So hello ladies :) I am due to have my breast...

So hello ladies :) I am due to have my breast reduction this Saturday the 6th September. I am in the UK and paying privately. The cost for me here is £6000 so probably around $9000. I am a size 36H and I hate my boobs. They seemed to appear over night and gradually got bigger and saggier! I am so ready for the new me now!!

Just a few more pictures

Just a few more pictures to help you if you can relate! You can see lefty is slightly bigger here

Night before surgery!!

So my surgery is at 8.30am tomorrow and I have to be at the hospital for 7.30...... I'm a weird mixture of terrified and excited but I'm looking forward to seeing the new me! My trusty bra of the last few months has just given up on me today!!... (It must know!) and the wire is now sticking through the middle of the bra! Enough is enough and undo ready for this. Thank you for all the lovely and supportive comments. Xxx

One hour to go!

Surgery now at 10.00... Quick picture!

Ok well here's the story!


Hi everybody thank you so much for all of your kind words the last couple of days. Just thought I'd share my story with you now and fill you in on my surgery! I'll keep it as brief and informative as I can :)

So I had surgery at 11am (after it being delayed by an hour). I was so incredibly nervous and with no exaggeration I went to the toilet about 10 times in that hour. Then they came for me and we went down to theatre. Had a few checks then went into the anaesthesia room.

Oh can I just say at this point the anaesthetist/nurses/surgeon have all been beyond lovely and I'm so happy with the care I've received. So anyway I went into the room and panic set in. Jonathan (anaesthetist) explained everything that was going on- then another lovely doctor squeezed the top of my left arm and it started to get pins and needles and the anaesthetist was trying to get the cannula into my hand- I then started to cry uncontrollably and the nurse was lovely and kept wiping my tears.

Then that is all I can remember. Gone. Completely out of it. Next thing I know I'm awake and alive! The only way to describe how I felt was like a really stingy sensation. I was sore and very groggy. Apparently I was in the recovery room for a lot longer than normal as I'd had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic and became quite aggressive and upset. Flinging my arms around and unfortunately dislodging one of my drains. ( more on that later)

So I'm awake and my mum is there and the nurses. Just slowly coming back to life. Had some late lunch brought to me - which I wasn't really interested in . Then suddenly out of the blue I started to sweat, my vision and hearing disappeared and I fainted. I woke up with the doctor and nurses and my BP had plummeted. They don't know why but they immediately put me on a saline drip and I began to feel better. They think my fluids were just so low my body went into meltdown.

So after that I was OK. Pain meds were helping me and I was taking anything and everything they offered (do it!). I had a sneak peak and oh my- my boobs were so tiny and neat! I can't see the nipple as it's covered in dressing. So I just lie in my bed for the day and watch TV.

Around 18.00 I really need to use the toilet so the nurse helps me and sits me down. I do my business then stand up. The drain had leaked everywhere- it was like a scene from CSI! It was leaking from me..... Not the drain and I slumped against the wall with my BP falling and was carried to my bed. I could feel the hot blood dripping from me but I felt safe- doctors and nurses everywhere helping me. That was the last scary thing to happen.

I don't want to put anybody off with that but that's my story and I feel it needs to be told. After that everything settled- new dressing on drain area and started to feel more comfortable. Got up in the night with the nurse a couple of times to use the bathroom and no problems. BP being checked regularly. Nurse woke me up a couple of times too to give me pain killers and a dose of antibiotics ( 3 doses is standard apparently)

Didn't sleep well last night. Woke up every hour not in pain just woke up ! I've had this noisy leg machine on all night keeping my blood pumping around!

Apparently my surgeon had come to see me last night to check I was OK but I was sleeping.... I know I felt somebody hold my hand to see if I was ok.... But I was too tired to speak. He has been absolutely brilliant and said I had been very brave! Gold star for me hahaha!

So now it's nearly 8am. Drains still in and I'm having breakfast soon. Nurse thinks drains should come out today hopefully and I'm staying one more night because of my complications. But please remember these don't happen to everybody and you are in such safe, capable hands.

I look in the mirror and all I see are these fantastic - tiny- round boobs that stand to attention and I think to myself...... It's soooo been worth it! Any questions I'd be happy to answer. Xxxxx

A pic from today

Just a quick picture! Look nice and neat- do you think bra is too tight?

Day 2- drain removal

Had my drains taken out last night at 6pm. I got myself so worked up about it and started to get really upset. She literally did it and I felt NOTHING. A slight odd sensation when one came out but it was SO much better than I thought. I had some morphene ( spelling?) before hand which may of helped considerably so ask for that! Slept a solid 8 hours last night with no pain relief and woke up feeling so much better with the restraints of the drains. Had some pain meds this morning and looks like I'll be gone at midday! The only thing I'm feeling now is itchy and slightly stiff. Occasionally there's the odd sharp pain but other than that ladies I'm good! I think any surgery the first 24hrs is rough but it definitely gets better day by day. X x x x

Oh I meant to post this :)

The staff here are exceptional. Here is my Sunday dinner from yesterday! If you are in the south west of England please come here! Private message me if you live locally and want more info xxx

OMG! That's 5lbs!!!

