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I am no stranger to the site, however I am new to...

I am no stranger to the site, however I am new to actually writing a review. I have been stalking this site for about 5 years and finally decided to go through with the procedure. I am excited yet scared being I never had surgery before. Butttt, I am ready to be the girl who is known for her sexy shape not just big boobs with no a**. I'm so ready to see what I will look like with my new body!!

Sent my deposit and waiting for my date to be confirmed...looking for a buddy

I sent my deposit. Now I'm just waiting for my date to be confirmed. If anyone is going in October and is looking for a buddy let me know. Also, I forgot to mention what I am getting. I am getting a BL, aggressive lipo to my entire back, waist, flanks, and abdomen, BBL.
Congrads on taking the first step ill be following your journey
thank you!!!

Pre-op pic

I'm looking for a buddy I plan to go in October as well..
I'm about to message you. My date has been confirmed my surgery day is October 14, 2014.
Welcome to RS ! Girrrrl I love dr yily and dr Baez but I need to share this w you... I see dr. Cabral all over your pre opt pic!!you have a great foundation that he can tweet out of this world!!! Yes in the end it's your decision but knowing what I know from experience as a "VET " go to the best and settle for nothing less! I'm happy for you and I do knw what u mean by whn u say knwn for girl w big chest and no booty! Whn u get your enhancement u will be able to say"how ya like me know " say watttt yeah pow pow pow!...and ya can't touch this! Chk out serenity for an RH facility ok really nice ! Don't get me wrng I love my girl' dr yily but omg I see you Getting this done once not twice! Think about it and best wishes, luv ! Congratulations !

Date confirmed!!! RH Confirmed...Help with Materials to bring and garment...PLEASE

Sooo, My date for Dr. Yily is set!! Im so happy. She has responded to me in a timely manner since the initial email I sent her. I must say after reading many reviews on here I was looking to go with someone else. But I am looking for natural results and understand its impossible to have an absolute perfect body. Also, I plan on staying with Yasmin. HOW MANY DAYS HAS ANYONE STAYED IN DR AFTER GETTING A BL AND BBL? I DO NOT WANT TO STAY 10 DAYS AND WOULD LIKE TO STAY 8 IF POSSIBLE. Also, can anyone give me any advise on the compression garments? which ones are best post op
I recommend to stay in www.paradisesurgicalrecovery.com they are clean and great services
I stayed with Yasmin for 2 weeks after Yily did a Tt, lipo to abd/back/flanks, bbl. You get first garment from her, but take a second fajate is good. You need 8 days of heparin shots, a stomach protector think it was Prilosec, augmentin 1g and cipro for 10 days one was twice a day but don't remember which. She gave me ronex and clofara for pain and inflammation-it didn't help my Percocet helped me. Take arnica cream, vit C, iron pills, frolic acid pills, vit b, I will look for paper and send you a pic if I find it. Take at least 2 wife beaters a day, and 3-4 loose dresses. You will want a second garment to wear between washing and compression socks. Maxi pads and mattress protecting pads, they use baby wipes to wash you but I used a wash towel and dial soap, they ask for antibacterial wipes and gloves for drain handling. Take print out of quote and extra cash she changed price once I was there. Make sure you get massages they make a great difference
thank you so much for the information. She changed the price for me already through email bc my quote was 7 months old. So Im paying 4500 instead of 4300 which still isn't bad. If you find the paper please send it to me. The whole garment situation is confusing me. I want to purchase an additional garment to have but I don't know what size I will need. Also, where did you purchase your second garment bc I was just going to buy an extra garment from Dr. Yily but I heard they weren't all that great and they are $140

8 weeks until surgery and I must admit im sooo NERVOUS!!! Big UPDATE

Let me start off by expressing how nervous I am about having surgery. Although I take care of different types of post op patients for a living and know the process of things, I am extremely nervous being I have never had surgery of any sort my entire life. As the days go by the fact that I am actually getting surgery and the possible complications scares me, especially going to another country of which language I don't speak or understand. I have been praying about this and I really want this procedure so it is what it is. I started taking my vitamins the beginning of this month bc my Hemoglobin was 11.9 :( I plan on taking the purabsorb a month before surgery.
Here is a list of some of the things I have. If I am missing anything let me know. Yasmin also sent me a list of things I need.
NOTE: She said if you forget anything such as towels, pads, etc they are very expensive there.
Passport (applied for it last week)
compression socks
baby wips
maxi pads (thick Kotex)
4-5 maxi dresses
arnica Montana (Gel and Cream)
Monistat(Yasmin suggested this bc a lot of girls get yeast infections for the foley)
2 dark big towels
3dark small towels
Benadryl spray
q tips
alcohol wipes
dermoplast antibacterial spray
Clorox wipes
chux pads
no rinse bath wipes (she said that I probably wont be able to fully shower for 9 days)
STERILE gloves( my preference they are a little bit more in price but I would rather them than the tradional non-sterile gloves)
4x4 gauze
2x2 gauze
paper tape ( it has less effect on you skin...doesn't cause skin tears)
surgical tape (just in case)
wife beaters
dial soap
granny panties

boppy pillow
2nd stage garment
pineapple juice/chunks


Also, I have decided to get fat transferred to my hips also. I was going to stay at upscale RH before I decided to go with Yasmin and she told me hips aren't an extra charge. I sure hope she is right. Still haven't found a buddy so anyone that is having surgery with Yily around October 14, 2014 let me know.

Did anyone buy a second garment before surgery if so where did you find it and how did buying it before surgery work out for you?
Do I need to buy a bra compression before surgery?
How long did you wait after surgery to use a squeem or waist cincher?
Does the lipofoam work?
Hey hun! Welcome to Rs!!
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