Mommy Makeover - 1 Week PO

Well I'm really excited to share my "Doing Me"...

Well I'm really excited to share my "Doing Me" journey. I'm a 44 yr old single mother of (1) adult son. After years of struggling w/my weight...I can proudly shout I have lost 55lbs w/eating healthy and working out. Which brings me to Now: sagging boobs, extra belly skin & stalking love handles (that I can't wait to break up with). So I'm in my final stage of finalizing which PS to do my breast lift (if needed), breast augmentation (VOLUME...YIPPEE!), lipo (lower/upper abs, love handles and back), plus a tummy tuck.

I have (2) more PS (I've met w/(5) I'm doing my due diligence) to meet for consultations next week. So this time next week I'll know which doc and surgery date.

I'm only sharing this w/a few close friends. Plus, I may have a hernia which can be repaired during my TT. And the hernia will be my medical excuse for work.

Who is the surgeon you decided to use?

Very exciting!

Thanks. I'm hoping to have my surgery early August.

I've finalized my PS. DRUM ROLL...Dr Michelle...

I've finalized my PS. DRUM ROLL...Dr Michelle Hardaway in Farmington Hills, MI. Hopefully, early Sept. surgery date is still available tomorrow.

I still have another 10-12 Ibs to go until I reach my ultimate weight goal. I'm determined to be there for my surgery.

I'll post before pics soon.

Also, I'm on the fence about a breast lift. According to the (7) consultations I've received, I'm right on the cusp of needing a lift. I hate the thought of having scars on my breast and I realize the additional weight of a silicone implant will stretch my skin more. However, my thought is to wait once I get the augmentation...if I need a lift years down the road, do it at that time.

Any thoughts/suggestions??

That's awesome you picked a PS! Congrats. On weather not to get th breast lift- for me my PS said to get what my idea of perky w/ out a lift he would have to go with a much bigger implant- because of the amount breast tissue. With a bigger implant(heavier) u can't stop gravity. There is also great scar creams out there. But I totally get not want the scars. I hope this helps a little!i look forward to following you! :-) my surgery is in oct @ a month after you.
Thanks. I'm really excited. The nervousness will set in as I get closer I'm sure. I'm being very diligent to get the last 10-12 lbs off before my surgery. I'm still torn about the lift...if I decide to move forward w/it, it will be a partial donut lift (I can't recall the medical term).

Are you getting closer to your weight goal?? If I can share any advice the closer you are, the more satisfied you'll be. Are you getting a lolipop lift?

Yes I am getting a lollipop lift? I have @ 15 lbs to go. I have been having a hard time working out with it just being the kids and I. But I have been eating completely clean. I would love any advice! Thx!

i totally get not wanting the scar- that makes me nervous.

I have 4 wks to my surgery and I'd love to...

I have 4 wks to my surgery and I'd love to communicate with others thru this site.

How do I start dialogue w/other mommy makeovers?? I'm really interested in getting support, advice and hearing other experiences. Should I blog, write a review or ask a doctor?
how did your surgery go? Hope you are recovering well :)
Congrats on your weight loss! I have lost 90 lbs since my highest non-pregnancy weight and would like to reach 100 lbs. The last 10-15 lbs have been very hard so I'm hoping my surgery will help with my motivation to continue on. Best wishes on your surgery! My surgeon also says that I do not need a lift and just the implants... I'm really nervous about that but like you said, we can always get it done later if needed. :)
wow congrats on your amazing weight loss, you are going to be thrilled with your results I'm sure. My surgery is October and I desperately want to lose 10 pounds - any tips on your weight loss success would be so appreciated!! I am having a breast reduction/lift, TT and lipo of the love handles.

My recovery is going smoothly. My boobs feel like...

My recovery is going smoothly. My boobs feel like bricks and I more discomfort than anything. I'm sleeping a ton, I guess thats good for healing. I've only taken (2) vicodin thus far the tylenol seems to working just fine.

I'll post post-op photos when I get the drains removed (hopefully, Mon 9/10). I was surprise to find (4) drains, I was only expecting (2) for my TT apparently there was a lot fluid from my BA/BL so the doc inserted additional drains. I can't bring myself to look with now...I selected "Not Sure" because it's too soon to see results.
Thanks so much. I just had a sponge bath, it's amazing what a little soap and water can do for girl.

How's your recovery?? Happy belated Bday!!
Glad everything is going smoothly. I also had much more discomfort with my BL/BA than I had with my TT. Hope all continues to go when you can....for now just rest, rest, rest....
Hello, thanks for your well wishes...everything went well. I'm home recovering, my friends/family have been wonderful w/assisting me. I'm looking so forward to having the drains removed...hopefully Mon, 9/10.

MM - Day 3 PO I'm BORED!! More discomfort than...

MM - Day 3 PO
I'm BORED!! More discomfort than pain primarily from my boobs. My bandages on my boobs were changed yesterday, I couldn't bring myself to look. I'll get a good look once the drains are removed. Plus, I had a sponge bath...YIPPEE!! Soap and water does wonders for a girl.

