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19 Years Old, Beautiful ,and Insecure !!! - Detroit, MI

Hello beautiful people! I have been researching...

Hello beautiful people! I have been researching about 9 months. I don't want to research years to be happy. Life is full of risks , right? Anywho as you can see in my pictures my pictures, my nose takes over my face and true BEAUTY. Dr Robert cowden (ent doc) ,said i have a deviated septum.My nose sticks out ,causing my face to look longer and masculine (in my opinion) . I also have a small dorsal hump...its just so ugly. I tried to embrace my nose over the years but its really getting to me now. Recently I've been getting big time modeling and club offers dealing with rappers etc, but of course I'm too insecure to do it *tears. I hope to have my nose perfected by may..I'm still looking between 2 doctors



Angeles..no comment

front wish pic

Elease Donovan..

yay or nay

Not bad not good either

yay or nay

This kind of how I want it

more pictures

So I'm thinking about going to Tijuana Mexico and having Dr Blancas be my surgeon. My surgery date is set for May 8 . A lot of things can change between time so we'll see!
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Your a beautiful girl just make sure your doctor has good reviews and that he has lots of good before and after pics of ALL views!
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Thanks girl and I am
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I'm looking forward to your review! Your sooo beautiful~ I'm sure you'll be really happy afterwards! >///
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Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf. You are a beauty! But I can understand how it feels to not like your nose. Make sure you go with someone who has a lot of experience doing African American rhinoplasties. Here's what some doctors say about finding a good doctor for African American noses. Keep us posted on your research and decisions!
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i think you're super cute the way you are and you have no reason to be ashamed of taking those offers!
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The best way to go about finding your perfect surgeon is spotting one who has done a lot of African-American noses (and done them well). There are quite a few profiles to look through on here if you haven't already looked. I picked my surgeon based on my ethnicity, and I couldn't be more thrilled.
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Do your research, I am sure you will find a good surgeon.
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