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Like almost all of you I have hated my nose ever...

Like almost all of you I have hated my nose ever since middle school. I was always made fun of and called names throughout middle school/high school. I feel like a fairly confident person but my nose is always in my mind, wondering if people are staring, etc. So I have finally scheduled my appointment! My consult is the 28th and procedure November 4th. I love Real Self and have been looking at everyone's reviews for a while. I'm glad to be a part of the family now!

Pre op consult in 5 days!

Okay so I'm starting to get more nervous. I have my consultation on Monday and I guess reality is setting in. I don't want to be super bruised afterwards so I'm worried. I also don't know how painful recovery will actually be. On a good note I am excited to see what the simulated before/after picture will be. Waiting is the hardest part at this point!

3 days away!

The final stretch is here. My surgery is Monday and I'm so nervous. I keep researching how people feel psychologically after getting this done. I know it's a big change and you have to get used to seeing yourself differently. I can't believe the time is finally here for me. I bought Arnica and Bromelain. I still need ice packs to help with the swelling. Other than that I think I'm good to go!

Two days and super nervous.

I am so nervous! I don't know what it is but reality is setting in. I am scared to look in the mirror and see a stranger or just not be happy with my results.

More before pics

Recovery time

Well I'm all done with surgery. Dr Burden was ready very early so I believe I headed into the OR at around 7AM. Before surgery was fine. The nurses were amazing and helpful as well as comforting. Dr Burden came in, drew on my nose and gave me reassurance. I don't remember anything from surgery of course . Waking up was painful! I wanted to throw up and my face hurt pretty bad. The nurse hooked me up with some medicine for my nausea. The car ride home was kinda rough. I was out of it and grumpy. Got home, drank a smoothie and my painkillers and I feel just fine now! If you're about to have surgery please get a neck pillow! This is the best thing. Anyway I'll add a photo. I look rough! I've been icing once an hour for twenty minutes so I hope that'll help. Thanks for your support!

Day Three and so swollen!

Here I am at the dreaded day three. Yesterday I was on my feet a lot. The pain is very manageable I just feel a lot of pressure in my face. Sleeping is very uncomfortable but I can't complain too much. My lips are very chapped and mouth is dry so thank god for Chapstick.

Day Four headaches??

It's day four of recovery for me and my head hurts!! Is this normal? Did anyone else have headaches during recovery? Thanks :)

Day four afternoon

Feeling better now than this morning. My head was pounding for an hour or so today. I drank some water and took Tylenol and felt better. I went out to Walmart with my hood on like a champ! People looked but I honestly don't mind that. I care more about my feelings and how I'm going to view myself during my reveal on Monday! I am so nervous. I can't tell how it looks at all.... I wonder.. Now I play the waiting game.

Cast off!!

I got my cast off and I am overwhelmed!!! Here are the pics!

One more pic for now

Day 11! Healing.

Hey all! Well I'm just healing away. I still have small bruises under each eye but I'm hoping they go away soon. I've been busy preparing for my move to Colorado next week! So exciting. Anyway I am very happy with my results so far even though I am still pretty swollen. This was totally worth it! I was so worried before hand and while I was covering. I was just paranoid I wouldn't like it. I've read a lot of horror stories! But trust me this is amazing! It's awesome not worrying about what people think when they see my profile now! Love it!

Two weeks post up and so happy!

I had my two week post op today and saw before and after comparisons! Wow is all I can say! I am amazed! Dr Burden I'm healing fine. I do have bumps on my bridge that aren't visible but you can certainly feel them. He said they're completely normal and part of the process. He said my tip is a little high now because he over corrects it and with time and healing it sets lower and looks perfect. He is amazing! I am so happy y'all! This is totally worth it and I recommend it to any of you who have doings!!!


Well I'm all settled in Colorado! A lot of swelling has gone down. My nose still feels a little weird and I can still feel bumps but nothing is visible. I am soooo happy! Thanks for your support!

3 months after

Some pics! I feel good. I still feel a few bumps in my nose :/ any one else feeling them?

5 months and counting!

Everything is coming along as it should I hope! I still feel bumps but none visible. Let me know if anyone has any questions!
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You look great! Your nose looks so pretty and at the same time natural. When do you feel like most of the swelling went down?
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This is a happy story;) You are gorgeous!
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That is actually something I've never heard of, yet sounds like a good idea, to over project - I've heard way too many stories from way too many people on here whom, in the beginning had a tiny slope, or their tip was only slightly upturned, and within 6-9 months, had to go in for a revision because their old hump started to come back, or the tip started to droop... PLEASE let me know how you're coming along!!! Your doctor sounds very smart, and you look lovely, dear :)
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Also, I love your tattoos! And are you in the military? The shirt you were wearing on the 11th after your cast removal looks like a uniform undershirt :)
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Also, not over project, I meant over correct (the tip)
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Yes!!! I'm in the military! And yes I'm coming along just fine:) I still feel bumps in my nose but they aren't visible... I see better progress monthly. I will post a couple new pics!
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Well, thank you for your service! And thanks for the update! You look amazing ^_^
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Your nose is so pretty & tiny I'm so jealous !
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As long as you are not *seeing* the bumps, all is well for now. It is not uncommon to feel where osteotomies were made and surgeons (in my experience) generally seem to feel that if you can't see it, it really is not an issue. You look really great :)
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Awesome looking! Your so pretty!
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my surgery is tomorrow! I have my neck pillow for the 1 1/2 hour ride home :) Praying for beautiful result! Please keep me in your prayers! how was your move & life with the new nose?!
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Oh yes! I am sooo happy for you. The first week will be emotional and a little uncomfortable. Not a lot of pain though. I'm sure you're ready! And yes I am absolutely happy I can't wait to share this happiness with you!
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ty! my doc doubled my Cymbalta for 2 weeks hopefully that will help with the emotional part! I hope I have good news & pictures tomorrow !!!
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You look great - although you were beautiful before, I know THIS is the you that you had always wanted. I'm so happy for you
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Looking great! Congrats. Keep us posted as you heal.
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omg! you are devastatingly beautiful! I am so happy for you I could cry! just gorgeous!! I am going in two and a half weeks for mine I pray it comes out as beautiful as yours! you are Blessed!!
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Wow! You look great!
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OMGGGG your result is beyond amazing! congratulations!
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Omg.... You're results are amazing! You look great! Thought the bruising would be gone by now. Congrats!
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wow ditto what Lynn23 just said, beautiful before and extremely beautiful after, you look gorgeous! happy healing!
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Wow your results are amazing. I absolutely love your profile, you must be so happy!
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Looks amazing!!! Has the last week been the week from hell... discomfort, emotional? My surgery is in two weeks!
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yes, tell us, how have you managed? Kinnie my surgery is hopefully Dec 5 omg!
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Honestly it hasn't been THAT bad. The pain when I first woke up from surgery was the worst and I felt sick. But after that it wasn't bad. I only took pain killers for 2 days. It looks way worse than it feels! I still went out to grocery stores and everything though lol! The worst thing is sleeping elevated is super uncomfortable :( laughing and yawning feel kinda weird but it's all good! Can't wait to see your progress!
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ty for your support! your details are charming, I can picture you yawning and then wrinkling your face like oh wow that yawn felt funny lol. you certainly achieved a miraculous result! im.sooo happy for you!
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