31 Yrs Old Mother of a 13yr Old & a 6 Yr Old (Lipo, Tummy Tuck & Fat Grafing) - Dominican Republic

I am 31 yrs old with a 13 and 6 yr old. I have...

I am 31 yrs old with a 13 and 6 yr old. I have been looking into three different doctors for a couple of months now. One is Dr. Jimmerson, Dr. Yily & Dr. Robles. Now I had emailed Dr. Jimmerson but no response. I emailed Dr. Robles and I got a response really quick. I was asked to send pictures so I can know how much everything would cost and told $5,200 which I think is great for what comes included with it. When on the other hand Dr. Jimmerson starting quote is $10,300 and while I am looking for a great doctor I am also looking for a price that I can afford. See I want good price but for the doctor to be good and im not trying to have this done cause I have kids and gain weight but more because I have had many surgeries in the past for my health almost all on the stomach so it looks very uneven and I want it fixed. I will never be able to wear a bikini but at lease I wont be embarrass wit an uneven belly. So I am scared be cause of stories we hear but this is why I am looking. Also I have two friends who just went and got work done by Dr. Robles and can't wait to see them. But also was told that she did a great job and they were treated good and everything was clean. I can't wait have to put the deposit down to hold date.
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