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It's been two weeks and I have a slight droop...

It's been two weeks and I have a slight droop in one eye which makes one eye slightly bigger then the other along with pain in my eyeball.. ..wondering if this is normal healing process?

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I used a polysporin ointment they gave me on my incisions. Very lightly applied on my scars. I still use occasionally as it keeps any milia (little bumps) from forming. I seem to get a couple in the same spots (very tiny only I can see). The line will go from red to brown and then to white (as in my case anyway). Stay away from eyeliner and eyeshadow for about a month so it doesn't get get pigment in the scar. At about 2 or 3 months the scars are practically invisible. I only have one tiny area on each eye (at 8 months) that is slightly off color. No one notices this but me.
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My understanding is that polysporin ointments are vaseline based as well as any antibiotic topical ointments. Check the ingredients on the packaging.
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I do not know what the dark line is, it could be
part of the scar. Use vaseline daily, especially
at night to keep the line soft and call the doctors
office with that question rather than worry about it.
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Mine looks similar ... But I will know in a few mths the real result..I know have another small issue...there is a dark line in my healed incision ,abt 1/2inch. I'm assuming it the marking that was put there before the cut...will this go away??!!!??? I'm afraid I will hav. Tattoo effect ( I haven't worn any makeup)
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* now
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The left eye is cut too high and the levator muscle
still requires further surgical revision, so you
are correct, it is ptosis. There is no swelling or
edema since it is a month shy of a year and a half
after the surgery. This is worse in the evening as
this picture was taken in the morning.
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Your eyelids still look very swollen, especially the left lid. How long ago was your surgery? It seems the top part of your iris is hidden by the swollen lids. Can this resolve on it's own? Could it be ptosis?
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Thank you all...I went for an appointment w my surgeon.. No infection..not swollen. So that's good... I was told that I really have to wait a few more mths for healing time.. :(. @ barlett4047. I'd love to see a pic if you could to compare..
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My son came by today and took a photo of my eyes
looking up w/o makeup so when I post it tomorrow
you will be able to see the difference. At first
he thought I "doing something" so I explained to
him that the disparity shows up the most when
looking up since I literally cannot open the eye
normally. It's visible looking forward, but you
have to look closely to spot the difference although
I can see it instantly, so I did not bother with this photo. You will have the one looking up tomorrow.
Good luck to you and may yours just be some remaining
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The lower bleph is much more complex, I never had that because it's too risky for me.
The eyes are fully healed at a year and a half at which point revision surgery should take place. At the 6 mo mark, they are viewed as healed enough to judge their progress. Get a second opinion from an
oculo-plastic surgeon if you are not sure. I will
do that in about a month to see if I can remedy
the left upper lid. One surgeon told me to just
get the levator muscle tightened with no lid
revision so I can still close the eye. He thought
better yet, to leave it alone.

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I'm at 8 months. I saw the doctor about a month ago concerning the assymetry as well as the under eye swelling. he told me there is still a chance these issues will resolve on their own by one year. If not, I many need more fat removed under the eye or perhaps steroid injections (minimal). I don't think I ever paid as much attention to my eyes as I have since the surgery.
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Request an appt with your surgeon asap to review your
eye. Swelling will cause temporary dry eyes due
to lids not closing fully, but this resolves itself
with time. I never had this as both eyes always
closed fully. I will post photos over the weekend.
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One last comment: each eye heals at its own pace so
that makes them heals differently.
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My left eye is the one that is off in both regards.

Do not use makeup on fresh incisions for any reason.
You need to let that heal as the sutures leave fine
pinpoint holes that can absorb the makeup resembling
somewhat a tattoo. Also to prevent infection leave
makeup off for one month.
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my left eye has the higher incision. the other day my sister asked if my eye was drooping. this eye is the one i have had dry eye issues with. to me it is slightly smaller than the right eye but i never noticed it drooping before... now i'm worried(again).
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When I look up, one eye is fully open, but not the
other. At night only the affected eye droops. The
mistake starts by not going to an oculo-plastic
surgeon as this surgery is delicate and surgeons are
motivated by greed instead of ethics. My eye is cut
about a millimeter too high so that if you are not
familiar with me, it would not be noticeable, but
once I point it out, then people see it. My own
surgeon did say the levator was not tight enough,
but claimed both lids measured the same, however,
as the swelling cleared, the eyelids are visibly
different and the smaller one looks and feels better.
I will have my son take a picture and post it to
give you an idea. The second plastic surgeon I
went to, saw everything immediately and asked,
"who did this to you?"
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Do you have pictures? I also have one eye slightly smaller than the other. When I close my eyes I can see one (left) has the incision higher than the other...
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After my upper blepharoplasty, by Otto Placik, one
eye looked different than the other and still does
a year and half later.
He reviewed it after 6 mo., claiming both
lids measured the same, but one needed more tightening in the levator muscle.
One lid is cut too high and has some drooping,
two separate surgeons acknowledged this, but recommended leaving it alone for fear the lid
would not close in the future which leads to
(slow) blindness. I will seek more evaluations
to see if I should remedy this.
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Hi Ppsc -- Can you tell if it's still swollen? You may also want to post your question (and photos, if you have them) on the Doctor Q&A Forum for some opinions.

Good luck and please keep us posted on how you're doing.

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The lids themselves are recovering from surgical
trauma, but there should be no pain in the eye
itself. Sometimes there is dryness, but that
resolves with time.
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