My Sixth Visit to the Buttocks Docter


I ALWAYS WISHED FOR A BIGGER BEHIND . WAS NOT BLESSed at birth. I mean my cheeks sucked in more than my back. Not cute!!! SO I STARTED MY JOURNEY 2 years ago. After hearing horror stories about injections i still became very curious... I meet a stripper who had a kim kardasian Bubble butt.. She blessed me with her secret. I went for my first session. Was very scared but process ended up being not so scary . I love my results . Six sessions later my buttocks ARE HUGEE. I still dont believe people when they tell me i have a Donk. It didnt happen overnight ladies. It took a few sessions but that one hour of pain was worth this awesome A.S.S

Just came back from getting more injections. Love...

Just came back from getting more injections. Love my ass. It is so full and heavy. I still am amazed by how far along i came. My next step now is getting Lipo done to my stomach and bra line. I already consulted with two surgeons one name Dr Yily de los santos which is in D.R. and other surgeon is Sono bello in King of prussia PA. My qoute from Yily was 3500 with fat transfer . With Sono Bella they quoted me 5500 for stomach and upper bra rolls lipo. I am really wowed by Dr yilys works and photos but i'm not to sure about taking the trip because by time i make it to Dominican republic i will end up spending just as much money and i have to stay in a foreign country for a full wk so i think i am just going to stick to Sono Bello KING OF PRUSSIA and they also guarantee if i am not happy they will go back in for more fat =) Very excited .. Will upload Photos throughout the whole process.

So this is the new me baby after getting...

So this is the new me baby after getting injections i luvvvvvvv it!!!!!! Posting be4 pic on here also

No i have silicon and it does not dissolve ..

No i have silicon and it does not dissolve ..

Ughh soo im soo undiscive in who i want to perform...

Ughh soo im soo undiscive in who i want to perform this Lippo on me. I already gave Sono bELLo King of prussia a 1000 deposit but i still owe 5000 and they are saying they only can do three areas for 6000 CASH but i kinda need four areas being they divide stomach into two areas. The lady @ Sono bella told me to get wasit lin and stomach done and forget Bra line rolls . She said i will loss them after my surgury and im just not really impressed with that idea. If im paying 6000 cash which took me forever to save i want to be happy. So on to the POINT! I am facebooks friends with this Yily de los santos lady and people are tagging her with there photos of there work and thanking her. She is truly giving this COKE BOTTLE shape away and i want PARTS!!!!!! She also charges less and I can get all four areas of lippo done for 4000 tops. So i called sono bello to let them no i would like to withdraw from desopit because they are stingy with how much fat they take out and over prices and cant find reviews for there docters and they replyed NO REFUNDDDDDDD.. Well of course they did and they can keep that funky little 1000 bucks i guess because Yily is really wowing me right now. Only thing thats holding me back now is recieving my passport. I finally got the booty I always dreamed and now its time for that tiny wasit line so can stop dreaming about being better than barbie and live it =).. Please feel free t comment ...
WTF??? No REFUND? Really is that written somewhere when you made the deposit.. If not, I would threaten to call the News on them and Blast that practice... I'm going to Yily on June 6th and she and no one can out do her sculpting techniques... Check out RockyWorld Wide, Mz.Scorpio, Snowbunny869.. These gurls already had ass and she did a wonderful job on them.. Good Luck an Welcome.
I just had a question... Do butt injections dissolve over time like other fillers do?
Looks great!!!

Ok its Official Made my 500$ deposit to Ms Yily...

Ok its Official Made my 500$ deposit to Ms Yily and now im waiting for email back!!
Hey I am luv in dat azz I wanna kno if u can share that secret with me via inbox because I want to do it n how much did u pay etc etc i just did my body with yily she Did a great job but I want more asss I am booty greedy all da way lol
Ok never heard about butt injection so please tell me more about it and who does yours? And sono bello do give refunds because I changed my mind twice and got my money back before actually doing it.
Hi, when are u going to Yily ma? Also, ur ass looks beautiful! Pawdow!!! Lol

Omg so my girlfriend called me today begging me to...

Omg so my girlfriend called me today begging me to get my booty pumped again with her.. We always go together so its like we cant leave eachother behind on the booty progresss lol... Im trying to talk her out of it but she not having that... So we scheduled for tomorrow and more Ass it is.. I told her after this time no more shots for a couple months cuz its takin from my yily fund lol . I think say that everytime lol.. but will post pic after im done

Omg so Yily just emailed me back with my date Aug...

