21 Years Old, 5'1, No Kids and Hungry to Have the Body of my Dreams!!!! Dominican Republic, DO

I've done a lot of research on plastic surgeons,...

I've done a lot of research on plastic surgeons, when i started looking surgeons up, i was determined to do in the states but after seeing the prices and the results i changed my mind. I started looking at Dominican surgeons in DR and was between Dr. Agustina Hilario Duran and Dr. Yily De Los Santos. But after finding an awful review of a woman who claimed she experienced serious infections and even a comma after having surgery with Dr. Yily, i decided to stick to Duran and pray!!!!

I just sent Dr. Duran and email explaining my situation, what i want and requesting a quote.
The email i sent:

Hello DR. Duran
I've done some research about you and your work for a minute now and I've decided to go ahead and ask for a quote and see what can we schedule for a future procedure. I am 21, with no health problems. 5'1, around 140lbs. No kids, never been over 160lbs. I'm interested in getting a Brazilian Butt lift. I'm looking to have that flat stomach with that perky big round butt (big but not humongous). I want fat from my hips and back to be removed, also from lower and upper abdomen. And lastly I want to get breast implants. I'm not looking for large breast but something that will be proportioned with my body and that will hide the fact and that one of my boobs looks larger than the one. I am sending pictures to give you an idea of what I look like and to make the price quoting as accurate as possible.

Thank you!
Lol. I want Draya's body too, with just a little more booty. I was quoted $5,500 for a bbl with implants (I just asked for a bbl but she gave me both quotes) $,3800 for just a bbl. I'm 5"0 and I plan on weighing 140 pounds. I think I was quoted on the high end even though I don't have loose skin or anything. Lol When do you plan on going?
Oh nice! Now I have an idea of what the price might be. I still don't know because she haven't gotten back to me yet. Once she gives me a quote I can have an idea of when and stuff. I can't even sleep thinking about it lol. I don't have loose skin either thanks God, a BBL will be just fine for me (I think). When is your surgery date? Are you getting the breast implants also? I've read a lot of post that suggest not getting a boob job from her, it looks like that's not her thing (accordingly) but I honestly think the job wouldn't be done without some nice round perky boobs lol
Heck yes I'm getting implants! My boobs are flllaaattttt! Lol smh and I know, Yily gives better boobs but Duran's booties are awesome. I'm actually leaning more towards Yily though but I plan on going in June after school. Plus I can heal better in loose clothes verses trying to heal when it's cold out in tight pants and itchy sweaters. Lol And the girl who got an infection was some con artist who smoked cigarettes and drank. She's the reason why Yily and Duran don't take cards anymore because girls were going down there scamming them. Smh I know Yily has an attitude though.


Still waiting for quotes from both Duran and Yily :(

Yily Quote

So since a lot of people been talking about trying to reach surgeons through whatsapp I tried it last night and I woke up to a response. Yily said "Hola the quote is 4200 include lipo bbl more breast augmentation"

I'm excited but would like to know what do you guys think

Thank you

Recovery House!

So I been talking to Dr Yily who unlike Duran is very prompt with her responses (Duran haven't answer at all). She quoted me for $4,200 and I asked for how long do I need to stay in DR and if she could refer me to a well known recovery house. She said I need to stay in DR for a minimum of 15 days and she could include a recovery house stay for 10 days and that would add an extra $900 to the price making it all a total of $5,100. I like the fact that I could pay 5K and be worry free about my stay and such but I wonder if it's a good deal or not and if I'm going to need the whole ten days I'm a recovery house. Any suggestions!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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