Did Not Like It at All!!

I went to a spa in Tacoma and had a real bad...

I went to a spa in Tacoma and had a real bad experience.I tried botox and love it and I thought I'd try restylane . Well I thought I would like a fuller upper lip. and after I was done I looked like a duck . everyone at worked had a nick name for me duck girl . I would tried rubbing my upper lip every chance I got hoping it would go away but it didn't and I was stuck with it for about 4 months. I would never ever try that again.
The bruising around the eyes with Restaylene is I think due to it interfering with the flow of blood around that area because the eyes are is very delicate compared to other part of your face. Do Not get Restaylene around your eyes it is dangerous read the side effects scary! Please try a more natural safer approach
Who was your provider? The cost was really inexpensive. I am jell-ious. lol I had Retylane done around my eyes as well...I had brusing for about a month.
OMG!!! I had restylane injected on lower eyelids too about 8 weeks ago, and my dark circles are WORSE than before!!! Why is this????
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