D cup implants removed 3 days ago - no regrets!- Devon, UK

I have been suffering pain from capsules formed...

I have been suffering pain from capsules formed around both implants for years and was waiting to save up to get new ones (single working mum). However, last summer I decided I just wanted them gone for good due to the pain and after a number of months on the waiting list, I finally had them out on Monday.

During surgery, they found the left one had actually ruptured. I haven't even seen them yet (getting my bandages changed tomorrow) but I already feel 100% better! I can't wait to feel like "me" again after 17 yrs of feeling fake and at least 6 yrs of hiding my breasts and staying single because I can't bear guys to see my stupid implants. I also can't wait to change my wardrobe and literally wear what I want rather than what will "suit the implants". If anyone is considering removal without replacement, go for it! You'll feel amazing!!! I'm 35 with a 20 yr old son. My boobs were pretty messed up following my teenage pregnancy and breast feeding but despite that, I'm already happier. I don't care what they look like now - at least they're all mine :))

Thanks everyone! So I just got back from the...

Thanks everyone!
So I just got back from the hospital to have my dressings changed and I've seen them! Hahaha oh it was like saying hello to 2 little friends again. Almost felt like apologising to them for what I've put them through ;) Okay, so they are definitely not perfect and far from the traditional meaning of beautiful BUT I do love them, although it was a shock at first. My sister came with me and took a pic but I'll have to put it up tomorrow because she's gone off with her camera. She said "Oh honey, that's just what boobs are meant to look like after having a kid" ... and then flashed me hers *giggle* She made me feel soooo much better.
Heard many things about them 'fluffing up' and although one can hope, I'm just happy the implants and pain and feelings of being self concious all the time are gone. I think we're all very brave, strong women making this decision and I am really looking forward to making the best of the new me :D x

4 days post-op pics added. Also, I got feeling...

4 days post-op pics added. Also, I got feeling back in my nipples today; that's something I bizarrely lost a few years ago. Pleasant surprise!

Two things: 1) I think I forgot to say that I...

Two things:
1) I think I forgot to say that I was a full D with implants, not sure what the cc measurement was as it was so long ago. I've amended the title of my review to help others.
And 2) Apologies for the sideways pics. I've uploaded the last one over and over again but it always posts sideways. I've taken some others down as they looked confusing not being the right way up! Sorry. Will try again another time.

End of day 4 review = still very very very very very happy :D

Day 6 - Anyone else start to feel frustrated at...

Day 6 - Anyone else start to feel frustrated at this point? My gripe is that I'm no longer in pain (only very mild aches, sporadically) but I still have to wear this damn sports bra and I just want to let them be freeeeeee! I'm uncomfortable.

Quick question, when did people start exercising?? After a week of lazing around and eating all the chocolates friends have brought round, I'm feeling pretty lethargic. Bad skin etc. Desperate to start moving again. Healthy eating as of tomorrow and have already switched to drinking warm water with sliced lemon but, realistically, when can I work up a good sweat?

Well, it's been what ... 2 1/2 weeks now? I'm pain...

Well, it's been what ... 2 1/2 weeks now? I'm pain free and am moving about normally, lifting a full kettle etc :) Still in a tight support bra (which is making my nipples sore!) and still sleeping on my back as my muscles are too uncomfortable to sleep on my side ... but I still feel great! Had my sutures trimmed yesterday and the nurse said I was healing very well. Will try and post pics of my scars tomorrow. They are long but very neat and I know they'll fade nicely in time.

A couple of firsts: I had a bath yesterday and my little boobies were floating about. Made me literally laugh out loud and I even text my mom! ;) Also, when I was with the nurse, she asked me to "lift" my breast up. A definite first for me after nearly 2 decades of them being stuck so high up on my chest!!

How am I feeling? Still over the moon. The "fluff fairy" hasn't been but I really don't care. After being soooo uncomfortable and feeling soooo embarrassed by my breasts for too many years, I'm just thrilled to bits that its all over and now I look like all my other friends and family who have had children. I really feel like a WOMAN for the first time in SO long!

