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I Did Smart Lipo Today. So Far So Good

I did my lower and upper tummy and love handles...

I did my lower and upper tummy and love handles today. it took almost 8 hours.  I am all wrapped up in pads now, they are already wet but still wait till tomorrow for follow up to change them. 

My price also includes inner thighs, upper arms, back and chin.  I plan to do them this Friday.  Another 8 hours of operation. 

Today, the dr got out over 3 lb of fat from my tummie and love handles. The process is not bad at all. The worst part was injecting the fluid into the body.  That part hurts a little.  after inserting the fluid, the dr used the smart lipo laser to melt the fat,( i didn't feel any discomfort on this part) then he used the ultra sound (vaser  system) to melt the deeper layer of fat.  the machine itself has a weird sound, I wanted to wear ear plugs. Besides the weird sound, no discomfort. 

Then dr use a tube as thick as an USB wire to suck out the melted fat and some pinky fluid.  it is not painful but there was a weird feeling.  dr did my tummies in the AM, then we take a lunch break.  I feel dizzy as I got up,  but soon feeling better after drinking some Gatorade and had a light lunch.  then we started love handle in PM. 

The whole thing finished around 5:30pm. What a long day. After I got home, my friend took me out for dinner. I am totally fine, not dizzy or pain.  It does feel like having a cramp and sore when I laugh.

I am going back for follow up visit tomorrow, and have rest of the area done on Friday.   Really looking forward to it. 

1/19. I vomitted twice after i took the...

1/19. I vomitted twice after i took the Hydrocodone last night. everything went ok except the vomitting.  It is hard to bend so it is a little bit hard to put socks and shoes on this morning. My tummy is sore.  I went to office and worked 3 hours before I went to my follow up appt.  The drainage stop already.  Dr removed all the pads and put small bandage on each wounds.  as i lay down, my upper and lower tummies are flat but swelling.  Most of the wounds don't hurt when the dr clean them except 1 at the back.  dr was so surprised I went to work in the morning.    I will have my back, inner thigh, upper arm and chin done tomorrow.

I want to do it but iam sceerd. I dont know if there is good dc in Stockholm:) will like to see pic on you before and efter. Take good care of you: Malika
Hi Lisa, Everything should be fixed now. Please let me know if you still have problems uploading pics. Thanks, --Sharon
Wow, Lisa! 8 hrs long for both days?! I can't even fathom the 4 hrs that I was told it will take for my procedure which is scheduled for March 4. I'm having upper arms, inner and outer thighs, banana roll, and abdomen. I paid in full today and suddenly felt ill. lol I'm excited to do this but very anxious...and worried about how I'll do. It sounds like you did quite well for those 8 hrs x 2! Thank you for posting your experience and I hope to hear more about your post op experience. -Lisa P.

2/20.  a week after on tummies and love...

2/20.  a week after on tummies and love handle.  Went in for follow up today, my body still very swelling, dr said it will take 3-4 months to completely get rid of the swellings. and the first 2 weeks are the worst.  So I have to be patient.   i don'y have much bruises on front and back, just 2 spots like quarter sizes. and they are mostly gone.   But I have a big spot of bruise on inner right thigh, and it just appeared 3 days ago and there are some burises on arms.  most area are still sore, but not so bad, I already stopped tylenol on Tuesday.  still a little sore when I bent. 

8 hours seems way to long. mine only gonna be 2 1/2 hours long and i got more fat then you.
Thank you Lisa, Iam from Stockholm, Sweden. They dont have free consulation up here but i understand how you thinking:) I just wonder if you are happy for your result? Hope you happy:)
Hi Malika, If you are thinking about it, i sugguest you should do consulation first. Since it is free(check first when you schedule appt) so it doesn't hurt to do couple consulations with different doctor. that way, you can get better ideas and each doctor has their own ways of dooing things.
Lisa Kang & David Kang

dr paid attention to the details and small areas. not rushing.

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