Omg so Yily just emailed me back with my date Aug 30th it is O yeaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
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MA... Da Booty Greed is REAL... HA... You need to be posting and stop faking on your Fan Club.... Mwah...
Yea I no now.. I finally got through to manager and they said 7 business days . Im excited bcuz I gave yily her deposit today :)

2pm my ass gets pumped upppppp o yeaaaaaaa lol

2pm my ass gets pumped upppppp o yeaaaaaaa lol

My new cheeks... Cant wait to try on sum new clothes

My new cheeks... Cant wait to try on sum new clothes
Hey just got the time to check out ur profile. I wanted to get injections too but I was scared out of it lol. You have a nice frame though. If you get that lipo ur body is going to be sick small waist wide hips and a booty. Ur pretty too. I wish I was born with wide hips. Unfortunately narrow hips run in the fam.
thanks alot did u get any work done???
How much do you pay for those butt injections? Does it make your ass hard? And how much do they put in?

100 more days until I see yily

100 more days until I finally have a flat stomach

aug 30 BBL YILY

ughhhh august 30th cant come any sooner. I am s tired of this belly. I just want my body back lol


ohhh heck no PM me the injections person are number please u ladies look really nice WTF like really girl your tummy is fine u better go to the GYM ...thats all you need SAVE your money u can see your VA JA JA..i cant so i need the damn surgery lol but u look awesome.
Can you inbox me where you got your injections done? Also I had a few questions even you do inbox me :) thanks hun!

can not wait 2 meet dr yily

. ......

jiggly butt

Just 2 show my booty jiggles and I have ass shots lol

Wish pic PlZ CommeNt

My wish pix. I believe yily can do this bcuz this chick clear got sum aggressive lippo . She look like she was fat ass hell or had alot of fat lol 2 go in her assssss and hips. What u guys think??? Can I get this from Yily?

wish pic 2

How much u paid for injections? Arent they like dangerous or something?
lmao everything dangerous and i paid 1000


Love her donkeybutt. I want one ughhhh now i wanna go get pumped one more time before i meet Dr Yily....
And it made it bigger ?

flight booked to santo domingo

Just paid for my flight to D.R. I got the ticket for 625 flying out of philadelphia. I emailed yily to confirm one last time and ask if I can be first for surgury lol. She said she picks the day of. I really hope she works magic on me. I also hopes she doesnt cheap me on how muvh fat she injects into my buttocks because I already have a little butt. Still havent figured out where im gunna stay while in DR. MY MOM is flying with me. Do anyone recommend a spot? AUG 30 (MYDAY) is anyone else scheduled for same day? Comment

so tired of being FAT

Need yily 2 put more junk in my trunk ;)

pre op

Found this pic of me be4 I got injections. Wow now thats #noassatall

ass shots saved my booty lol

My little ol butt before my ass shot journey lol
I deff think Yily can make you look like your first wish pic!!!! She will suck the life out if that tummy! And those injections did your booty justice sofar but the fat transfer is alot safer! I can only speak for myself but I love what Yily did for my body! I feel like light skinned Barbie now lol!
Thanks I been working out 2. U think I need 2 lose more weight or yily can work with my current shape just fine?
Girl please ur body is not gross preop. Stop it. U look good.

still fighting for SONO BELLO king of prussia 2 give me my damn 1000 bucks back

Ok so I was promised my refund of deposit 1000 cash 2 wks ago. Still no word from sono bello king if prussia. I decided to give them a call. Of course they transfered me A hundred times then said they were gunna call the corporate office and see whats going on. They would not give me corp phone number also. They are playing withs Yilys Mula and I do not like it. :(


Oops heres another pic I found of me after my butt job lol
Dnt get anymore shots if u Cn help it, u rlly want ur shots to be as old as possible whn u gt ur sx done. It takes a good 2-3 months for the filler to soften up settle into place nd encapsulate itself within ur butt. Nd the filler sometimes fights the fat transfer. Jus a heads up. U Cn get more after if u want but no more before. Good luck with ur sx boo.
Thanks alot. Funjy thing my pumper wont do me anymore anyway haha. She says I get on her nerves :)
What kinda butt shots is she givin u?? Whats in it? Theres a lot of bad stories on rs about silicone shots n stuff like their butts turn green n idk

this girl lakiikiix3

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Who did your butt shots
Hi guys this is my old page. Check out my new one thanks
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