I think this is a major turning point in my life, I truly do. Without turning this into a therapy session, I realise I have been terribly insecure since I was a teenager and breast implants didn't cure that - it merely masked deeper problems. I can even (with hindsight) attribute my marriage breakdown to my own insecurities and poor self image. I now feel positive enough about how I look on the outside to address what's going on inside. Which is ironic considering the state of my boobies ;)

I'm genuinely excited about the new me and my only regret is wasting too many years trying to be something I wasn't. Cheers to new beginnings! :D

2 1/2 week pics now up x

2 1/2 week pics now up x

One year on

Can't believe it's been a year already! Honestly can say I've never been happier :) My summer was spent in teeny bikinis and my little soft boobies just felt so natural and womanly. No more covering up in tshirts for this gal! :)

I'm now in a very loving relationship with someone I've been friends with for years. That would never have happened if I hadn't had my implants removed. Truly. I'm a different person now - happier, content, confident, carefree.

Best decision I've EVER made!

One year pics now up!
Rob Morris

He's the best breast care surgeon in the South West. The NHS are lucky to have him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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It was very nice to read about your experience and how loving you are toward yourself. You look beautiful!
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Fabulous news! A new/old loving relationship, beautiful boobs and your health! Thanks you for updating :-)
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You look great! I'm happy that you're so happy!
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You look wonderful! So glad you're feeling so well!
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Thank you! Can't believe it's been a year now! I still absolutely love me new little boobs lol They are perfect ( in my eyes). Confidence has sored in the past year - I even have a boyfriend for the first time in yeeeears (wouldn't dare take my clothes off in front of anyone before). Absolutely 100% still no regrets :) x
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You look lovely! How are things now?
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Thank you :) Things are great. I'm very happy and I'm seeing my consultant on Tuesday at which point I guess I'll be signed off. No post-op issues so I'm just ready to get cracking with some exercise now! :))
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Awesome, cheers!!! You look great :)
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I had my implants removed in Dec. I have yet to read that anyone is disappointed! I am very disappointed! I need to hear from someone that wasn't happy about their removal! My left breast in drawn in so much that you cannot see my nipple. My right one is very rippled. I had fluid build up in my left breast. My PS had never seen anything like that before. He had it drained and it came back. This time he decided to remove them. He scared me to death telling me it might be large cell lymphoma. Which, thank God it wasn't. But now I look deformed and can't stop crying every time I look at them. So, now I'm forced to put them back in. But, I will not go back to that PS. I will find a new one! I don't know but I think my PS could have done a better job! Why would one be drawn in? I can understand saggy. But, deformed?
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I had my removal done last Thursday (1/30). I think I have exactly what you are talking about. Both of mine are like indented straight across each breast. My implants were 27 years old and they were leaking. About 10 years after getting the implants, I had an infected milk duct and it had to be removed. I had a scar that ran straight down from my nipple. It was noticable, but not deformed. Now that the implants are out, it appears to be a sunken in appearance - deformed. I've been told not to rush to judgement and give it some time, but I'm scared. I didn't mind being flat - I just didn't want to look deformed. My first post-op is in 2 days. I still have my drains in and I have to wear bandages and these special bras. I've been on line trying to see if this is normal at the beginning, but from what I've read, it doesn't appear to be. Then I read yours. I'm not sure I follow what he decided to remove. I can't afford to do anything else.
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Thank you for responding. I felt so alone. It's been 3 months now since they have been removed and still look the same. I have to wear 2 gel forms in the left side of my bra to fill it out to match the other one! Some times they slip down and I'm lop sided. They told me to wait 6 months also. I had my first implants 35 years ago. Had them replaced in 2008 and then for no reason the left breast filled up with fluid. Nothing to do with the implant. PS told me they need to be replaced every 7 to 8 years now. Well, I can't afford to do that! So, I said ok to remove them and let my breast heal. Well, they look so bad now that I have no choice but to replace them! I would like to know if looking deformed is normal after explant. I will not go back to that PS. I think, he didn't know what he was doing and wanted me to have them put back in wether I wanted them or not. I don't know. I will probably never know. I just hope I can find another PS that can fix them. I'm 60 and really didn't want to have them put back in but I don't want to look like this! I'd post a pic but it would gross everyone out I'm sure! Thank you! I was getting tired of reading how wonderful everyone was doing after explant. I'm so happy that they are, I just feel sorry for my self I guess. I sure wish mine looked as good as theirs!
