Tummy Tuck with lipo of Flanks, Hips & Inner Thighs - Destin, FL May 3, 2012

I am a 41yo Military Spouse & mother to 5...

I am a 41yo Military Spouse & mother to 5 wonderful children, ages 7, 12, 15, 21 & 22. I am also a grandmother to 2 fabulous little boys. I have been a yo yo dieter for about 15 years, with pregnancy in-between trying to lose weight. All of my children have been over 9lbs, with my 15 year old being 12lbs 6oz "OUCH" He was totally natural, no c-section here. After that birth, my daughter was a c-section just for fear of her being to large, 10lbs 4oz.... Piece of cake !! haha Between large babies, multiple deployments, worrying about my husbands safety, and moving all over the United States, I have never been able to lose all the weight I wanted too. I am 5'7 180lbs. So, in 2005, after a full year of researching for hours a day, I decided to have a BA, and lipo of my thighs in Tijuana, Mexico. LOVE LOVE LOVE my BA results.... Didn't see any results from the Lipo. Cost for the whole thing $6,000 In 2011, while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months, I decided to have lipo of my arms and chin. Cost $2500.00 Everything you read about gaining the fat in other areas of your body after Lipo is TRUE !!! After my 2005 lipo, I slowly started gaining weight in my upper arms, it was so strange how it just picked my arms. They were so ugly and people actually started commenting on how big my arms were. I will post photos of all my before, and afters soon. My Doctor I chose to do my arm and chin lipo was absolutely incredible, I have NEVER met a more caring doctor and staff, I was so disappointed we were moving and couldn't have her do my TT. If anyone is in the Raleigh NC area, please let me know if you would like her name. So, now we are in Florida, and my loving husband told me to start looking for a doctor so I could FINALLY get the TT I've dreamed about for so many years. Oh, and he is actually deployed until June right now, so he won't be here for my surgery. :( My search here in Florida for a PS was super easy. It didn't take long to find a "highly skilled" well known doctor in this area. I'm not scared or nervous at all, I think after years of wanting this, and reading anything and everything about the procedure, I'm mentally and physically ready for this change. My consultation with Dr. Ennis was good. I have to admit I felt a little intimidated by the office and other patients. The staff was of course very friendly and helpful, but sitting in a waiting room with woman the size of toothpicks that looked like playboy models was a bit uncomfortable. I had to keep telling myself that my money was just as good as theirs. After meeting with Dr. Ennis, I totally felt at ease with everything, (not as great as my PS in Raleigh though) I have already started to stock up on the supplies I will need for recovery, I have a friend lined up to stay with me for 3 days after the surgery, and my vitamin routine recommended my friends that have already had TT has begun. I exercise 6 days a week for at least an hour,and have been concentrating on my abs, to help with recovery. Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment, and May 3rd is the BIG DAY !!! We have a 7 day DISNEY trip planned for June 24th, so this girl has to be ready to play by then... More updates soon.......

Okay, just got back from my pre-op appointment. If...

Okay, just got back from my pre-op appointment. If I don't write all this down now, I will forget all the stuff I wanted to say !! :)

Obviously they walked me though the procedure, I was first told of all the meds I would be taking and received the prescriptions.
Percocet - for pain
Scopalamine Patch - for nausea. I put this on the night before surgery.
Lovenox - this is 4 injections for blood clots, they give the first after surgery, and I do the other 3 at home.

Surgery will take about 5 hours. I will have drains for 7-10 days. I was offered a pain pump if I wanted, it's an extra $500.00, but I am totally going to get it.

2 Garments, the whole body garment for my Lipo, and the waist binder for my TT.

I asked about the Lipo areas, and what was considered the "hips". I was told, from the bra line down to the thigh is considered the flank/hip area. He is also going to lipo my inner and outer thighs, as well as my pubis if needed. Garments are to be worn for 4 weeks 22/7, then slowly wean off of them.
I was told I have to shower in the Lipo garment and to blow dry it after for the first week. She explained, I would not be able to get it back on if I took it off.

I asked about walking, and she said I could get on the treadmill as soon as I felt up to it, no more than 2.5mph and as far as I wanted to walk. She just said to listen to my body. She also said this was not an excuse to go to bed, she said the move you move around, the faster you will heal and recover. Slow and steady....

I am 100% super excited now !! I was a little worried when she asked if I had help, and I told her only for 4 days. She didn't think that was long enough, but GOD I hope it is.

The best part was when I asked about revisions. I was told, if I was not happy or had a lump or bump somewhere, that they would take care of it at NO CHARGE !!!
If it was something I did to cause the bad area, like if I was a smoker and the wound broke open and caused some ugly scar. Then it would only be the anesthesiologist fee I would have to pay for the revision. Totally impressed... 12 days to go !!!!

8 Days to go..... I have all my supplies...

8 Days to go..... I have all my supplies purchased, my prescriptions ready and I've started stocking up on groceries. Starting to get a little nervous. I guess it's typical to feel this way and I know it will get better. Hurry up and get here May 3rd.

4 days to go !!!! It's Sunday and I have been a...