Just found this in my hospital bag! They removed 805g from right
And 1065 from left!!!!!!!!
Holy macaroni!

Day 5 - dressing change

Well today I'm feeling a a bit more normal. Back isn't as stiff as it has been and constipation has gone lol! Managed to put a bit of make up on too so feel semi human.

Went to have my dressings changed today and all is fine. One of my drain holes is oozy slightly but everything else is looking good.

They are very tender and swollen and don't look superb at the moment but a lot better than they did! Like the way when I sit up they stay sitting up too lol ! Here's a quick pick I managed to sneak. Back in on Monday to see my surgeon. Can't shower until he says I can though :( :( :(

So I'm itchy and irritable!

Barely got any sleep last night. This bra is digging in my swollen sides so much and it's really frustrating me. I am really itchy everywhere too and this bra isn't helping. Anybody know if I can take it off for an hour? I've developed a sweat rash under my left armpit too even though I've been washing them everyday! So that's sore too ;( my eyes just keep trying to close and I'm a bit weepy and emotional today which is so unlike me! Everyday has been so different and today is a bit rubbish. Hope everybody is doing ok. Xxx

So funny!

My dad has literally just had to cut me out of that bra I had on! It was giving me the deepest sorest grooves in my side! I know have my proper surgical bra on that currently feels like heaven compared to that other thing! And best bit- this is a D cup ! WHooooooooooooo xx

Here they are unwrapped.

Ok so here they are unwrapped. I am happy with the shape of them and they are so perky. Nipples still seem a tiny bit low but am I just being a typical woman and looking for unrealistic perfection? LOL. I am happy with them and they look so good under clothes.

So went to the hairdressers today

Had a really great hair wash ( 3 shampoos!) and a nice treatment. Blow dried and straightened and feeling SO much better for it. Was pretty exhausting though and I'm home now chilling on the sofa! :) here is a little picture for everybody- stomach seems to be deflating. I don't know if I'm annoying people with the constant pic updates but I just can't believe that's me in the mirror with small boobs!! Hope everybody is doing great on here. X x x x x

Finally my breasts don't suffocate me!

So I realised this morning for the first time in about 10 years that my breasts don't suffocate me when I lie down! They sit on my chest wall where they should be and it's so unbelievably nice!

Update and I have a question! :)

Had my first apt with my PS today. All looks good and I have been told I can shower now- yay! Have to change the tape though afterwards which I'm a bit scared of doing! I forgot to ask him- when can I start massaging in creams/oil for scar reduction? Anybody been advised on this yet? Thank you :)

Picture update!

Hello all of you lovely ladies. Just a quick update on day 10 (?). So happy today with how they look and hope to god they stay looking this good! :) :)

Low blood pressure

So today I had a shower and began to change my dressings- no pain or anything . Then I suddenly felt very faint and once again the dizziness overcame me and I just slumped myself on the bed loosing hearing and vision. Slowly came around and had some water.

Called the hospital and went to see them at 16.00. She checked my BP and it was quite low. Turns out low BP runs in my family which I only found out today from my mum. I think all the trauma from the surgery combined with that just made me more prone to BP problems.

Anyway nurse changed my dressing - a small area on the right boob (TBsection) is still a bit weepy and oozy - yuck! So I now have to go back every two days for a check and dressing change which is fine by me as I didn't like doing them myself! I have been very blessed to have such an excellent hospital 5 mins from me.

Other than that I'm fine! Hope everybody is doing well and anybody who's just had surgery or it's looking tomorrow good luck and best wishes xxxx

Don't burn your old bras!

