So hello ladies :) I am due to have my breast...

So hello ladies :) I am due to have my breast reduction this Saturday the 6th September. I am in the UK and paying privately. The cost for me here is £6000 so probably around $9000. I am a size 36H and I hate my boobs. They seemed to appear over night and gradually got bigger and saggier! I am so ready for the new me now!!


Good luck lovely! I am in North Devon :) surgery on the 7th of October. I'm going to the Bristol Nuffield for mine. I'll keep an eye out for your posts but wishing you all the best.
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Hello! I was going to go to Nuffield in Exeter but went closer to home at another clinic. Will update as much as I can as I think it's so helpful to see reviews especially when your in the UK as there doesn't seem as much online support here. Only 4 days left for me now- can't believe it!!
you must be so excited I too am a h cup and cannot wait looking forward to seeing your results, fair play to you for going private I have been waiting for a year on the public list the equivalent of your NHS I should have just saved I probably would have had the money together by now,waiting on call for my date this week my stomach is in knots waiting for the phone to ring
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Just a few more pictures

Just a few more pictures to help you if you can relate! You can see lefty is slightly bigger here


Good luck..hope you're not too excited to sleep tonight!
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Thank you! Just had my admission time which is 7.30 am! Nice and early so I don't have too long to make myself a bag of nerves!
You'll be fine! Then you can tell us how easy it is ;-)

Night before surgery!!

So my surgery is at 8.30am tomorrow and I have to be at the hospital for 7.30...... I'm a weird mixture of terrified and excited but I'm looking forward to seeing the new me! My trusty bra of the last few months has just given up on me today!!... (It must know!) and the wire is now sticking through the middle of the bra! Enough is enough and undo ready for this. Thank you for all the lovely and supportive comments. Xxx


Good luck, I keep dreaming about the moment I finally go to theatre, so exciting. Will be thinking of you.
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Ha ha! I just threw away all my mega bras! So strange and satisfying! I also had bras that tried stabbing me thru the heart! It's going to be wonderful - you're 7 hours ahead of us here in Canada. Hope you sleep well& can't wait - it's SO worth it!!
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Blessings and good luck tomorrow!!!
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One hour to go!

Surgery now at 10.00... Quick picture!


Hope everything went smoothly and your healing has begun!! Congrats :)
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You will do GREAT ! Let us Know how it goes - whenever you feel up to it !
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Good luck. Let us know how it went. Happy healing
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Ok well here's the story!


Hi everybody thank you so much for all of your kind words the last couple of days. Just thought I'd share my story with you now and fill you in on my surgery! I'll keep it as brief and informative as I can :)

So I had surgery at 11am (after it being delayed by an hour). I was so incredibly nervous and with no exaggeration I went to the toilet about 10 times in that hour. Then they came for me and we went down to theatre. Had a few checks then went into the anaesthesia room.

Oh can I just say at this point the anaesthetist/nurses/surgeon have all been beyond lovely and I'm so happy with the care I've received. So anyway I went into the room and panic set in. Jonathan (anaesthetist) explained everything that was going on- then another lovely doctor squeezed the top of my left arm and it started to get pins and needles and the anaesthetist was trying to get the cannula into my hand- I then started to cry uncontrollably and the nurse was lovely and kept wiping my tears.

Then that is all I can remember. Gone. Completely out of it. Next thing I know I'm awake and alive! The only way to describe how I felt was like a really stingy sensation. I was sore and very groggy. Apparently I was in the recovery room for a lot longer than normal as I'd had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic and became quite aggressive and upset. Flinging my arms around and unfortunately dislodging one of my drains. ( more on that later)

So I'm awake and my mum is there and the nurses. Just slowly coming back to life. Had some late lunch brought to me - which I wasn't really interested in . Then suddenly out of the blue I started to sweat, my vision and hearing disappeared and I fainted. I woke up with the doctor and nurses and my BP had plummeted. They don't know why but they immediately put me on a saline drip and I began to feel better. They think my fluids were just so low my body went into meltdown.

So after that I was OK. Pain meds were helping me and I was taking anything and everything they offered (do it!). I had a sneak peak and oh my- my boobs were so tiny and neat! I can't see the nipple as it's covered in dressing. So I just lie in my bed for the day and watch TV.

Around 18.00 I really need to use the toilet so the nurse helps me and sits me down. I do my business then stand up. The drain had leaked everywhere- it was like a scene from CSI! It was leaking from me..... Not the drain and I slumped against the wall with my BP falling and was carried to my bed. I could feel the hot blood dripping from me but I felt safe- doctors and nurses everywhere helping me. That was the last scary thing to happen.

