22 Year Old Last Minute Changes to my Plans! Need a Buddy Asap! Dr.Duran Future Patient! - Dominican Republic

Hello Ladies, I have been planning this trip from...

Hello Ladies,

I have been planning this trip from November and had everything set to go, but now some minor changes have happened. I planned on staying in a hotel for my recovery, but that was when my boyfriend was coming along (reason for plans changing). Now I must stay at a recovery house or hotel with a buddy if that is even possible! Please help me out if you plan to be there the same time I am. I am scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Duran at Cipla on March 4th and will be staying until the 15th.

Ended up finding a place !

Found a place to stay after struggling. It's not RH but I am fine because I will be staying with my bf mom, who is a nurse from the US so I feel okay with it. Decided to post some pics of some of my items because I know looking at your guys profile helped get me ready.
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