Silicone Breast Augmentation Through Axillary Incision - Destin, FL

I always felt a little insecure about my breast...

I always felt a little insecure about my breast size, specially since I am on the thin but curvy side.

After a needed separation from my Ex, I finally found the energy to focus just on myself.

I do believe that the surgery will give me more confidence in my future live and make me less self conscious.

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I chose silicone implants due to the more natural...

I chose silicone implants due to the more natural feel and less chance of rippling. Not sure yet about the style (high/low profile) but definitely under the muscle. Surgery date as either February or March 2013.

Since I am from Canada, the initial consultations with the Plastic Surgery Center are all done via email.

I'll be taking front and profile pictures tonight Taft I'll have to send in but will also post them here for a better before and after comparison


I have silicone ,304 cc's. Very pleased with the natural looking results(see pictures) Good luck on your journey.
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Hello maple! Thanks for sharing your story. When is the surgery scheduled? Have you decided on saline or silicone? what size? Look forward to seeing the post op piks soon:-)
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Silicone for sure, not exactly sure what style. Will depend on Dr. Ennis recommendations. I did a trial with 280cc - 300cc (see second picture) and I don't see myself going any bigger than that. I am planning the surgery for end of February or March 2013.

Just added some pre op pictures today. I have...

Just added some pre op pictures today.

I have been communicating with Lisa (Dr. Ennis nurse). She is a real blast and helped me a lot with a few of my concerns. I am somewhat anal about the angle my nipples point post up but she assured me that with me anatomy they will still look/point the same way. For some reason I have the fear of them pointing downwards after my upgrade.

Got all the money for my surgery saved, just need to save the rest to cover the trip (and additional ~2000$)


Hey Maplegirl! My surgery is hopefully going to be the same time as yours I think! I'm doing silicone as well and my Dr suggested 340cc and I loved the way they looked during the sizing. You have nice breasts to begin with I think can't wait to see the results!
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I learned about Dr. Ennis through a fellow co worker. His girlfriend had her surgery done through him and my friend did most of the research and planning for her. I contacted Destin Plastic Surgery Center and I have been very happy with their communication so far.

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