I don't want to put anybody off with that but that's my story and I feel it needs to be told. After that everything settled- new dressing on drain area and started to feel more comfortable. Got up in the night with the nurse a couple of times to use the bathroom and no problems. BP being checked regularly. Nurse woke me up a couple of times too to give me pain killers and a dose of antibiotics ( 3 doses is standard apparently)

Didn't sleep well last night. Woke up every hour not in pain just woke up ! I've had this noisy leg machine on all night keeping my blood pumping around!

Apparently my surgeon had come to see me last night to check I was OK but I was sleeping.... I know I felt somebody hold my hand to see if I was ok.... But I was too tired to speak. He has been absolutely brilliant and said I had been very brave! Gold star for me hahaha!

So now it's nearly 8am. Drains still in and I'm having breakfast soon. Nurse thinks drains should come out today hopefully and I'm staying one more night because of my complications. But please remember these don't happen to everybody and you are in such safe, capable hands.

I look in the mirror and all I see are these fantastic - tiny- round boobs that stand to attention and I think to myself...... It's soooo been worth it! Any questions I'd be happy to answer. Xxxxx


you will be feeling much better soon. i sympathise about the noisy leg machine, fortunately i was steady enough to be getting up and using the loo pretty quickly so the machine was not needed for long. i know you did not feel like eating but i remember thinking i was shakey from lack of food and forcing myself to eat. i am sure food will make you a bit steadier. i did not have drains 2nd time and remember hating them the first time. hope they will come out before you are discharged. thinking of you, take it easy.
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A pic from today

Just a quick picture! Look nice and neat- do you think bra is too tight?


Oh they look magnificent! Brilliant! Sounded scary recovery but you do get gold stars!! Well done you brave girls! xoxoxo
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My recovery room was shakey too, my breathing kept lowering. I heard them say they gave me dilaudid pain med by iv, but I had not come out of anesthesia yet. So at least no pain when woke up, but that dilaudid was too soon or too strong because they Could not let me sleep even though I wanted to so bad because my breathing was slowing. So they gave me a diet coke to stimulate me to wake up,, and kept patting my hand to wake me up while sipping my coke. Then I woke up enough to go home, and once home threw up my coke. Ready with double lined plastic bin, so barf no big deal. But the dilaudid too soon was likely an error. But no harm no foul as I was definitely feeling no pain upon wake up in recovery room and stayed in recovery for 2 hours vice the 1/2 hour they had earlier told hubby it would be. Hubby kept by my side, but he now shows me he took a video of me with his iphone in recovery room...sneaky. I haven't watched video yet to see my drooling self, but he swears he will delete and not post it once I watch it..ha ha,very funny. Glad you are getting back to yourself, hospital was No picnic. Hoping you have smooth recovery from now on
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I'm sorry you had some scary spots but look at you!!! You look fantastic!!! Those boobies look so perfect on you! Wishing you continued healing and will be watching from Canada
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Day 2- drain removal

Had my drains taken out last night at 6pm. I got myself so worked up about it and started to get really upset. She literally did it and I felt NOTHING. A slight odd sensation when one came out but it was SO much better than I thought. I had some morphene ( spelling?) before hand which may of helped considerably so ask for that! Slept a solid 8 hours last night with no pain relief and woke up feeling so much better with the restraints of the drains. Had some pain meds this morning and looks like I'll be gone at midday! The only thing I'm feeling now is itchy and slightly stiff. Occasionally there's the odd sharp pain but other than that ladies I'm good! I think any surgery the first 24hrs is rough but it definitely gets better day by day. X x x x


Thank you so much! It's been a roller coaster of emotions but feeling better today. Can't really appreciate them fully just yet but the surgeon said he's very happy with them and I'll see him again on Wednesday for a dressing change x
So sorry to hear your recovery wasn't straight forward either! Was this your first surgery? Apparently it's quite common to be agitated afterwards if it's your first! Trust your husband to film it- typical bloke lol. I managed to not be sick ever which I'm so grateful for as that's such a nasty feeling! Have you had a sneak peak at the new you? X
Yes I must admit I think I've been moving my arms to much but I am controlling them now! Feeling a bit bloated/constipated today but otherwise OK!

Oh I meant to post this :)

The staff here are exceptional. Here is my Sunday dinner from yesterday! If you are in the south west of England please come here! Private message me if you live locally and want more info xxx


Omg that food looks super, I got a half a dry white bread cheese sandwich, mini carton of milk and mini tub of puréed pears you give babies......and I can't eat dairy! Ha ha think the nutritionist must have died!!! So happy you'r e home safe & sound! Xxxxxxxx P S I sobbed when they kicked me out though.....not ready! Baby me!!! : )
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Your girls look beautiful!!! You were so brave and should be very proud of yourself!!! My surgery is on Thursday. You and I are (were) the same size. I can't wait for my girls to look as pretty as yours. Keep us up to date on your progress. I will definitely be checking in in you. Take care and Congratulations from Mississippi!!!
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wow, i was only in one night and with a sore throat post op all i got was a very dry chicken sandwich!!!!! that meal is making my mouth water!!!!
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OMG! That's 5lbs!!!

