1500 ccs in each cheek very very happy, any glue where to geta good compression garment need help Please Read - Detroit, MI

Hello i am 5'2 ad i weigh 180. all through...

hello i am 5'2 ad i weigh 180. all through high school ad middle school i weighed 130 pounds. as soon as i graduated then met my husband i just got big. And it seems like the fat just won't go away. ever since i was little i never had a butt, just big boobs. i wet in for my consultation at Dr.gregory roche office ad he is charging me 6800. I'm having my surgery June 01, 2012 in 3 weeks ad i am scared out of my mind. its coming around too quick.

What should i get to prepare for this?
The main question how many ccs should i ask him to put in each cheek?
Ladies i need your help.
Thank you so much feel free to commet

They told me to start taking vitamin c 1000mg 30 to 60 days before surgery Its supposed to help your body and iron also Ive also read about arnica montana to help with bruising and bromelain ! Hope this helps !!!
thanks so much that really helps thanks
See @RosaPR review. That should help prepare you

Hello bbl sisters, so i went to the Dr. Roche...

hello bbl sisters, so i went to the Dr. Roche today and i paid the rest of my money off, and it felt so good. Monday and i will have 2 weeks left. i am so scared. Me and my husband moved our day up to June 1st instead of June 2. I know 1 day up. Now ladies i need your help with what to get i'm trying to prepare myself but it's all too much. well anyway, i will put pics on here tonight to show you what i'm working with, warn you ladies it does not look good. Thank you bbl sisters you all are the best

I went to dr.roche today paid off my surgery and...

i went to dr.roche today paid off my surgery and it feels good. 2 more weeks im getting scared. bbl sisters i need help on what to get getting too close

Ladies I'm really stressed. I have 13 more days...

Ladies I'm really stressed. I have 13 more days until my surgery and i don't have a clue on what to put on my list I'm really confused. PLease BBl Sisters help me
i have a list doll on my profile. i hope it helps
someone on here had a list of all the things that you should get to be prepared. I will try to find out who it was and get back to you. Hope I am not too late. But you will be fine regardless, you just gotta remember to woo saaaaaaaa!!
Hi doll. I'm taking a simple CVS daily multivitamin, 325 mg iron pill daily, and I bought some herbal pills to help with bruising and swelling. These are arnica Montana tablets 30 X and Bromelain tablets 500 mg. Since my surgery is less than a week away I started taking the herbal stuff to get me body ready for the trauma. You should starts the vitamins right away though :)

BBL SISTERS I have 9 more days and I'm not even...

BBL SISTERS I have 9 more days and I'm not even prepared I'm just thinking what if. I'm also excited for the new me. Later tonight i will post some before pics so you can see the difference. Thank you all so much if you have any tips, advice, things to get please let me know. Also in my case everybody know that I'm getting this it's feel so weird. lol
Hi. I went for consult with your doc a few years back. I didnt feel secure about the office or his work. He should have given you the information you need in regards to vitamins pre and post care

Hello BBl Sisters yes i have 4 more days until...

Hello BBl Sisters yes i have 4 more days until surgery and i am very excited now. I went to put my prescriptions in a couple of days ago. Taking my vitamins, now im trying to find a message therapist. My surgeon said it's not really needed, but husband said he want it anyway. Now what type of message therapist do i look up. I don't think it's a regular therapist is it. Please ladies please keep me informed. Thank You and Happy Memorial Day
good luck my sx is the same day
I wish you the best I am nervous too my sx is may 31!!!But im ready to do it and get the butt that I always wanted..good luck
Happy Memorial Day atlast22! I know you are excited and I'm excited for you! If you are going to look up a massage therapist they need to know how to do lymphatic drainage messages. These will help the extracellular fluid to be pushed into the lymphatic system and drained out of your body. Also, they should held to break up scar tissue forming in lipo'd areas so you can have smoother results in your skin.

Hi bbl sisters,I'm sorry it took so long for an...

hi bbl sisters,I'm sorry it took so long for an update. i had my surgery on Friday and my butt is in so much pain. i can't type for long too much medication in my system right now. man laying on the stomach is no joke. Dr. Gregory Roche did a wonderful job. he told me after my surgery her put 1500 cc in each cheek and that's not including my hips he put fat in my hips. I'm really happy. later i take my garment off to take a shower and to wash it. i will try to take pics if m feeling good. hey ladies what can i put underneath my garment for my stomach for the Liposuction areas to smooth it out or make it better.thank you bbl sisters

Hey bbl sisters my garment they gave me is not all...

hey bbl sisters my garment they gave me is not all that good. it seems like its not lifting my butt. do you have any suggestions where to buy a good compression garment. thanks
homegirl straight up disappeared lol
Hi do u have pics?
Wishing you a speedy recovery atlas22. Wow 1500cc thats nice. I would like to get that much, my surgery is in Aug. Thanks for sharing.

@ ass like Serena thnks for putting everything I will need!!!
Dr. Gregory Roche

i haven't got my surgery yet so i can't really say yet.3 more weeks

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