I'm a huge animal lover and have followed this amazing charity for a while now. Any unwanted bras can be sent to this worthwhile charity that helps dogs in need in Afghanistan. Just read some of the harrowing stories of neglect and It will bring a tear to your eye. Amazing charity provided by the armed forces rescuing and caring for dogs whilst providing education to others on how to treat animals. Post your bras on ladies!!! Xxxxx
Bristol Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful care received by all! So happy with everything. Would recommend Mr. Oliver to anybody in the southwest considering this surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Brave girl! Wonderful review, your breasts look so proportional and lovely, aren't you pleased? XO
  • Reply
Hello StillSouthern, thank you so much - I'm really really happy with them and just can't stop staring at them ! It's a surreal experience - one that I won't ever forget. Are you considering this surgery ? Xx
  • Reply
Not this procedure, I only had huge boobs when I was pg and nursing and I liked them on a temporary basis LOL. I have other issues, and your review showed up when I was looking for something else lol.
  • Reply
Oh ok well thank you for taking the time to have a look at my journey :) haha you're a very lucky lady to have only had them temporarily. :)
  • Reply
Hey hey looking most excellent Missy! Brave thing changing tape and showering. I had my first look at my untaped breasts tonight after a shower! Yikes, makes me bit nauseous actually, prefer them nice and neatly taped! Lumps & bumps & puckers, Oh My! ; ) But they are nice and soft compared to last week. Well except rotten Righty, we're not speaking til bruise goes.....3 bloody weeks! Anyway, you look really really really good! Xxxxxxxooooooooxxxxxxxx c
  • Reply
Hello Charleyk! Well I have only had one shower and left the original tape on. Today is the day of pulling them off and redoing them :/ :/ dressing it actually- especially the dressing around the nipples - scary! I think I prefer them taped too- feel secure and no nasty red scars visible! Thank you though I am really happy with them :) my righty has been the most painful but no problems as yet ( touch wood!) I'm sure yours will sort itself out- I guess they were never going to heal at exactly the same rate as one another. The left boob which had 1065g taken off ironically is the least painful :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx D
  • Reply
You look wonderful. I would think that you will probably go down a size when all the swelling is gone......maybe to a C. Mine went down about 1size. Happy healing. :)
  • Reply
Thank you MJ1964 ! I am very happy with them- yes fingers crossed they might go down to a C- that would be even more amazing. :) xxx
  • Reply
Hi Missydee thank you for your replies on my review I have just read all of yours and your boobs are looking great! Would be more than happy with a result like this! What size do you think you are now or will be once swelling goes down?
  • Reply
Hello again :) well I am in a 36D surgical bra and I actually think it's slightly big and I am still quite swollen so you never know in a few months it might be a C! But even now at a D I am so grateful. Nipples have sprung back to life and I can feel them tingling which is excellent. What size are you hoping for? X
  • Reply
Ideally I'd love a C but know id be happy with a D. A D to me is tiny :)
  • Reply
I never used oils or creams, and I healed up fine. I can't even really see the scar either. My PS knows how to use a needle and thread lol
  • Reply
Oh excellent news for you. I am beyond pale skinned though and think mine may be quite obvious! Who knows - time will tell. To be honest the scars have never been a massive problem for me. I feel they tell a story and prove how brave us ladies are for doing this :) xx
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Yeah, and it helps that I'm a whitie lol. Red hair and pale skin goes hand in hand
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I let the tape peel off in shower under water. If it hurts don't tug. My PS said if water lets it gently pull off o.k. but if it is stuck just trim lose end off and leave rest for tomorrow. I ran rubbing alcohol on scissors to sterilize, trim lose tape carefully. Remaining tape blow dry low and cover with gauze. Took most of my tape in the last few days, but I am 11 days post and still have one small piece of steritape stuck. In shower I use Hibiclens all around tape and incisions to disinfect. Good luck!
  • Reply
Thank you so much ! So do you rub directly on the incisions? I'm quite afraid to do that! Great idea with the hair dryer- I'll hold a flannel over myself with the coolest heat xx
  • Reply
I have two antibacterial cleansers. One in a spritz spay bottle to get underneath, the other is a liquid wash and I just drip it down the let water rinse. I try not to touch. I do put a tiny dab of neosprin on the side spot where the drain tube came out, but I don't touch other incisions.
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Way to go ! So Nice to go and get your Hair Washed - or Cut or Colored .... etc ! Always makes us feel like a WHOLE NEW PERSON ! :-)
  • Reply
You look great honey! Keep the photos/updates coming!! It is so helpful to see and to hear how you feel each day especially to remind us that there will be good days and bad days. Just over 3 weeks for me to wait now. I CAN'T WAIT :) xx
  • Reply
Thank you lovely . It's just a great place to vent whatever is on your mind to people who get it. Wow super! 3 weeks will be here in no time then suddenly you'll have little boobs and a whole weight literally off your shoulders and mind will be lifted! You'll feel like a warrior after and remember to be proud of yourself for doing it! :) xx
  • Reply
keep the updates coming, you are providing plenty of encouragement about a normal recovery, great idea to go to the hairdressers. nice to gel nails too, maybe another outing!
  • Reply
Thank you! Yes maybe that's my next " day out". Haha. From tomorrow I'm really going to start to try and eat better to aid my recovery..... And loose a few pounds :)
  • Reply
i have done well with the weight loss. what i do is use myfitnesspal website to log everything, i eat protein at every meal, that is great for healing as well as feeling full. i eat fat free greek style yoghurt with a spoonfull of honey soaked nuts for breakfast, a small piece of cheese with crackers and an apple for lunch, meat/ fish/eggs with veggies or salad for dinner and frash fruit salad for supper. the main improvements for m e are reduced carbs and alcohol!!!!!
  • Reply
Sounds lovely! Protein is the thing I need- I don't eat enough of it. Alcohol isn't a problem for me but chocolate is! I'm inspired to be better now though and determined to get my life and body on track! Xx
  • Reply
I am also on myfitnesspal Peediewife and have been on it for just over a year. Today was my weigh in and I was happy with my numbers. It really is a way of life for me logging my meals and it really helps.
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