Just found this in my hospital bag! They removed 805g from right
And 1065 from left!!!!!!!!
Holy macaroni!


Holy - that's sounds like an incredible amount! Whoooo- hoooo! You're going to be teeny!! Rest, rest, rest. I didn't and week 2 slammed me! Felt little like hit by a truck. On back, legs up, catered to hand and foot. Best advice - milk it's a big surgery, big trauma, put yourself first, sure those should be dr's orders!!! ; ) Xoxoxxoxox
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Amazing amount considering the NHS guidelines say in order for them to fund a BR more than 500g has to be taken from each boob! I am slightly angry I have had to pay for it but I don't regret it one bit! Yeah I feel like I've been run over by a tractor then reversed back over lol. I'm in bed a lot but keep getting up to move my legs to avoid any nasty problems- still have my stockings on though. In tomorrow to have dressings changed so might get to see them better!! How much did you have removed? Xxxxxxx
I don't know yet! Find out Friday. You're so much younger so likely your boobs were nice and dense and glandular. My babies had sucked the life out of them - they nursed A LONG time! : ) They weren't super heavy but big and floppy! I can't believe they took 5lbs! Crazy!! : ) xoxox

Day 5 - dressing change

Well today I'm feeling a a bit more normal. Back isn't as stiff as it has been and constipation has gone lol! Managed to put a bit of make up on too so feel semi human.

Went to have my dressings changed today and all is fine. One of my drain holes is oozy slightly but everything else is looking good.

They are very tender and swollen and don't look superb at the moment but a lot better than they did! Like the way when I sit up they stay sitting up too lol ! Here's a quick pick I managed to sneak. Back in on Monday to see my surgeon. Can't shower until he says I can though :( :( :(


WOW, you look fab. You must be over the moon. xx
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Very very happy thank you lovely. I will be even more happy when I can have a hair wash and shower lol! Xxx
You look amazing! Thanks for your opinion on the surgical bras - I think I will just stick with the bralettes I've been buying and deal with the bra thing when the time comes.
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So I'm itchy and irritable!

Barely got any sleep last night. This bra is digging in my swollen sides so much and it's really frustrating me. I am really itchy everywhere too and this bra isn't helping. Anybody know if I can take it off for an hour? I've developed a sweat rash under my left armpit too even though I've been washing them everyday! So that's sore too ;( my eyes just keep trying to close and I'm a bit weepy and emotional today which is so unlike me! Everyday has been so different and today is a bit rubbish. Hope everybody is doing ok. Xxx


I wish I had some advice babe but like Peediewife says use Piriton for the itching, I bloody love the stuff :))) use it to help me sleep sometimes (so deeply I snore like a lion according to my beloved). Sending a cyber hug and also to say how great you look :)
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use an anti allergy pill, it will really help and if you use piriton at night it also helps you sleep. It is possible that you are reacting to the dressing so if it does not ease a bit, get medical advice. Looking great though and a little while with the bra off should be fine as long as you don't do anything.
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Thank you. I have just taken some anti allergy tabs so fingers crossed they kick in. I've ordered 3 surgical bras from asda in different sizes so I can try and find a comfortable fit. (Only £6 each) Is it normal to be this swollen around the middle? Trouble is if I take it off I won't want to put it back on again !

So funny!

My dad has literally just had to cut me out of that bra I had on! It was giving me the deepest sorest grooves in my side! I know have my proper surgical bra on that currently feels like heaven compared to that other thing! And best bit- this is a D cup ! WHooooooooooooo xx


Thank you for the hug! I feel immediately better with this Royce post surgical bra on ! So so much comfier- that other thing I couldn't breathe in haha.! The itching seems to have lessened after the pirition too- phew! Xxx

Here they are unwrapped.

Ok so here they are unwrapped. I am happy with the shape of them and they are so perky. Nipples still seem a tiny bit low but am I just being a typical woman and looking for unrealistic perfection? LOL. I am happy with them and they look so good under clothes.


