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Hello ladies i am new on here but decided to start...

Hello ladies i am new on here but decided to start a post. Ok so I am 25 with a 4 yr old. Before I get any work done I def want to drop at least 30 LBS. I have always heard the better fit you are the better results you will get. Which I believe is true. Most of these girls on these social networks that have amazing bodies seem like they were semi fit or fit when they got any work done.

So originally I wanted to go to Columbia which have the best plastic surgeons but I def do not want to go out there alone. And trying to find the right doctor seems so overwhelming.

I am half dominican so it seems to me I would be better off going to DR. Also more economical for me as well since my mother in law lives there too. So I would feel so much better in her care and safe.

So ladies I have heard bad stories but also amazing stories of DR. Hector Cabral. Looking at some of his work from people I know and girls on these networks he seems to do a good job despite the bad stories. I feel like 90% of plastic surgeons have killed at least one person or damaged them. For whatever reason if you get what I mean.

What do you ladies think about this DR?
I also read on here that he stacks up his clients to one day is it possible to choose the time or get an appt for thing in the am? What if I pay more? Is his clinic clean? Has anyone had a tummy tuck with him?
I really want to get a tummy tuck despite the fact that I want to have more kids at least 1 more in 5 years lol. I had a c- section so my skin is like dead below my belly button. I hate it so much. I really dont think lipo would make it look better because of the stretch marks.
What do you ladies think?

I also want to get a butt augmentation, lipo on my arms and in between my legs.
I am aiming for august and def staying a month to make sure I am good.
Any advice ladies? Please HELP! Thanks

This is so Freaking annoying! Damn. Ladies please PRAY and move on!
Please google his name , his patients die after their procedures. New York Attorney General banned him from New York . He leers women to the DR with cheap prices and he mess them up and get away with it ... Please Google his name and read the news papers those 4 women died !!!!!!!!
Actually you need to read what you ate saying to read Pretty Monie. One girl died 17 days after surgery due to a DVT, New York fined him because he came to NY and sold his services (as in, fly to my clinic in the DR, I'll hook you up) which I don't even see how that's illegal as he wasn't practicing or examining here, and lastly the four women to which you are referring were not his patients at all and had surgery with another Dr out of CIPLA, which he owns. You are seriously misinformed.


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