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Disappointed Botox Didn't Last the Way It Should

Why did I do it?  I'm 39 and have always felt...

Why did I do it?  I'm 39 and have always felt reasonably good about the aging process to-date.  Then I caught a glimpse of my forehead while I was in mid-conversation (and therefore in normal facial expression-mode), and in the unflattering overhead light I saw every ridge, every line stand out like a mountain range. It aged me instantly by at least 10 years. Plus, I was tired of getting 'frown headaches' every time I went out into the sun. 

Injecting hundreds of dollars into my forehead was not a decision that came lightly.  I'm not struggling financially, but this was definitely a splurge-and-let's-see-what-happens kind of a purchase.  I did my research, weighed the potential risks, and got a referral to a local and quite reputable dermatologist used by a co-worker.

I entered with reasonable expectations:  I knew what the price range should be and was prepared to spend anywhere from $300 - $400, and I understood that everyone has different results and sometimes they're not so great (droopy eyelid, for instance). I was also aware that this treatment would last only about 4 months, give or take a month -- or, at least, that's what all the literature, the Botox website and the doctor told me.

It is now exactly two months and one week since my injections and I have a ridged forehead again. 

The results at first were very satisfying and pretty much what I expected - I still had eyebrow movement, I could still frown slightly, but the center and most ridged area was smooth and immobile.  But after about a month I could move the center again. Now, two months later I'm nearly back where I started.

I went back to the doc today to discuss my options and was given platitudes: You have unusually strong forehead muscles...everyone metabolizes the serum differently....your muscles will weaken over time (and repeated injections) and the effects will then last longer.  Oh yeah?  Then how about a freebie 'booster' shot since you told me this would last four months?!?  (Did I mention that I also found out today that I was being charged for the initial consultation, during which no treatments were applied?!)

This wouldn't have left such a bad taste in my mouth if he'd simply warned me that my strong forehead muscles - which he commented on during the original injection procedure - could mean that the effects might not last the average four months.  Or even three!  Very disappointing, and I feel very much misled by the Botox literature and him. 

So, word to the wise:  don't necessarily believe the Botox literature or even your own doc when they tell you this treatment will last around four months.  And weigh that possibility carefully before you plop down hundreds of dollars on something that may be as fleeting as a summer vacation....

Frederick Dermatologist

Very well-reputed, but rather cold, non-communicative, and obviously out to make a buck over making a patient happy.

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I had my first treatment on September 28th my forehead is back the way it was. I'm very disappointed! I went on a discount for 280 now looking in the mirror I see it all the same. I will call the doctor Monday and ask about touch ups. This is not a lifestyle I can afford. I will be telling many friends the truth. Botox is over rated in case you can do it every month!
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Hi Lisa, 

Often times when a discount or something is given, doctors/community members have mentioned to us the Botox is diluted, thus not as effective. Maybe the touch ups will help. Please let us know. 



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Oh, huntress made a very good point about the descending improvement over the treatment. Tricky tricky fine print. It definitely doesn't last very long for me. The crows feet treatment only lasts 1 month. The forehead treatment lasts about 7 weeks and then I start wrinkling. Today I went for my third Botox injection at 10 weeks after the second one. They felt sorry for me and gave me 10 units for free but I also paid for 45 units. My cost is 14 per unit. So it costs 630 per treatment and the happiness lasts just under 2 months. Yes it is a very positive experience for the short-term, but I probably won't do it again because today I finally did the math. My annual cost would be $3800. Excuse me, that is an agregious waste of money. Darn it, it really makes me look good. But I have no way to get that much disposable income.
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I only get 2 months out of it too. Thought I was some kind of freak. Thank you.

There needs to be more competition in this market - a website that compares prices.
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I need to weigh in on this. I thought I was alone. My botox only lasts--as others said--exactly 2 months--and then movement (i.e. the kind that creates the forehead ridges) starts returning. (I was also told my forehead muscles where to blame, btw.) The first time, I paid $350 and it lasted 2 months. The next time, I got 50% more (and paid $500) and, again, it only lasted 2 months before the ridges start returning. The last time I got double the amount I got in the beginning and paid nearly $700. Even though the movement wasn't as great and the ridges weren't as noticeable even after 3 months, I still began getting some movement after 2 months. I would say at this rate I'd have to spend nearly $700 every 3 months to have a smooth forehead--not what I expected. Even the Allergan/Botox site states the cost of a treatment is ~$400. Not $700. Also, if you read the fine print in the botox product literature, it says that there is an 80% improvement after 1 month. That drops to 70% after 2 months, down to 48% at 3 months and then 25% at 4 months. So, yes, technically the manufacturer as well as the Dr. can claim it lasts 4 months, but what they don't tell you is that the effect peaks during the first month and then begins waning after that with most of the improvement gone by the 3rd month and virtually no improvement seen by the 4th month. Thanks to all for posting your experiences--I thought I was imagining things. Now I know I'm not.
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I have gone to Plastic surgeon in So Cal and his nurse was great..results lasted a good 8 months. How many units were used? She used about 40 the two times I did it and both times I had no wrinkles around eyes or forehead for 8 months. Also, they offer that you can come back and get more injection after two weeks if you are unhappy, for free. Only costs $350 My friend did this. Maybe try another Dr. I just moved to Rockville, MD areae, can anyone recommend a good place to go?
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i know this reply is a year later, but i found a medspa in leesburg, va that i love! its a bit of a hike for you but the cost is great (13 dollars a unit) and the staff doesnt rush. avie medspa feel free to reply if you need more info
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I am in the 2 month only club too. I came here looking for answers as to why this is happening but it appears that everyone is receiving the same feedback from their doctors that I am. Does any know of a more permanent solution? If I am going to spend the money I want it to last.
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My botox only lasts exactly 2 months no matter how much they inject. The doctors I've used keep saying over time it should last longer, but it never does. I've given up the 'tox in favor of collagen-enhancing laser treatments and frownies (tape you wear at night).
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i agree that all the information is not told truly in the scripts, i had botox november 2007 for a xmas prezzie from my hubby as i had gone on and on all year about it, the treatment was fine didnt hurt but found that after the first month i could see the wrinkles coming back,im 38 so have a average amount of wrinkles but do have crows feet and this is what i wanted the botox for, undortunatley the doctor said that he doesnt do botox on the side area of the eyes???? so injected me on the upper eyebrow of each eye saying that this would lift my eyes,therefore reducing the crows feet?this did work a likttle but no where near what i wanted,this cost me£300 and a lot of earache from my hubby who thought it was a total waste of money,i had to point out the areas that had been done as he said i didnt look any different"i would love to have the treatment again but cant afford to as i really do think that you need to have botox done on a 3month basis at least to get the overall effect.
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So, botox works, but not last. We know that, I think is not that terrible, since isn´t expensive and at leaste lasted a month. Be positive. I preffer that instead of having those horrible lines in my forehead
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