The surgical bras drive me insane! I find now at 17 days post surg. bras seem to hold in swelling?!!!! Since day 10 I sit each night for an hour or 2 and gently stroke away the swelling towards lymph nodes and they seem to soften until I put the bloody bra back on. Oh Sweety, I've had sobbing days too, funny bc I don't regret a thing but the healing & trauma and constant irritation wears you down a bit!!! You look absolutely wonderful!! Lovely shape!! Be nice to yourself - everyone understands if you're a little & don't feel bad about it!! Goodluck - this too shall pass! xoxox
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Oh and don't you itch?? I had to change mine to another one but it's still quite tight! Can't wait to just take it off and go braless for a while! I might start massaging too once I don't feel so tender - thats a good idea. Thank you, I just suddenly saw them and thought they look great but then thought hmm I still can't see my nipples when I look straight down which I thought I would :( I am acting like a moody teenager I know ! Thank you- your comments really make me feel a lot better about myself x x x x x
You look amazing!!! Keep me posted on your progress! I just had my surgery this morning so I am just a little bit behind you!!! Congratulations and I will be praying for you!
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So went to the hairdressers today

Had a really great hair wash ( 3 shampoos!) and a nice treatment. Blow dried and straightened and feeling SO much better for it. Was pretty exhausting though and I'm home now chilling on the sofa! :) here is a little picture for everybody- stomach seems to be deflating. I don't know if I'm annoying people with the constant pic updates but I just can't believe that's me in the mirror with small boobs!! Hope everybody is doing great on here. X x x x x


Way to go ! So Nice to go and get your Hair Washed - or Cut or Colored .... etc ! Always makes us feel like a WHOLE NEW PERSON ! :-)
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You look great honey! Keep the photos/updates coming!! It is so helpful to see and to hear how you feel each day especially to remind us that there will be good days and bad days. Just over 3 weeks for me to wait now. I CAN'T WAIT :) xx
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Thank you lovely . It's just a great place to vent whatever is on your mind to people who get it. Wow super! 3 weeks will be here in no time then suddenly you'll have little boobs and a whole weight literally off your shoulders and mind will be lifted! You'll feel like a warrior after and remember to be proud of yourself for doing it! :) xx

Finally my breasts don't suffocate me!

So I realised this morning for the first time in about 10 years that my breasts don't suffocate me when I lie down! They sit on my chest wall where they should be and it's so unbelievably nice!


Lol, I'm like a moody teenage boy checking out all the girls breasts that I pass!..... ; )
Thank you x

Update and I have a question! :)

Had my first apt with my PS today. All looks good and I have been told I can shower now- yay! Have to change the tape though afterwards which I'm a bit scared of doing! I forgot to ask him- when can I start massaging in creams/oil for scar reduction? Anybody been advised on this yet? Thank you :)


I never used oils or creams, and I healed up fine. I can't even really see the scar either. My PS knows how to use a needle and thread lol
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Oh excellent news for you. I am beyond pale skinned though and think mine may be quite obvious! Who knows - time will tell. To be honest the scars have never been a massive problem for me. I feel they tell a story and prove how brave us ladies are for doing this :) xx
I let the tape peel off in shower under water. If it hurts don't tug. My PS said if water lets it gently pull off o.k. but if it is stuck just trim lose end off and leave rest for tomorrow. I ran rubbing alcohol on scissors to sterilize, trim lose tape carefully. Remaining tape blow dry low and cover with gauze. Took most of my tape in the last few days, but I am 11 days post and still have one small piece of steritape stuck. In shower I use Hibiclens all around tape and incisions to disinfect. Good luck!
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Picture update!

Hello all of you lovely ladies. Just a quick update on day 10 (?). So happy today with how they look and hope to god they stay looking this good! :) :)


Hey hey looking most excellent Missy! Brave thing changing tape and showering. I had my first look at my untaped breasts tonight after a shower! Yikes, makes me bit nauseous actually, prefer them nice and neatly taped! Lumps & bumps & puckers, Oh My! ; ) But they are nice and soft compared to last week. Well except rotten Righty, we're not speaking til bruise goes.....3 bloody weeks! Anyway, you look really really really good! Xxxxxxxooooooooxxxxxxxx c
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Hello Charleyk! Well I have only had one shower and left the original tape on. Today is the day of pulling them off and redoing them :/ :/ dressing it actually- especially the dressing around the nipples - scary! I think I prefer them taped too- feel secure and no nasty red scars visible! Thank you though I am really happy with them :) my righty has been the most painful but no problems as yet ( touch wood!) I'm sure yours will sort itself out- I guess they were never going to heal at exactly the same rate as one another. The left boob which had 1065g taken off ironically is the least painful :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx D
You look wonderful. I would think that you will probably go down a size when all the swelling is gone......maybe to a C. Mine went down about 1size. Happy healing. :)
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Low blood pressure

So today I had a shower and began to change my dressings- no pain or anything . Then I suddenly felt very faint and once again the dizziness overcame me and I just slumped myself on the bed loosing hearing and vision. Slowly came around and had some water.

Called the hospital and went to see them at 16.00. She checked my BP and it was quite low. Turns out low BP runs in my family which I only found out today from my mum. I think all the trauma from the surgery combined with that just made me more prone to BP problems.

Anyway nurse changed my dressing - a small area on the right boob (TBsection) is still a bit weepy and oozy - yuck! So I now have to go back every two days for a check and dressing change which is fine by me as I didn't like doing them myself! I have been very blessed to have such an excellent hospital 5 mins from me.

