30 Year Old , Divorced with 2 Kids Trying to Get Back to Me:~) - Detroit, MI

Hello, I'm starting my journey for a flat stomach...

Hello, I'm starting my journey for a flat stomach and new boobs!! I'm new to RS. I live in michigan and I'm looking for a doctor who I can trust and who will give me great results!! I would like to stay around 8,000 .. Not to many people agree with my decision to do this but I'm ok with that . Any advice from you guys would be awesome .. It's really stressful trying to find the right surgeon

My first consultation

I have a consultation with dr gray on Monday, I'm extremely nervous but excited to hear what he has to say.

My Consultation with dr Michael gray!!

I had my consultation with dr gray yesterday and it was amazing I learned some new stuff and I'm certain he understands what I'm looking for and made sure I understood what I could get or what needed to be done to achieve my dream results ! He is very honest and up front . He answered all of my questions . I haven't scheduled yet because I have to get my work schedule figured out .
Dr Michael gray

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