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I have broken my nose 3 times and had rhinoplasty...

I have broken my nose 3 times and had rhinoplasty once before finding Dr. Srour. I loved my first surgery but still had a broken bone, a hole, and never felt like my nose was completely what I was born with or grew up with. It was definitely better but still not me and I didn't feel it was very feminine. I was always terrified of the idea of a 2nd rhinoplasty especially after having so much trauma done to my nose, having so many doctors say it wasn't possible and being scared of ending up with a nose I hated worse!!
I figured I would have to live with not ever looking like me again, with painful headaches and still some difficulty breathing for the rest of my life. I then found Dr. Raja Srours before and after pictures on Real Self and couldn't believe my eyes. In all my 12 years of researching before and after Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty I had never seen such beautiful dramatic changes to a nose.
I scheduled a appointment with him and they were able to get me in right away. I was thinking it would cost me $20,000 like the other plastic surgeon I saw in the same building and there is no way I could afford it. Dr. Srour not only worked on a price that was so beyond fair to me but also scheduled a perfect time for me since I would be traveling in from Arizona.
I will say his office isn't as fancy as others and he doesn't use the computer photoshop to show you what you could look like at the end of surgery but I actually came to appreciate that since he would be saving me unbelievable amounts of money and those images can leave you disappointed with the result you end up with after surgery. He did twilight sedation which was a little scary to me because you are prepared for surgery while awake and somewhat there but again I ended up appreciating that because I wasn't throwing up like my first surgery or feeling grawgy for months. I didn't feel anything and even though you are there you really aren't haha don't know if that makes sense.
I healed so quickly except my tip which is normal. Its been 6 months now and my tip swelling has completely subsided.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY LITTLE NOSE and finally feel like myself again. I wish I could have found him years ago and saved $8,000 from previous surgery. He didn't have to do an open nose surgery and spared me another scar (which I was told by Dr's I would never be able to do after already having one surgery).
I feel feminine, get complements on it all the time, and it looks so natural.
I can say enough good about him and trust him completely. So glad that I went with my gut feeling instead of what some of these reviews have to say about him. He has changed the way I feel about my nose and an incredibly talented, official board certified (I called and checked myself.. and you wouldn't believe the number that aren't that say they are) and such a artistic plastic surgeon.
Thank you DR. SROUR.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Raja Srour. He is so sweet. I think sometimes because of his language barrier and accent people can take him as rude (based on reviews from others I have read before) and that he doesn't explain things but after my nose job results I feel I didn't have to really express my concerns and my outcomes I wanted from surgery bc he is so artistic and knew exactly what I needed to make me feel feminine and beautiful again. Any call that I made or email I sent I would get an answer from him or talk to him directly! Thats unheard of with plastic surgeons. He is so accommodating that he was even willing to come in on a weekend to work with me. I was so worried about the money because I wasn't sure about my insurance and this was my second Rhinoplasty I had to pay for. My insurance did cover a lot and Dr. Srour worked with me on the price until I was able to have this dream of mine come true. He is amazing.

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OMG your nose looks amazing, you have my dream nose, you are so lucky, must be amazing! thank you so much for sharing. Maybe i should check out your surgeon, i want to operate my nose tip but i want to have the surgeon who is best on nose tips…. again, perfect nose! raelly inspiring, u look so beautiful, even without any makeup! :D
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You look absolutely stunning. Your nose is perfection! I am exactly 2 weeks post tip-revision and praying it doesn't drop!! Did yours drop at all? It doesn't appear to have, which gives me hope! Again, you look really gorgeous. Congrats on a fab result!
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Thank you soooo much that is so sweet of you! I hope yours went amazing as well! My tip hasn't dropped this time at all if anything its raised. The first Dr put a large graft in my nose it just didn't fit my face and caused it to be pointy and drop not this time! Finally!!! Who was your DR? I pray you have a speedy recovery. OUCH I remember how those days feel.
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Your nose looks great. You were very lucky. Dr. Srour and the Doheny Surgery Center have some really scary reviews on Yelp!
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Thank you. He does have some scary reviews but I feel that he is incredible especially w nose revisions and rhinoplasty def his forte. All his before and afters were the best I have ever seen in so many years of researching. Thank you for your sweet comments. I feel very blessed.
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Beautiful results! I'm so glad this went well for you. Thanks a ton for sharing your experience and photos here on RealSelf!
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Thank you for this awesome site! I am so happy I was able to have surgery…it changed my life and I wouldn't have ever found Dr. Srour without RealSelf. I hope to be able to help others with my experience.
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I strongly believe that this nose issue Is supernatural. Some are destined to inherit good nose from thier parent while some of us starting from the first day we looked at ourselves in the mirror ,we felt very odd about our inheritance(nose)my mama for instance has a perfect nose but I inherited my daddy's big nose.but after my primary rhinoplasty I now realized that GOD was not stupid giving me that big nose, because he knew it was the only thing that could fit my face( big eyes/ big mouth).i've prayed hard for forgiveness of sins and for my upcoming revision ask GOD once more to give me another nose that will fit my face.sorry to bore you palmm55 !Am simply excited for you.it's a miracle! I mean you nose is supernatural.At last GOD has given you a good nose through dr raja. Congratulation!
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I believe God definitely knows whats best for us and creates us in his own image as well as our parents and family. I also believe that God knew I needed to go through the trial of having 3 broken noses (my last break from a BOY hitting me in the face) after being born with a darling little nose to have the lessons of growth, empathy for others who have been through this same trial, and for me mostly to learn to forgive that man (which has been a daily struggle). I through all this pain have come to realize that I have a Savior Jesus Christ who truly understands every trial, hurt and suffered all of our pains and that gives me peace and gratitude to him for all my life. I have prayed in my life for years to be able to find DR's that could fix my nose and finding both Dr's that helped me was not by coincidence I know my Heavenly Father was looking out for me and lead me to find these skilled surgeons and to preform to the best of their abilities. I am so grateful and feel SOOO beyond blessed. I couldn't agree with you more.. God truly blessed me to find Dr. Srour and to help see me through this 10 year trial of mine. Thank you for your sweet comments. God bless you!
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You look AMAZIIING!!! Wow. It really did a lot for your other lovely features. So glad there was light at the end of this journey for you! A bad surgery can be a very dark time with lots and lots of soul-searching.
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Thank you so much. I know I couldn't be happier. I had a man break my nose and I didn't press charges so I thought I would just have to deal with not looking myself and always being reminded of the idiot that punched me when I would look in the mirror. I am so happy I was this blessed to find this Dr. It is a dark time and I hope so badly my experience helps those who have been there as well and understand how hard it is. Thank you for your sweet comments.
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OMG, same!!!!! A fist to the face. And I made those exact statements in my story on here! How I couldn't stand the reminder in the mirror and now I have another bad reminder of a bad rhino on top of the abuser breaking it, which makes me even more pissed. I feel doubly abused. You deserve ta beautiful nose and I am so happy you have it! Nobody should have to look at the mirror in shame.
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Oh really!! I am so sorry to hear that. I can empathize with you!! Its been one of the most challenging experiences I have ever had to go through and people were sweet about my nose and said it looked good after Rhinoplasty and I believe them but just never felt like it was me and its hard for anyone not going this to understand that feeling. I know not only do you have to deal with the painful surgery that you don't know how its going to turn out, and the abuser that did this to you, its so expensive/risky to have to keep having surgery!! hahah. You deserve that happiness too if your life . Thank you for being so sweet. I am sad you had to go through someone abusing you as well but know you're not alone! :)
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