Other than that I'm fine! Hope everybody is doing well and anybody who's just had surgery or it's looking tomorrow good luck and best wishes xxxx


Brave girl! Wonderful review, your breasts look so proportional and lovely, aren't you pleased? XO
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Hello StillSouthern, thank you so much - I'm really really happy with them and just can't stop staring at them ! It's a surreal experience - one that I won't ever forget. Are you considering this surgery ? Xx
Not this procedure, I only had huge boobs when I was pg and nursing and I liked them on a temporary basis LOL. I have other issues, and your review showed up when I was looking for something else lol.

Don't burn your old bras!

I'm a huge animal lover and have followed this amazing charity for a while now. Any unwanted bras can be sent to this worthwhile charity that helps dogs in need in Afghanistan. Just read some of the harrowing stories of neglect and It will bring a tear to your eye. Amazing charity provided by the armed forces rescuing and caring for dogs whilst providing education to others on how to treat animals. Post your bras on ladies!!! Xxxxx


very good charity, its amazing there is something like that it is not something you would think about outside of your own country I too love dogs we have a malamute hoping he behaves himself when I am healing he is huge he will have to be banished from the bedroom
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Great charity! Feels a bit strange sending servicemen your they have a good old giggle at the hammocks I have sent haha. Well I was worries about my really heavy fat male cat..... He always used to jump on my stomach/chest area but since my surgery he's kept to the end of the bed- maybe he knows or maybe I just smell funny.... He didn't like the smell of me when I came home! But best lock him out of the bedroom... At least with a cat I can throw him out all day! X
I need to start getting back on track now with the healthy living I have already had a celebratory cup cake couldn't help it.

So a thought crossed my mind

As a single girl in my 20's I never even thought about how I would go about approaching the fact that I've had a breast reduction to a potential partner. It wasn't until I came across an article today about how a guy had dumped a girl because he found out her boobs where fake!

I can't believe that thought never crossed my mind. I guess to men - boobs are a big turn on and make a woman a woman. I'm thinking that they would be disappointed to find out that mine weren't "perfect".... I guess I am interested now to see how guys react. I only ever thought about myself throughout this whole process. It's just an idle thought that crossed my mind this afternoon.. Maybe I have too much time on my hands!


bobcat is right I am married 20 years since I was 22 and what I have come to realise men aren't as fixated on our imperfections as we are I hate getting undressed in front of him trying to hid every lump and bump but he has never commented on any part of my body it is me that does that. I really think at the end of the day the right man is interested in your personality, your spirit your love everything else comes a second, my husband has never mentioned the fact that I will be scared or marked up I think once I have breasts he doesn't care about size shape or defects in them. Men really are shallow I don't mean that in a bad way the right man will love you for who you are (if bridget jones can get her mr darcy any one can) my favourite film at the moment as my daughter just find an old dvd and we watched it together about 6 times.
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About men.....honey, I am 53 years old and I have *uh-hum* some plenty of experience with men....Nice, decent, wonderful men along my lifetime. This was before I was married 9 years ago to my hubby you understand. So anyway,don't you worry none about any kind of shallow guy who is not wanting you if you have imperfections on your breasts. Maybe a little scar tissue? He might not even notice is the dark if you get to that point in a relationship. With lights on later you could explain briefly, but don't get all embarrassed about it. Here's what I know about men....they like simple. Simple such as a warm, friendly, willing, enthusiastic female who doesn't need a perfect body. Actually, a clean sweet smelling naked female body is likely enough of a turn on for regular men regardless of flaws and imperfections. So if meet a decent fellow, and you all get along and you get to the point where you want to be intimate, just be yourself and enjoy. If you meet some unfortunate jerk who gets upset about your scar or size or any other part of you...kick him to the curb, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Now here's what my dear handsome hubby had to say about my stitched up taped up frankenboobies just 2 weeks into healing.....he can hardly wait for me to be healed up enough to get Close again. I asked him if seeing the stitch and scars freaked him out or repelled him, and his reply was no, why would they, he still sees ME when looking at me not separated parts in whatever shape, and I am what attracts him, not surface appearance. Good answer. Now you get healed and happy and the right guy will come along, but you may meet a few toads first, that is just part of the adventure of life. Enjoy!
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MissyD: Spot on answer by Msbobcat! The good quality guys will not mind the scars, and the ones who do mind are not worth keeping. Reverse the question. Would you care if a guy you really liked had a few scars somewhere? I doubt if you would! I know I wouldn't.

Will this mark go?

Silly question but the first bra I put on was really right and I had it on for my first few days..... I've been left with this deep red mark on either sides (pictured) ....... Do you reckon it will go? How annoying!!! I don't need anymore scars than I already have hahaha.!

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So I'm allergic to the tape!

