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So my cost is high because I am adding a lift with...

So my cost is high because I am adding a lift with small implant. It's a little scary but very exciting I thought I would be waiting til next Nov but depending on ps schedule it could be as early as next month. I meet with him on Friday so I will know more then.

Not too scared for breast lift with small implant since I had reduction when I was 18, but  23 yrs later need the lift w a small implant. It's the tummy tuck that is a little daunting. I have an athletic build and was 1) concerned what people would think....not sure why, but you mention it to even some friends that maybe larger and they think you are $&@)(; in the head because you are small but I have this skin that just isn't going anywhere  2) I am a runner and the fact that I will be off for not sure how long is well its unknown 3) kids 4) work, not necessarily in that order but I have a lot of help regarding the kids so that really isn't a big concern. But hey I am 41 in the best shape of my life with this skin that just isn't going anywhere.  

Now I just want it done now... I will keep you posted

I'm super excited for you! A tummy tuck is a great procedure for removing extra skin. And combined with the breast work you're having done, you're going to get one hot bod! Thanks so much for sharing here on RealSelf!

Good for you Jo26.2!! I'm getting mine Jan 9th. I hear you about not wanting to tell anyone AND about how the people you mention it to are like "WHAT??" (especially if they are heavier than you). I always tell people that clothes hide A LOT!! I've told my mom and my hubbs so far, and a few girlfriends (some supportive, some think I am a whackjob). My husband is supportive but nervous about the procedure. My mom is supportive but doesn't think I "need" it. You know - it is so relative to each individual. I know it will make me feel so much better and more confident. Like you, I am a runner and no amount of mileage was making the loose skin disappear.

As far as the recovery goes - of all the stories I've read on here, being fit is the #1 best thing you can do prior to surgery to help a speedy recovery. Keep running and eating well and I'll bet you'll be fine! And don't enter any races next year until after the surgery! I know it will be hard but you don't want to push yourself. Which is counter-intuitive when you are a runner! :) I would love to run the Chicago marathon next year but I just don't want to plan anything yet.

Hopefully your ps's schedule opens up and you can have your procedure in Dec.! Post an update when you know!

So I thought I updated this, it could come...

So I thought I updated this, it could come through twice.

Dec 13 is the date! A little scared, not for the breast augmentation but more for the tummy tuck. PS said my scar will come up on sides due to my well defined obliques ( I guess that's not bad) but he said he has to follow that line so in low-rise pants middle of scar will be low but sides will come up. I do have some faint visible scaring from my reduction 23 yrs ago and he said if those don't bother me these won't ... But I can't believe it is so soon I have been thinking about for awhile but just decided 3 weeks ago to actually pursue it and now it is actually happening.......excited...scared...more excited!
Getting ready to go off on a girls weekend. I will post pictures when I get back. I need to get my husband to take some first.
Yay Jo26.2!! So glad you were able to get a date in Dec!! I am looking forward to following your journey. If you are comfortable with it, we'd love to see "befores" and of course the "afters. I want to see those obliques! ;-)

So only two more days and I am a little nervous. ...

So only two more days and I am a little nervous. I finally added some before pics. Sometimes I am not sure why I want to go through with this, I don't think I look that bad. Funny as my husband was taking the pictures he said really you look great. But as you can tell from my breast reduction my chest looks uneven and kinda flat and my abs, well I dont think they are terrible but that skin is just not going anywhere...48 hrs left...,.
I am using Dr. Raymond Hajjar DO

Good luck tomorrow!!!  It's sounds like you are very prepared and ready to go.  What PS are you using?


So hanging out watching TV in hospital. Surgery...

So hanging out watching TV in hospital. Surgery was @ 2:30 pm tired but not in pain...itchy that is worst part so far. Would not recommend afternoon surgery (I didn't have choice) sucked having to wait all day plus no eating or coffee:)
no pain yea glad to hear that~!
Glad to see you are recovering!! I hope you continue to be able to manage the discomfort!
Beast wishes!! I am a runner too and started back running 6 miles at 4 weeks. You will bounce right back! Thinking of you!!

Day 2 post op and feeling great. Yesterday sucked...

Day 2 post op and feeling great. Yesterday sucked because I think I came to the conclusion that I was allergic to the morphine in my epidural (the terrible itching). I called my ps office and they said it was normal, what they didn't tell me was the tylenol 3 w/ codine would cause the same reaction because codine is a derivative of morphine ( my dad is a doc and he is the one that said I should stop taking it and switch to new pain med) so switched last night... No itching today and if it weren't for these annoying drains I think I would be 90%. Hope this lasts.... I am listening to doc and not doing much planning on just sitting around and watching TV
lol oh i had the same thing happen to me my first two babies a breeze wit epidural last 2 gave me the itchy reaction!!!! sucked and norco does that to me too i feel for you!

4 days post op feeling great need no pain meds. I...

4 days post op feeling great need no pain meds. I hope to get drains out Monday. I will post more pics later today.

Can any one recommend a good bra to buy this surgical one is kind of nasty. What a bout a compression garment for abs?

I am 5 days out and feeling great. I think I will...

I am 5 days out and feeling great. I think I will get my drains out tomorrow. PS called Friday to see how I was doing and said that if I have less than 30 cc's in my drains I can get them out before my first post op appointment on Wednesday...I had 24 cc's over last 24 hrs .... did I mention drains these are my concerns.... just uploaded pictures. PS said he couldn't fix left nipple during surgery but he can do it once everything settles in the office (it was a screw up from breast reduction 23 yrs ago)But my abs scar.......he said it had to be higher because my excess skin was higher not lowee. It will def come up over low rise pants and bikini hope it fades.....but on bright side I think it looks great...

FYI... no pain meds since Friday(day 3)

6 days post op and feeling great! I got my...

6 days post op and feeling great! I got my drains out today was able to finally feeling like a normal person. I bought a bra to replace surgical vest and spanx to replace binder. Today was a very normal day and both my boys are having friends over tonight. Now, I just hope my scar fades since it is pretty high.
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Just about 5 hrs post op so have not even seen what I look like

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