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Joyceks1208, So very sorry to hear about your terrible experience. Its good that you will be seeing a different PS and its also good that you shared your story here. Maybe it will scare some young girls from ever getting implants, I'm 51 and had mine removed after 25 years but thank God I look ok. If I had heard your story as a young girl I would definetly have thought twice. I hope another PS can help you without you having to be reimplanted.
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I'm new here and can't seem to submit comments from my phone. I've tried twice. I would get several names of highly recommended PS's and then get a consultation from all of them and find the one you are most comfortable with, but if it were me, I would try to keep from getting more implants if at all possible. I'm going to give myself more time. I don't look back at my 27 years with implants as a regret, but I probably wouldn't recommend it now with everything I know. I could never cuddle my child without wondering if he was comfortable with his head on my chest. I know that it wasn't always comfortable for me. I hated that. Then I had tell that little boy who is now 18 years old that I was having my implants removed. Not the best moment in my life. Well, anyway, you need to give yourself some time and get several consultations.
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Thank you! You don't know how much your kind words mean to me! I felt very alone.
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I know what you mean! I didn't breast feed my children because I was afraid of any unknown effects from having breast implants. What if one was ruptured and didn't know it! Yes, it wasn't very comfortable cuddling my children! Thank you for the advice! I will consult a few PS's before doing anything. It's good to hear someone who understands to just say give yourself some time!
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Well I found this site because I myself was freaking out! But my husband and friends are helping me with the advice of giving it some time, plus one of my good friends assured me that the majority of boobs for women our (my) age usually are weird to begin with. Everyone has complaints about the way theirs look. Then I have friends and a sister who have had to go through the ordeal of breast cancer. That could just as easy be me! I think for me.... I'm going to try and take my mind off my boobs for awhile and focus on something more rewarding and pray that everything works out. But I know your fears and your concerns and you are not alone. But for your own comfort seek several names of PS's. have a good day. I have to go to work today and try to hide my drains! Fun!
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I forgot to mention that you were a blessing to me because I was just like you reading all the messages about how happy everyone was, so THANK YOU for sharing your situation.
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THANK YOU!!!!! I appreciate your support and kind words so much! When there is know one to talk to about this it's wonderful to have this web site for support! I'm so happy that I found it now! I had so much hope with all the positive comments about their explants and seeing nothing about the negative, I was getting more depressed about my whole ordeal. Thank you so much for responding! You don't know how much it has meant to me! Have a wonderful day! God Bless You!!!! I hope everything turns out wonderfully for you!
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Thank you!!! I haven't seen a new ps yet but I plan on it. They said to wait 6 mo's. I still have an indented breast and its very uncomfortable wearing two gel inserts. It's been 3 mos now with no change in this breast. I hate to do it but I may get new implants.
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I was back exercising in 2 days. I wore a tight sports bra for 3 months. I, like you are very happy to have my real breasts back.
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2 days?? Did you have implants under the muscle? I did and the nurse told me yesterday that I really shouldn't be exercising for another few weeks, and no upper body stuff for a lot longer. She said to speak to my consultant for exercises I can/can't do but I'm not seeing him until the 28th. What exercises were you doing after 2 days? I was still in hospital on day 2 lol x
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congrats neffy, you look beautiful! don't rush into exercise so soon. let your body put all it's energy into healing!
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Thank you hon. Yup, I'm using my 3 weeks off work to rest up well. Although its getting boring now! Haha x
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Hi, I was wondering if you have any before pics with your implants? I'm 33 with a 17 year old and also got implants because I was self concious of my sagging breasts after my teenage pregnancy, I have a painful capsular contracture now and its so tough trying to make the right decision and feel prepared for the results, thanks for sharing your story hope your healing goes quickly : )
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Miss Jones I see you posted under "breast implant revision." Was sad to see all the PS's on there urging you to get more implants! You might have them removed and wait 6 months to see your final result. Some of us are very pleasantly surprised with the results of explant :)
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