Went for another dressing change today so they could check on my T section that wasn't healing that fast. Nurse said my skin was "red raw" and she thinks I've had a reaction to the surgical tape that's been put on!

So it's all come off and now I am free of all tape and just have a gauze on the icky bit. I knew my healing was very slow..... It still stung badly when the dressing were coming off :(

She said if I kept it on any longer then it would probably blister and become infected.... OMG nooooooo. So she has told me to have a shower tonight and let the warm water run over my scars and wounds and "air dry" for 30 mins after with a towel over me. So that's the next stage!

I hope I don't get an infection :( :( I should of known my skin would react to this tape as I have very sensitive skin!


The red mark is from a bra I would think, and the smaller one looks like it is from drains, did you have them? I was allergic to the dressings too but once removed things were ok.
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What an inspiring and amazing group of ladies you all are!!! My young friend, no worries!!! God takes care if everything! "The One" who is perfect for you will find beauty in every single imperfection that you have! You are perfect from head to toe!
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Sorry you are allergic! But good thing you found out now and not later. Just when you think things are moving along fine, huh? Are the incisions healing nicely except for that one spot? Do they want you to put any antibiotics on?
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Picture updates

As you can see, right is still sore and has a small opening under nipple and under breast (T junction).. I can also see that my left is bigger than the other. Hope they even themselves out some what. Close ups of scars in these pics too.


What a nuisance! Hope the bra mark fades soon. :( yeah my skin was really sore today so she took off the tape immediately . Hopefully things start to heal better now x
misscrene.... Your comment made me a little emotional - in a good way! Thank you so so much.... I so hope there is a man out there like you said. You are so lovely x

Incorrect in last post

Meant my right was the problem boob not the left! The mirror image threw me off haha. This was the boob that didn't drain as well so I'm hoping the swelling will reduce it eventually to the same size :( feel a bit depressed with it all today.

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Morning everybody thought I'd share this

This picture was the final nail in the coffin. When I saw this picture (above!!) I knew I had to do something drastic about my breasts. Can't even stand looking at it ! And whilst they aren't perfect now they are 100x better than before. #grateful


That looks incredible difference, Missy! Wow!! ; ) Love the before & forget so quick how huge we were! Xxxxx
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You really do forget- I looked in the mirror yesterday and thought "they are still big!" But then I look at pictures like that and I'm shocked and dare I say slightly embarrassed- those things were awful and I'm so pleased they aren't me anymore! Xxx
You have great results!! So happy for you!
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2 weeks already!

So I'm over the 2 week mark now- still the righty has yet to heal over completely. I'm back to the hospital today for them to look it over. Other than that I'm OK, not sleeping too well and I'm desperate to lie on my front/side. Showering daily now which is great and thinking over some positive life changes whilst I am off. Anybody due for their surgery this week then I wish you the best of luck. Xxx


You look great, are you using the 5 pillow method for sleeping? It is perfectly normal for them to heal at different rates
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Try hugging a pillow to sleep, kind of wrapped around your body horizontally, tucked under your chin. Good luck!
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They look fabulous!!!
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Last apt with nurse

Had my last check today with the nurse.... My PS happened to be in the building and saw me too. He was really happy with everything and asked if I was too.... Which I am! :) no more apts now until I see him again in 3 weeks before I go on holiday. Actually feel a bit sad the experience is coming to an end! The staff have been more than lovely! Now it's time to get on with my life and start afresh x x x x


Yay, glad you are so happy!
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Your boobs look SO fab honey, just WOW. I'm off to have my pre-op tomorrow with the nurse so praying I pass the MRSA test as we are in the lake district next week and I don't want to be having to douse myself in chemicals everyday. I have only seen my surgeon once as we live over 2 hours from the hospital so I am the opposite way :))))) the less I have to travel to Bristol the better but I can imagine that when you have an experience of being looked after and cared about it can feel so lovely. I'm getting to the point now that I just want the day to be here and the waiting is killing me. I ordered a halter neck summer dress that arrived this morning (it was only £17 in the boden sale) and I tried it one with my big, heavy knockers and it looked awful but I had to remind myself that after the op it could look fabulous, as it fits lovely everywhere else. Funny how you find yourself trying to guess what the outcome will be like, I'm often seen by my husband hoisting my boobs up, and out the way trying to gauge what they will look like. I was in John Lewis on Monday, looking at all the dresses that I may soon be able to wear without looking matronly, it just feels unreal and too exciting to bear. Take care lovely. xx
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Hello littlenotlarge! Thank you so very much- I agree I think I have been treated so well throughout the last two weeks I've reverted back to my childhood lol! I'll be fine once I go back to work after my holiday. Oh wow the pre op is when it all starts to feel real and your thoughts go wild from there with excitement ! Don't stress about the MRSA check- I've worked in a clinical environment for the past two years and mine was negative... I think it's a very small chance that you'd have it. But if it does happen then it does... Roll with it! How long have you got now? Two weeks? It'll be here before you know it and you'll be there thinking omg it's happening! Halter necks! Oh my I haven't brought one of those forever!.., very tempted to buy a bikini just to have a look...... I have NEVER worn a bikini in my life so it'll be a new experience . Haha imagine them much higher and half the size and there's your result! Mine are almost "pointed" and are amazing! I'm off to good old John Lewis on the weekend to buy a "Calvin Klein skin" bra.... I've wanted one for ages :) I got a "well done" card from a colleague which simply said "for being so brave and going for it!".... Burst into tears after reading it and thought wow that was a really brave thing to do. Prepare for the waterworks :D. Anything you think of that is playing on your mind... Please just ask! I've got plenty of time on my hands at the moment and would be more than happy to try and help. Xxxxx

