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I had Botox many years ago right after it came out...

I had Botox many years ago right after it came out.  The result was amazing.  Unfortunately, I couldn't afford it for awhile so I never went back.  About a year ago I decided to try it again. 

I went back to the same dermatologist several times because the furrow was not smooth at all.  He had taken before pictures in which he made me furrow my eyebrows as hard as I could, then he used these pictures to try to tell me I looked great.  I was disgusted as he had been written up in the NY area as being the BOtox KING.  I waited until recently to try again with a plastic surgeon.  I told him my story.  He said he "just didn't use enough". 

I had the injections with some initial smoothness but a few weeks later I was completely able to furrow that brown again,  He gave me more and said "I've given you a huge dose" this should do it.  I still see the line.  I've read that some people are trying the restylane for this area.  I think I'm immune.

Dr Chris and Julianna,
I was thinking the same thing. I can't afford to always keep up with botox. therefore the lines do not remove completely but the dynamic wrinkle cannot be dynamic. my "czechoslovkian anger line" is present but not deepening, and it is flat enough that i don't look angry. i am 45 so the line doesn't bother me enough to get a filler. best wishes. btw--i love botox. i had it from the carruthers in vancouver a long time ago and do it as much as i can afford to, which isn't often enough!
Hi Julianna. Not having seen you personally, my comments have to be limited by what I have read. You first got Botox when it first came out, which was 20 years ago. You decided to use Botox again for the same wrinkle which has had many years to deepen and become "etched" into your skin. Botox cannot erase wrinkles that exist "at rest". Think of a piece of paper that you fold; even if you unfold the paper, the line is still present. Botox will keep the muscles from contracting and causing the wrinkle to deepen, but it will not "erase" the wrinkle. Someone should have explained this to you. You can treat the area with a filler to help the wrinkle, but you need to use Botox to prevent the muscles from contracting and continuing to form the wrinkle. It is a two part process to achieve maximal results.
I have been using Myobloc as my Botulinum toxin of choice for three years. It has been a good experience. I don't miss Botox a bit.
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