22 Year Old Last Minute Changes to my Plans! Need a Buddy Asap! Dr.Duran Future Patient! - Dominican Republic

Hello Ladies, I have been planning this trip from...

Hello Ladies,

I have been planning this trip from November and had everything set to go, but now some minor changes have happened. I planned on staying in a hotel for my recovery, but that was when my boyfriend was coming along (reason for plans changing). Now I must stay at a recovery house or hotel with a buddy if that is even possible! Please help me out if you plan to be there the same time I am. I am scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Duran at Cipla on March 4th and will be staying until the 15th.
Hey if u can't find a buddy nd want to switch dates.... My date is July 23 but I want to go sooner
I was able to squeeze in at a place to stay so I am going to stick with my date sorry.
Good luck on your jornal!

Ended up finding a place !

Found a place to stay after struggling. It's not RH but I am fine because I will be staying with my bf mom, who is a nurse from the US so I feel okay with it. Decided to post some pics of some of my items because I know looking at your guys profile helped get me ready.
Hey, hope all is well. Haven't heard anything p.o. so if you get the opportunity, just let us know you did ok with surgery! Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery!
Good luck
What are you having done? Good luck to you
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