Dog ears?

Only just read about this phenomenon! Thankfully I don't appear to have them? My cleavage thankfully gives nothing away! Very happy :)


Wow! I am so happy for you. I hope I can join the small crowd soon. Have my consult next month. As for creams and oils - I heard not for at least 4 weeks after post-op.
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Thanks GmaFoley....... It's a great club to be in and I strongly recommend joining! :D is it your first consultation next month? X
Yes. it is - I have other issues going on that makes it hard to wear a bra - (Side effects from breast cancer treatment) And being so large, it makes it hard to exercise. I was an archaeologist before BC. I don't like being a couch potato... I am hoping the damage from radiation doesn't make it so hard, that the doc won't do it.

Hi everybody.

Hello everybody- had a few days away from the website as I was becoming obsessed comparing myself to other people's results on the site.
I actually felt my breasts for the first time properly last night and it was really odd. I have no feeling in my nipples and underneath when I touch them. I can feel when my nipples get cold etc and I have many twinges in them but no touch sensation.
It was almost like I was touching somebody else and it freaked me out a lot! It's probably something I will get used to! Other than that healing is going well I think. Scars have started to scab now and are quite red in colour.


You got Sunday DINNER!!! OMG LOL We are lucky to get warmed "beef" LOL You made me laugh saying "Pinky and Perky" That took me back over 30 years! You look GREAT hun, I bet you feel a LOT better without those mounds on you?
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Haha thank you so much :) I know.... It was like being in a hotel I swear (apart from the general anaesthetic lol) pinky and perky was literally the first thing that came to mind :D. Feeling like a different person honestly- it's great! Have you had / due to have this surgery? X
I will be soon - just got to figure out logistics etc. Just becoming worried about having a reduction - I know I sound insane to everyone! But it's a part of me and I feel like I'm insulting myself (after a lifetime of being insulted)! So it's just coming to the realization and getting on with it!

Advice please

I can't tell if this look like normal healing or perhaps an infection? Any advice appreciated. Xxx


Missydee, it is really awesome to not have to wear or bra or even to be able to wear a strapless or bandeau bra!!! Bandeau a are the softest!
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Missy - great review! A couple of things I can contribute on - I'm sure you'd be fine to take the bra off - my surgeon didn't let me wear one at all for the first week and a half ! (and boy did that feel weird after 25 years of putting one on the second I woke up in the morning!). Regarding shape etc - mine are all uneven too - but surgeon made the point of saying yesterday that it can take months to get to their final shape and it's just to do with the tiny muscles and nerves in your nips coming back at different times x
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Thank you so much Leona. Was quite worried about them not being the same size and the lack of feeling! So weird how different surgeons have different ways.... My surgeon did say to me I can swap to a comfier non surgical sport type bra if I want to! It feels so nice bra less doesn't it? I've been taking it off at different times throughout the day and actually fell asleep last night without it - naughty lol. Just wished this niggly bit would heal- I think it's gross! Have you got any open bits? I eke worrying thinking nobody else's seem to look like mine :( xx

Little update <3

Hi all, firstly can I just say a big THANK YOU to all of the comments and messages I've received on here... They have been really lovely and got me through a few bad days. If I haven't replied to some I am really sorry as I can't keep up sometimes and find myself scrolling down endless pages not being able to find the comments! Phew :)
Anyway no infection which is a relief and I'm still in the healing process. Off on holiday in 2 weeks to NYC and nervous about the flight and the possibility of exhausting myself over there: I'll take it easy and live off bagels :) xx


looking great!!!!!
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You look amazing!!! Enjoy your trip to NYC!!! I have never been one day, hopefully, I'll get to see it!!! remember to take care of your self while in the states! I know while having so much fun, it's hard to do!
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glad you don't have an infection,spend plenty of time airing everything to dry it all out and let it scab over
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Another comparison pic.