Glad everything is going smoothly! 
Thanks. Your surgery is coming up. Are you excited?

MM - Day 4 PO I'm getting my drains removed today...

MM - Day 4 PO
I'm getting my drains removed today...WooHOO!!

MM - Day 4 PO Well my drains were removed this...

MM - Day 4 PO
Well my drains were removed this morning and today was the first time I've seen my body without the binder/bandages. I really got a good look once I got home. My back, waist and flanks are so swollen (boobs are too, but they don't look as bad), I actually look like I've gained like 20lbs. I'm in tears (I'm too afraid to weigh myself). I was expecting swelling but not this BAD!!

I hope I've made a good decision :(
Please rest.... You are really early! I do think swelling increases after drain removal plus you are moving more causing the swell. Keep that butt to the chair, couch, and bed!
Don't worry we all know swelling is part of the deal. I was lucky enough to get a pic of myself on day 2 before all the swelling began to set in and let me tell ya by day four I didn't look anything like day two...the swelling makes it hard for us to see what improvements have been done to our bodies...I promise you will not be disappointed in your results. Keep your thoughts positive, drink plenty of water, get lots of rest and focus on the healing process and before you know it weeks will have flown by.... Continued happy healing
Lucky Lynda, thanks so much for the encouraging words. I think I'm experiencing post-surgery depression too.

Did your swelling increased after the drains were removed?

MM - Day 5 PO I'm still too swollen to see the...

MM - Day 5 PO
I'm still too swollen to see the benefits of the surgery. I'm really trying to be positive, but it's HARD!! Especially, since I worked so hard to lose weight and know I look and feel like, I've found it again. Ok, that's my "Debbie Downer" moment.

The good news is that I'm not in any pain, more discomfort. I'll take my first show this morning, however the thought taking off my bra and binder TERRIFIES me. I know I'm extending my "Debbie Downer" moment...HAPPY POSITIVE THOUGHTS FROM HERE!!!
Stay positive. I have had terrible swelling too! I am so much bigger now that I can barely pull my workout pants over my booty (& I didn't even have work on it). As I'm learning, the swelling is going to plague us for awhile & those with lipo will probably have it worse. If it wasn't for the patient care coordinator at my PS telling me how tiny & awesome my tummy looked when he completed the surgery, I would be very depressed right now. I was very "out of it" the 1st 3 days, so bye the time I walked into the bathroom & looked in the mirror (I had a catheter the first 2 1/2 days) I was so swollen! I understand the depression thing. I am normally so upbeat & on-the-go but now I just sit & watch life go on without me. I feel bad b/c school has started & my family has a lot of activities to attend & most of them I have to forgo.

I know it will get better. Just like what I had to do when I was miserably huge & pregnant with my twins, " take it one day at a time.". Everyday gets a tiny bit better & we are that much closer to our "dream self."
Keep thinking positive! :-) It's hard when you feel like the cards are against you right now... but your time is coming. It will be worth it- it's just time. And maybe if it's nice outside, you could sit in a chair outside and get some sunshine. It always makes me feel better. Happy thoughts!

MM - Day 6 PO Yesterday was my second failed...

MM - Day 6 PO
Yesterday was my second failed attempt to sleep in my bed. Renting the lift recliner was the BEST decision. The chair is so comfortable, I'm actually thinking about extending my rental agreement. Laying flat in the bed KILLS ME!!

Now my 1st real shower was quite comical. I borrowed a shower seat from a girlfriend (after reading how beneficial it was in a review). So I put in the shower then after I removed my compression garments, I thought I would be fine without it. I go to remove the chair while the showers running and the chair gets caught on the shower liner and water was EVERYWHERE. Once all the craziness settled the shower was fine. I was a tad nervous applying soap/water, but I survived. I have my post-op tomorrow they'll remove my stitches then.

I'm still really swollen. So I can't quite see any curves yet...HOPEFULLY there under all this swelling.
Hi there. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm really trying to be be positive, but it's HARD when I'm so swollen and impatient.

What day PO are you?
Thanks for the Happy Thoughts. I hope all is well w/you :)
I love your style. Thanks!! I also love the lift recliner I rented...probably one of the best decisions I made.

MM - 1 Week PO Well I had my 1st PO appt today,...

MM - 1 Week PO
Well I had my 1st PO appt today, for the first phase of my stitches removal (it was quick & painless). Apparently, I had 700 ccs of fat removed and 265 grams of tissue from the TT (not sure I wanted to know this, but I did). I'm moving around pretty good (just SLOWLY). I actually did laundry and did some shopping. Tonight is my 3rd attempt to sleep in the bed...I will CONQUER THIS 2NITE :)
Please post pics and an update, would like to know how recovery went.
Hello there, the 3rd try worked out. Thanks for asking...I'm good now.
how did you go transitioning to your bed??
Dr Michelle Hardaway

I was refereed to my PS and I selected after having 7 PS consults.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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