense! lol) , and just super excited! My husband is scared, more that I'm going to be in some serious pain afterwards! I hope it's not that bad! I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and I heal quick normally!! I mean shoot, I had my first 3 kids with no drugs, nothing!! And went back to work 2 weeks to a week later.. Probably not the same thing tho!! lol As soon as we get to Miami I will Update my before pic, and Will definitely post TONS of after!!! Pray for me dolls!! I'm almost to the other side!! =)

1 week!!! Osak Omulepu

Okay so I promised to update every step of the way or whenever anything new happens!
Well today I called to put another payment on my surgery, Normally I talk to Vivian who I think is my coordinator, But today she wasn't in so I got transferred to Chris.. I told him why I was calling and asked him to verify my date was booked.. He told me he didn't see a date booked so I started to freak out a little! (everything is paid for room, plane, car, etc..) But he quickly made sure he booked me for the 26th as previously planned! :)
But I got to looking at the contract they sent me, and it states that labs must be done a minimum of 2 weeks before surgery, or surgery will be postponed! Well I just booked everything on Friday, I didn't even have 2 weeks to do them!! And also in the contract it states that surgery must be paid for within 2 weeks as well! I already told Vivian that I couldn't pay more than a thousand at a time because that's all my card will authorize to a single merchant every 24 hours! Which Chris did say would be ok, and I was actually able to get $1500 to go through.. So now I only owe $2000 more, which I will pay $1000 tomorrow and $1000 Thursday! (and yes I already contacted my card and asked them to take the block off they can't because I haven't been banking long enough with them!) But any who, I also mentioned the labs, which Vivian was suppose to be emailing me the forms and place to go but didn't yet! So he transferred me to a lady, who sent me the forms.. I have to go to a LabCorp, which is nation wide, pretty much one in every major or surrounding city! So I am going to go do that in the a.m.. I'm not going to lie I am nervous, because of all the mix ups I just went through! It does concern me that I have invested so much into this! If I get there and they pop up with some b/s there nothing I can do! I am literally screwed!! My hubby can only take a week off, and all my deposits are lost!! So I'm just trying to stay positive for now! I will definitely be checking with them everyday to make sure everything is set up the way it should be!! Just keep me in your prayers ladies!! 7days to a bigger booty!!


Did my labs today!! :) Only owe $500 and I'm going to try to pay that now, but I have a feeling my stupid card won't let it go through until tomorrow!! :-/ But that's fine!! lol

As far as my health... Ughhhh.... I have been trying my hardest to stop smoking but it seems like the more I try, the more I smoke!!! :( I'm praying after surgery I will be so doped up I won't want a nasty cigg!! at least for the first few days!! ;-/ I don't feel scared, And I don't really have a lot of anxiety, so I don't know I'm smoking so much... I mean everything Is moving along and I am super excited.. It's just really frustrating!! :(

4 Days to the body of my dreams!! Dr. Osak Omulepu!! Miami..

We leave in less than 2 days! I still have so much to do! I need to get a couple more supplies and a few more personal items! I figured I could hit up Walmart when we get there, but am debating on just going to grab them tomorrow!! I'm getting nervous but am still super excited!! I just wish it was over! Lol I'll upload some pics before sx, and tons after! I wonder if they will let me record my sx?! I would love to see it!! Lol

3 days!!! Osak Omulepu

So today I called the office and asked about my labs just to be 100% sure, and they tell me that I need to retake one of the labs because my white blood count was high! Which is fine but, I leave tomorrow!!! And there was no time left to do it today! And now I'm really pissed because had I not called I never would have known a thing!!! They NEVER once tried to contact me!!!! So tomorrow I have to rush over to the lab, retake it pray my level is lower, or they are going to have to put me on an antibiotic!! I'm pissed! They got my lab back on Thursday!! It's Monday and I leave tomorrow!! And I ws told all my labs would be included but she told me I'd have to pay to be retested!! It's only $20, but still! It's like one thing after another is getting twisted!!! I'm just sooo ready to get this over with!! Wish me luck dolls! 3 days!!

I leave today!!!

I need to recant something's from my last post! Well, I guess the doctor did try to get in touch with me, they emailed me! And second it wasn't no $20 to repeat my blood work, it was $107!!! :/ but I'm just woohsahhing and trying to stay calm! Only a few more hours and I'll be on a plane to the lovely Miami! :) pray for me!!!

1More day!!!!! Osaka Omulepu

Went to spectrum today and picked up my prescriptuons, signed papers, etc. The office is nice, I would have taken pics but it was crowded! Seen 2 patients who had just been done by Dr. Ortega, they looked fabulous!!! I didn't see one by Omulepu but I wasn't there that long either! So now I just wait.. we are sight seeing a little and then going to fill scripts and buy an e-cig! :/ lol I'll update soon! And post lots of pics!


Just arrived at spectrum! Pray for me dolls! I haven't smoke since I woke up!

1 Day post op Dr.Osak Omulepu

I arrived at spectrum at 1pm they weren't packed it the waiting room, but I guess he had like 5 surgeries scheduled! I didn't end up going back until like 7:30. After that I woke up and was in pain! I freaked out a little, because I had no idea what was going on or where I was lol! But after an hour I was cleared to go home! I spent most of the night in and out, my drain was emptied about every hour, and because I was told to drink a tall glass of water/Gatorade every two hours I als I had to pee everyone hours! Lol oh and I didn't even get to the best part guess who started their period the day of sx??!! Yup that's right me! :/


Post bbl 2 days OSAK OMULEPU

Omgggg I'm just sooooo ready for this to be over!! My legs are sooo sore, my butt is sooo stiff! Everything else is manageable! They said today should be better! I go for my follow up and 2ndassage at noon! I'm babystepping and it hurts like hell to bend my legs! I can't wait to take a hottttt shower! Someone please tell me when this gets better??!! When will o be able to walk without feeling like I got the worlds worst butt cramp?! Lol any info/advice please!!

feeling it day by day

So after my massage and follow up I came home and was knocked out!! Woke up with some energy took a. Hot shower and flt like whole new lady!! Ran to target with the hubby, pushed the cart and shopped, but I'm kot gonna lie my energy was gone soon after!! I just took my meds, so I'll be headed back to sleep in a sec! Hopefully with my new pillows I won't wake up sooooo stiff!! Here some pics from today! :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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