I got my 1st treatment in September of 2006. I...

I got my 1st treatment in September of 2006. I just came home from my 6th one. They first tell you that you will have 6 treatments and ONE month after your last one, you will be measured, weighed and your pictures will be re-taken to see if there were any progress. If you arent happy you will have to go through 3 additional treatments at no cost. Now, on my last one, I get told they want to see me after TWO months, not ONE. And I asked okay then I will only have to do 3 more to complete my agreement and if it doesnt work and I am not 100% I get my money back? NOPE! NOW, they tell me I might have to go up to 12, that is 6 more! Im sure they only do this because they think people will just get fed up and walk away from it. I dont know about everyone else but I paid 6,000.00 for three sections to be HAPPY! Not unhappy. I left crying and frustrated, not because of the injections (which are highly painful by the way) but because I am frustrated. Please people, do not get this done. If you have 4-5k laying around, get the actual liposuction done. Its worth it. I will NEVER tell anyone to get this done. I feel that it didnt work. And if I am not happy after the 9th one, like I signed my contract for, you better believe I will not just keep my arms crossed. I hope to meet someone who can file a law suit against them or something. This just isnt right.
Hi all. Unfortunately, I'm another frustrated customer of Monarch MedSpa. I actually had the SmartLipo/LipoSelection procedure performed on my abs and "love handles" earlier this year. While there is a very slight difference, it certainly wasn't worth the money. I went to the Rockville, MD office. DON'T GO THERE! Trust me. I wish there was a way for me to get my 1000s of dollars back. I know I can't, the least that I can do is type this message in hopes that I can persuade others not to waste their money like I did.
I paid practically 4,000 to obtain that sleek sexy look on my lower abdomen and obliques. Not only did I pay for for 8 treatments but i purchase the vela-smooth which was a after treatment to smooth the area of accessed skin. Not only was the cost too high for poor results, but the company seized opperations and closed down before refunding the remainder of the cost that is due before my treatments ended. Please dont purchase these get rich lipo injections. It would be cheaper and less stressful to just go through the actual procedure for surgery. Not only do you save time and financial troubles but you'll end up seeing the results in 1 week.
Hello, I just went through my first session at Monarch medspa in Rockville. Anyone out there has gone to them? If so how was it? Monarch told me that I would only need 3 sessions, my first session wasn't that bad. I didn't feel anything during and after. Any positive results out there?
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