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51 Y/o Getting an Extended Tummy Tuck with Lipo and Breast Lift - Dominican Republic

I've gone from a size 22 to a 12-14 after gastric...

I've gone from a size 22 to a 12-14 after gastric bypass and am needing a tummy tuck. I originally just wanted a panniculectomy but my insurance wouldn't pay for it and when I started researching the price it was just too expensive for what I was getting and I realized I could get more done in DR for the same or even less money. I'm apprehensive about going overseas for surgery but very excited. I am scheduled to have my surgery with Dr Katherine Camilo on 10/1. If you have had experience with this doctor please let me know. I will be adding pictures soon. Wish me luck.

Pre op pics

Wow these were hard for me to look at. I know I've gained some weight back after my bypass. But will be working on getting back to my smallest weight which was 185
Welcome and congratulations on the weight loss.  I know the pictures can be hard to swallow.  Been there and done that but be proud of yourself right now.  I can't wait to see your results.
Thank you. My daughter thought I was crazy for posting them and I explained I've been looking at before and after pics getting inspired and gathering courage and knowledge and I hope to do that for someone else.
I really appreciate that.

No breast lift

Due to the fact that I'm diabetic Dr Camilo wants to only do the extended tummy tuck with lipo on the flanks. I would have really liked to do it all but I'll rely on the doctors expertise on this. I've also gotten a quote from Dr Robles for the tummy tuck with lipo on waist and armpits. I'm waiting on a quote from Dr Duran as well .

I need help getting my hemoglobin up

I just tested my haemoglobin (ordered a home kit from Amazon, love them) and it's 10.7 Started my Pur Absorb iron supplement today. Anyone have info on how long it takes to get your levels up?

US Plastic surgeons vs Dominican Plastic surgeons idea of a beautiful woman

I've been looking at the after pictures of both and find that the doctors here in the states idea of beauty is a more squared off shape. The after pics of women after surgery in DR is a more curvy rounded look. I'm was a little apprehensive about going out of the states for my surgery but that's the look I'm wanting. Real women have curves.
Good luck ma!!
Good luck with your journey! I also just started and I'm so amazed at all the stories here! I agree with you about the surgeons in the states don't have the same view of shaping us into an hour glass and of course they're a lot more expensive! I guess now I have to research the doctors in DR!

Going with Dr Robles, 10/9/14

I've changed doctors. I've decided to go with Dr Robles, I love her work and from the reviews and pics on here I feel she's the best one to get me to the flat side. I'm confirmed for 10/9 and will be staying in Virginia's. I'm going alone and want a buddy while I'm there.
Congrats on your upcoming surgery I will be following your journey
Thank you
Hi there, I am going to be in sx with Dr. Robles on October 2nd and I am also staying at Virginia's. I'm sure our paths will cross for at least three days. Send me a message and we can talk more. Yeah! Us!

Flight Booked

Doctor chosen, SX date booked, flight booked, me nervous and excited. 72 days to surgery
Good luck. Bet you are excited!
Thank you, I am excited and nervous but so ready to do this.

Glad I speak Spanish fluently

In reading others profiles, I'm glad I'm fluent in Spanish. You need to be to be fully informed because it seems that most of the hospital staff does not and when your in pain or in some sort of need that can suck if you can't be understood. If you are going to DR at least get yourself a translator app.
Hi! I'm getting my surgery on October 3rd and staying at Virginia's. I look forward to following your journey. Congrats on the weight loss and for the courage to post the before pictures. One of my favorite things is seeing the before and after, it really is so inspiring!!
Good luckk on your surgeryyy!! How is your hemoglobin looking? I'll be following your journeyy!! :)
Thanks, my hemo is 12.8 right now it was 13.6 last week. I haven't had my liver for the week lol. But I'm learning what affects it so that I hope to be at between 14-15 on my surgery day.

Please update post sx

I don't understand why some people stop posting post sx. Pre sx we're all researching and looking to make sure we make the right decision. For those that go first please please update. And if you're just not interested at least let us knot you're ok. Luv to all my RS sisters.

Changed RH

Got my confirmation from Laura, my RH has been changed to Paradise, it seems to be more up to date, upscale. My main reason for wanting to change is that they have hospital beds which will make it more comfortable to sleep after a tt.
Less than 1 month for you! Are you getting excited? :D I'm about 3 weeks away and I'm alternating between super excited and super nervous!
OMG im 36days out and im freaking out- I can just imagine how you girls are feeling~
Less than 28 days and I'm freaking flipping but it's OK we will ALL be OK. As Laura says Besitos!

Found my wish pic

I'd be happy looking half this good after sx. Dra Robles is a beast especially with thick/plus size.

5 weeks to go

The time for my sx is coming so fast and yet slow at the same time. At times I feel like time is moving so slow I want it to hurry up. And other times I feel like I don't have enough time to do what I need to do to get ready. Got most of my supplies and am taking my vitamins but still struggling with my hemo.
Are you going to do back and bbl if your numbers are normal?
I trust dRA Roblesdgement if my numbers are good enough to do the the back life all and bbl games if not I'll be ok
I will pray you can do all of what you want. :)

24 Days

Going thru a range of emotions, excitement, anxiety, fear and back to excitement My hemo is at13.4 which is good, but I hear that it drops a point when you fly due to the altitude. Does anyone know if that's true? I know me once I go thru this once I don't think I'd do a round two after going thru the pain. I'd like to add lipo to my back but I know unless my numbers are stellar Dra Robles wont due to my age and being diabetic so I'm trying to get my hemo up at least to 14.5-15. Don't know if I'll be able to. Then my friend suggested I get fat transfer to my butt, now I have nice projection but have lost the roundness I had when younger. I'm rambling, sorry. To all my realself sisters thank you so much for sharing your journeys I would not have gotten the nerve will and desire to finally do this for me without all of your support.