Are words really needed girls? October is here and a whole new bunch of you are getting your reductions!!! Good luck to all you lucky October reductionee's (?) lol xxxx


WOW! I think that's the best comparison pictures yet!! LOL Just shows the shear volume that you had! I bet they feel like they are floating? LOL CONGRATS!
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all I can say is wow
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Looking fab!
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She who dares..... Wins(?)

Something that has hit me these last couple of weeks is.... The big black mist overhead.... Depression. I've felt very down and it's lead me to this question..... Do people have cosmetic surgery go in with the mindset that it will change their WHOLE life?

I am speaking very personally now and would love to hear your opinions. I went into this process with my eyes WIDE open. I'm not a naive person and pride myself on being very head strong. I hated my breasts like a lot of you and knew I had to change them to feel better about myself. But I must confess in the back of my mind something was telling me that this could change my whole life and it hasn't.

Don't get me wrong I'm so happy with the results and I'm now happy with my breasts. The other aspects in my life that make me unhappy however have not altered. I almost think it's what mothers who experience post natal depression must feel (stick with me this is going somewhere).

You spend months planning, looking forward to, spending lots of money and telling everybody how fabulous it is going to be. The day comes around- it's painful, it's tiring and you've totally got what you've wanted for the first time and you are overjoyed. Days pass and the pain and joy lessens but yet, you're still left with the problems you had before.... I'm not a mum so I am just going on personal experiences from friends and family on PND. Also note I know how severe it can be and I am in NO way comparing my post surgery depression with it.

I didn't see this coming but it has. I'm dealing with it day by day but I thought I'd put this out here even it one person can relate.

Much love x x x


Yes! I completely know what you are talking about. I thought a breast reduction would change my life. While I am thrilled with my results and the size, I thought surgery would also fix my asymmetry but my left is still about half a size larger, if not a little more than that. So I am still very self conscious/ aware of that; and worry about others noticing it. Another thing is I thought this surgery would eliminate a lot of my chronic back pain, when it's really only gotten rid of maybe 20% of it tops (better than none!) I am much more self confident though about my body for the most part. I also get real neurotic for about a whole week out of the month, the week before my period when they swell up by almost a full cup size and I get all paranoid and freak out and sometimes cry and think they're growing back and that is my worst fear of all. I have nightmares about it even. I must say I also thought that the surgery would increase my self esteem in other areas of my life, and make me .. more of a go getter, make me go grab my dreams by the balls or something. But in reality nope I'm the same ole me pretty much, just with smaller perkier boobs.
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and I also should add that your results look beautiful! Congrats!
Hi MMH1990! Thanks so much for your comment. It'd refreshing to hear other girls my age feel the same. I never suffered back pain with my old boobs- very lucky I know. Your results do look incredible and you have such a lovely figure! I wish you all the best and hope your situation improves. I think this is a really slow and painful process we all have to go through. I'm yet to have my first period post reduction and I'm dreading it! I hope to loose some weight too which might make me feel better about myself. Big hugs xx

I look good in a tshirt for the first time EVER.

Cheap tshirt from H&M in a medium!! Happy happy days :) xx


You look great !!
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naw girl look at it this way you hated your breast and wanted smaller boobs to manage having huge boobs is a nuisance youll feel better when you can start wearing tops braless and being able to find a variety of bras to pick from and being able to see your toes when you bend over lol im considering a breast reduction but i keep hearing about losing feeling in the nipples same thing happened to my cousin. i am going for a bbl in january i know it wont change my life drastically but it will boost my confidence and get me to body goals. yopur boobs look awesome btw very natural looking and symmetric
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Woo hoo! You look great.
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Great news

Went surgical bra shopping today and the results are in.... I'm a 38C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D swelling has seemed to of reduced dramatically over the last few days too.
I'm still tape less and open to the elements. Hoping the lack of tape won't make my scars any worse in the long term. My PS doesn't seem to have a problem with me not having anything on.


Sexy T!!! Gorgeous shape! Xxx
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Hi Missydee, thank you for sharing your story. Your results are amazing! When the depression hits, remember the wonderful accomplishment you just went through! This is not an easy journey and there will be times of doubt but remember how strong you are to have done this. It helps to focus on the small victories also like you did in buying the t-shirt that now fits so nicely. We get a lot of attention at the beginning of recovery and as it slowly decreases I think it is normal to feel depressed. I hope you are doing well!
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Great news. I'm so happy for you. I also wanted to thank you for sharing. It helps me prepare for the possibilities ahead.
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One month pictures


Hello there I m having mine at 21/10 ! I got 1000 questions thoughts that can't express panic overtakes I guess! How dramatic am I? One thing thank you for posting your experience in such detail! Helps me prepare I'm in Uk too 32jj
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Bristol Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful care received. So happy with everything. Would recommend Mr. Oliver to anybody in the southwest considering this surgery.

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