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Ok.... After reading and seeing such a fab story I...

Ok.... After reading and seeing such a fab story I thought it would be a good idea to add mine too.

After having 3 children I felt my large boobs 32gg have had there day and needed to be put back in there place and my confidence too!!!
10 long years I have waited to do this and the time is now approaching. I was booked in for the 3rd may 2014.

So I am booked into have my operation with our well known dr. Mario russo he's the man for the boobs at the minute in the uk and I'm really excited to have my op! But just as my days were approaching bang I get a infection and it has to be put back 1 month!!! Gutted....!!!!!

I am booking into to the dolan park hospital in Birmingham to have my procedure and the chauffeur service they provide is £220 for both ways. If you do being a friend they will need to stay in the travel lodge local to the hospital, so book the room in advance to get the best rates.

I'm constantly looking on here and other web sites for the look I'm after I would love a full breast look and I'm hoping I can achieve it, dr Russo does however create a natural look... So I shall take pics to my next meeting with him so I can be sure I'm getting the look I want.

So I shall keep you posted along the way..... Count down begins again now...!
That's not my surgeon it's mario russo but not that one!!! The one who done amy child's boobs T.o.w.i.e.

Ordered my post surgery bra

Ok... So today I went on line and ordered 2 of these bras. There ideal for you to wear after surgery seam free and underwire free forward fastening and used and rated highly by others having breast surgery. Although I did hear tesco make a good sports bra I'm too scared to skimp as I'm paying for the best I may as well by the best after. £36.00 each.
Good luck with your surgery
Thankyou xxxx

My surgeon

Hi there I wish you the best. I had mine 26th April although I am happy I am a little annoyed about a couple of things. I was supposed to have them under the muscle mr Russo said at my appointment that Is what would be best for me, however on the day of my op he said they were going over muscle! I was so confused but worried to question him :/ he said to leave it up to him he would decide when i was under. it wasn't until I mentioned it to a nurse she that I should not have an operation not knowing what I'm going to have so called him in to see me we decided on over muscle but I never got my question answered why did he change his mind ?? Also he never came to see me after my op. I don't want to cause trouble but I feel let down a little and pretty down about it :(
Yes I read this with some one else!! To be honest I feel a little let down with the hospital group with a few things!!! But I didn't want to start my diary off too negative, I still although I have paid in full have never seen any before or after pics!!! Was it the surgeon I put the photo up of that did yours? I don't know girl now I'm starting to think there was a lot of questions I'm still un sure of... Like I see a girls diary on here and it made me realise I know so little and was informed nothing from my consultation, I kinda just left it all up to him, but now reading some do arts on her I now have a list of questions I'm going to be asking when I can get a appointment with him!!!! How do your boobs look now thou are you happy with the look you have? X
They look ok I may add a pic ( I'm bit of a don't like to show person!) there was a lot of people that put make sure you on bigger on here (boob greed) I do wish now I'd gone a little bigger I really should of listened there but all in all they are nice. This Site is so good to get advice and other people's experiences, I should of asked more questions and read more but i think that really should of been down to the surgeon and who ever you choose to explain more to you. You could say we are naive i really don't know :/ all I can say to you is read as much as you can and ask the questions before you go ahead. I do not regret having surgery only the if and maybes are bugging me. The other thing I never thought about at all is how I would feel about implants being inside me !! Yes I know sounds crazy maybe but I never considered it all. Going from being completely flat to having some boob is very strange and I'm only now dealing with it sounds strange but getting my head around lol

Think I'm going to cancel!

Really starting to think I'm doing the wrong thing, so many negative story's going about with regards to my surgeon mr mario russo!
Just so confused, feel like I know so little. I just don't know what to do!
hi ladys can i ask if u had ur surgery with m russo yet im having mine with him and same as you i having doubts i keep thinking he wont give me what im wanting and maybe i should see another surgeon but then i think hes such a gd surgeon maybe im just being silly grrrr so hard to decide coz i dont want to get it wrong ive wanted this for so long < how are you feeling about urs now prettyone34 ??? xxxxx
It is not uncommon to postpone surgery whatever the reason may be. Go with your gut and research until you feel comfortable and confident going into surgery. Keep us posted!
If you cancel will you just gave the surgery with another dr?
Dr mario russo

Mr mario russo The hospital group

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