18 Days

Lots of good things right now. My Primary DR gave me my clearance letter since all my tests he wanted to run came back good. I'm sending my FMLA paperwork in today, Laura emailed it back to me last night. My Hemo is 14 this morning Whoop Whoop!!! I just need to maintain it for the next 18 days. Feeling good!! Much luv to all my RS Sisters!

Getting closer

I'm on an emotional rollercoaster, excited, scared, anxious and thrilled. Had my grandbabies over this weekend and the little one didn't want to leave just kept holding onto my leg. Part of me thinks am I being selfish having this elective major surgery, and then I think I'm doing this for ME. I need to feel comfortable in my skin but first I've got to get rid of some of it. Just rambling, so glad I can come on here and vent and talk this out. Started packing today, wow this is really happening.
Yay exciting!!! Awesome!!
Hi are you still going with Robles? Please keep up posted.
Yes, I am and I will. I'm in the middle of packing. I fly out Wednesday morning and I'm a mess and it's OK. I will have everything I need and if not oh well. I'm confident in my choice of surgeons but yes I'm still nervous. Been praying more than normal and that's OK my god knows how we are. Again thanks to all the RS sisters that have gone before me and have helped me get to here.

Almost done packing

Boy I have a lot of stuff. Due to my gastric bypass I drink 1-2 protein shakes a day, so I packed 20.
sanitary pads
face cleansing wipes
Aloe Vesta which is a waterless no rinse perineal cleanser(need more than just wipes)
3 t-shirts
2 tube dress
2 house coats
1 button up PJ
2 pairs of compression socks
Clorox wipes
disposable gloves
Sterile Qtips
Alcohol pads
sleeping mask
ear plugs
Arnica Montana pills
Bromelain pills
Arnica Gel
rosa mosqueta oil
Anti itch spray
cough drops

Great list!!!
Thanks, I also packed some snacks. That wasn't easy cause almost everything is either sweet or salty and being diabetic and getting ready to enter swell hell neither are good options.

2 days to go

Had a great day, everything just fell into place, got my time off approved as a leave, which is a blessing, My PCP is calling in all of the meds I need including some percocets.
Good Luck! How long are you staying in DR after your surgery?
I leave on the 20th.
Your day is coming soon!

Diabetics important info

If you are on metformin this will delay your surgery. Ask you Ps if you need to change your meds before you come here.
How was your surgery? I am also currently in DR.
So we have been all woried. I wrote to Laura, Robles assistant and she said she is doing good. laura will write a review in a bit
Hope everything went well this morning.

im good

Sorry for not updating. Sx was today very tired
Glad your ok are you at paradise see you soon
Get your rest and your strength :) Sweet dreams.
Glad you are ok. Update when you feel you can. Welcome to the flat side!


Still very tired, not in too much pain. Very swollen. Than you for all your concern
Thinking of u!! Happy healing!
Congrats and happy healing :)
Congratulations! You look great so far.

Thanks all

At Virginias very nice so tired will update on a couple of days.
Happy healing I can't wait to see your full pics and hear any tips on surviving the first couple of days recovery. Also when you get a chance can you inbox me or tell me if you were able to get paid while off on FMLA or st disability? I live in California I'm wondering which one to apply I'm gonna email laura as well.
I am wondering the same thing Cali.
Due to my gastric bypass a panniculectomy was considered medically necessary. I had to use sick time and vacation time.

Got home last night

Ladies make sure to have your wheelchair scheduled for you. I would not have made on my own. Even though I'm 12 days out of surgery, this was exhausting. I went from an atmosphere where almost everything was being done for me to having to catch two flights. Went to my primary care physician just to get checked out. He gave me a referral for "Therapy for Lymphedema" basically my insurance will pay for my lymphatic drain massages. My lymph nodes under my pits are swollen and are very tender. You can feel hard lumps under my armpits and that's what makes it Lymphedema.( Thank you to Fancyshoes) saw this on her review.
Glad your travel went well and hope you're feeling good. It is tough to go from everything being taken care of to doing it all by myself. I would get so exhausted in the middle of cooking and have to sit down lol! It gets better, been home 9 days and I have so much more stamina to do things than I did those first few days back. Also today my physical therapist offered to get me a new stage 2 garment through their office since my insurance is covering lymphedema related items such as compression stockings and compression garments. Check and see if they'll do that for you too- then you won't even have to pay for the Stage two garment!!
Do they know its due the TT.?
Yeah, the physical therapist does. I don't know that they specify to my insurance anything beyond the diagnosis of Lymphedema.

So Very Swollen

Ladies you will have to excuse my lack of pics, having me a moment, due to being so swollen. I know the surgery was successful and once I get rid of this swelling I will be able to see it. But right now I'm having me a major MOMENT. I would so appreciate any suggestions. Drinking pineapple juice with cucumbers and lemon, staying away from salt, taking my Bromelein pills. HELP. Love this site that I can come here and vent and ask for help from my sisters.
I'm thinking the amount of pineapple juice you'd have to drink to have an affect on the bruising would also affect your insulin levels which would not be good for healing. There are supplements that you can take that contain the ingredient people are looking for in pineapple juice (bromelein I think it is) that helps with bruising, minus the sugar/calories. Asparagus is a natural diuretic which may help with swelling. Protein is needed to heal and helps pull excess fluid back into the cardiovascular system so that your kidneys can get rid of the fluid.
Thanks, I will add the asparagus.
Poor thing!! Water pills?!?? I'm not sure but ask about water pills.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Just starting I haven't had any contact yet with the doctor.

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