Not Sure if Lipo is Worth the Cost for the Minimal Results

Lipo, labiaplasty and best lift

I had 3 surgeries done at once on May 6.....a breast lift, liposuction in my flanks and back and labiaplasty to correct what I thought were large labia lips. I have a boyfriend 15 years my junior. I'm 45 and I must admit that I'm feeling the age thing and terrified of the changes in my body. I have been since i turned 40. I have always dated younger men and I feel like my heart and mind are still in their young 30s. So I just decided I wanted an overhaul.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend says he liked everything the way it was before. Saggy boobs and all. he doesn't complain about the way I look now except for the fact that he thinks my boobs completely shrunk after the breast lift and asked if I would consider an augmentation. I must admit that they do look smaller. My PS told me that nearly 50 percent of his patients come back for a breast augmentation after the lift because they feel the same way although there actually is no decrease in volume. It's an illusion because of the skin that gets taken off with the lift. Anyway, this post is supposed to be more about the liposuction. I have always carried my weight in my waist and fortunately it actually makes me not look as heavy as I am because its distributed more evenly. However, I just got tired of having a fat waist and fat back. So I had my back and flanks done. It looked great at first but it feels like after 3 months that I'm looking almost the same as I did. It still feels like when I put on any weight it goes to that part of my body. I was kind of hoping it would go to my butt or even my legs or my boobs. But it seems to constantly want to connect into my stomach and waist. I thought lipo was supposed to remove the fat cells enough that the fat concentration will move elsewhere. I still weigh the same and I know that I will never be constant dieter. I love my food and I don't consider myself fat but if I have to constantly watch everything I eat in order to have a waist, then what did I pay $4200 for. don't get me wrong. I do see a small difference, just not what I would feel would be worth the cost.

The pain was pretty excruciating with the bruising and the numbness. But after 3 months I can say that that is completely gone. My biggest suggestion to all people who are thinking about lipo is to wear the compression garments for as long as possible. They really make you feel safe and snug. The only thing I didn't like about it was I always felt that I wanted to push my stomach out against it and it made my stomach muscles lazy. I would also not suggest anyone try to do Bible without pain medication. Unless you're crazy. Its no joke. The breast lift with a piece of cake to me compared to the lipo. The labia plasty was a pain in the butt because of the itching and stuff moving back and forth in that area when I walk. But the liposuction with by far the most pain. My doctor says that I'm still experiencing swelling and will not the final results for another 3 months or so but I don't think I'm going to get much better results than what I'm seeing now. I really need a tummy tuck but I'm terrified of that scar. I'm going to wait to see what my scars look like in a year from the breast lift to see if it would be worth it to do a tummy tuck.

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I seriously think a tummy tuck would help my situation but i have got to slow down on the surgeries. I'm asking for trouble.
I agree with your review on Dr. E. definitely a fast talker. I took offense to it at first but post op I really appreciated having chose him.
You look great! Thanks for sharing. I wish lipo would solve my cellulite problems!!!
I totally agree about the cellulite. My PS told me that a TT would minimize this on me greatly, but I just don't know if it's worth the scar trade off. Saw a girl in at the beach this past weekend who had a TT that went all the way around part of her back. Must have been a while ago because the scar was thin white, but I still saw it when she laid down. And although her tummy was tight, she looked prego. It's like she gained weight and it just stuck out like a baby would at 6 months.

Swelling gone

I totally notice a difference in my waist now. The swelling really does come and go for the first few months. The only problem I have is that I can't look past my saggy skin on my tummy and my huge belly button. I will be having a TT in a year when I see how my breast lift scars heal.
I had lipo on my trunk area as well and feel exactly the same as you. I am now 7 months post op and I feel as though I look about the same as before. I think I've gained a few pounds back and they have still gone to my waist! I've read the weight can still go to the layer of fat that is closest to your skin (not the underlying cells that were removed). Well, that doesn't help me at all! Like you said, I wanted the fat to go somewhere else! It's really discouraging.
I heard that too, and I can see that is what is happening to me since I've gained a few pounds. The benefit of the lipo I guess, is that whereas before the procedure I could never get rid of that thickness in my waist no matter how hard I exercised or if I lost weight, now, if I keep up my exercise and don't gain the extra weight, my waist looks sculpted. I know that lipo is not a cure for being overweight, so I just need to keep it together. Been hard with my BF home from offshore. He always wants to go grandiose in meals and partying when he comes in because he spends a couple of months being stuck on a barge in the middle of the Gulf and can't do anything fun. So, consequently, my already weak resolve goes out the window. When he goes back offshore I get my routine back and regain my resolve. LOL. I'm not taking any pictures of my waist to post for a few weeks.
I'm so glad to read your most recent update! I'm exactly 7 weeks post lipo of abdomen, hips, and waist. I, so far, am pretty unhappy with my results. I can't tell if I'm still swollen or not, even though my PS says I am. Everyone says 80% of the swelling is gone by 6 weeks and if that is the case then I definitely did NOT get what I paid for. However, your post is giving me hope! Thanks again and I agree, you look great!

Wow. The fat transfer from the lipo is a pain

Let me emphasize how important it is to keep your body in shape after lipo. I have let a month of not eating right and not exercising regularly take it's toll. My waist is bloated and my arms and legs are showing the added weight now whereas it used to go to my back and torso the most. I posted a picture to show. Shame on me. I don't know if I'm gonna go for the tummy tuck because I know I'm not going to always be on my best behavior with my weight. God only knows what my ass, arms and legs will look like if I take away the ability for weight gain to go in my tummy. Ugh. I am so pissed at myself. Been doing my workouts regularly for 2 weeks now, but the eating and drinking has taken it's toll.
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