4 days to go !!!! It's Sunday and I have been a CLEANING FOOL !!!! Washing everything in the house. Making sure my 7 year old son has clothes all ready for a couple of weeks. I just put each outfit, shorts, shirt, undies and socks in a large ziplock bag, with the day of the week on it. This will be so easy for him just to go get his clothes for that day and get himself dressed for school. We also do this for all the kids, when we go on vacation. It just works out so well.
I'm can feel the nervousness kicking in, even regret at times, like I should back out and not do it. I talk myself out of that stupid idea right away !!!
I had a dream last night that my pain pump wasn't ordered and I had to go find it. After running around trying to find it, I realized I had missed my surgery time. I guess I will have lots more of those dreams before this is over.
Well, back to cleaning......

May 1st..... Whoo Hooo, it's MAY !!!!!! So...

May 1st..... Whoo Hooo, it's MAY !!!!!!

So yesterday my PS calls and says they don't have my blood work yet. WHAT !!! I swear the military sucks when it comes to taking care of things in a timely manner. I called yesterday and of course they said they would fax it right away, but NOOOOO !!!
So, today, I will be calling every hour until they fax my damn blood work, this is ridiculous. I have 2 days till surgery and I will not have this hold me up. If you see my name on the national news for shooting up the Lab on Eglin, AFB, you will know they didn't get my blood work to my PS in time. HAHA J/K

The house is clean, clothes are washed, both vehicles are filled with gas. I feel ready...

It's still May 1st... HAHA Blood work was A...

It's still May 1st... HAHA Blood work was A okay !!! It's official ~ I AM READY !!!

May 2nd... ONE MORE DAY TO GO !!! Couldn't sleep...

May 2nd... ONE MORE DAY TO GO !!!
Couldn't sleep last night, nerves are FINALLY kicking in.

I posted this in the TT forum, but it says it will...

I posted this in the TT forum, but it says it will take till tomorrow to post, so I will ask my question here and see if anyone see's it.

The truck I am coming home in is a jump for me to get into, not high up, just not a sit down and go kinda truck. What did others do to get in and out of their vehicles? Was it hard? Should I being a step stool? Any stories or suggestions would be GREAT !!!

It's over I did it. I can't tell you it was...

It's over I did it. I can't tell you it was easy, I am in excruciating pain. I have a pain pump and eating my Percocet like candy, but nothing is touching this pain. PS said I had a 4 inch gap in my muscles that he closed up, and he lipo'd 6 liters of fat out. About 12 lbs. i can barely get out of the recliner to go pee.
I was 100% ready for this and the pain, but not this kind of pain.
So this is 1 day post op. ugh !!!

I'm still alive and feeling a tad bit better. ...

I'm still alive and feeling a tad bit better. Today is day 4 and although I do feel a little better, I can't say I am getting around like normal. To walk to the bathroom and back to the recliner is everything I've got. I'm gasping for breath and can't wait to sit back down. PS changed my pain medication to Demoral from Percocet, I just was not getting any relief. I can't tell you anything good or bad about the pain pump, because I would have sworn it wasn't working this whole time. My abs are so sore, it doesn't feel like any pain medication is dripping on them. My drains are doing well, and everything looks great. I did step on the scale, 5lbs more than before surgery. That doesn't bother me to much, I know I am super swollen. I'm not allowed to talk off the long garment so I haven't really seen how my lipo sites look yet. The funny part is, I thought I would look at this new tummy and just be crazy in love with it, but I find myself just wishing for the pain to go away, then I can enjoy what was done. Pain pump comes out tomorrow, drains on Friday.
I don't know what else to tell you all..... I guess feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

5 days PO and I was just not good all day, the PS...

5 days PO and I was just not good all day, the PS called and told me to walk to the mailbox today, I did get up quiet a bit, but my back is just plan killing me. I seemed to keep a mild headache all day with nauseua occasionally. No matter what I took, I just couldn't get rid of those symptoms. About 8 pm I just started losing it, I felt like the world was caving in, my breathing got faster and I started feeling like I was going to vomit. By 9pm I was flat out scared to death, my friend called 911 and they whisked me off to the ER.
Test were fine, other than I was extremly enimic. They gave me some pain meds and sleeping meds. Called it a panic attack. Who knows why I had it, but it does get to you laying in the chair for days not feeling 100%.
I'm headed to see my ps this morning so we shall see what he says. Ugh! Now on day 6.

I really wish this forum was more organized and we...

I really wish this forum was more organized and we can just post and chat with each other, it so confusing who is writing who. Its been an awful day, so depressed and teary. I wish i had a friend to talk too. My husband is deployed and i miss him so much. I feel like i can't take care of my kids and it been 6 days. I totally should have waited to do this.

7 days today. I dont have any pain from my TT...

7 days today. I dont have any pain from my TT at all, but the pain in my back is unreal. I cant even explain how much it hurts. It totally disappointing to feel fine other than a backache that keeps me sitting in the recliner. Drains are still in, but giving out very little, im sure i will have them taken out on Monday. I've lost 10 lbs since sugery but still only a couple pounds under pre surgery weight. My PS gave me some meds for my back thinking it was a nerve issue, but they have done nothing. I took things into my own hands this morning and took a fexeral. I'm hoping this helps a little. Anyone else have back pain from their lipo? What did you do?

8 Days !!! Feeling 100% better today, I still...

8 Days !!! Feeling 100% better today, I still miss my man, but now that my body is able to move around more, I seem to be able to keep my feelings in check. The messy house is starting to get to me though, I really need a MAID !!! I have 2 teenagers still at home, but do you think they could pick up for me. hahahahahahaha

My drains are almost completely empty all the time now, hoping they will come out first of next week.

Advice for others: Listen to everyone when they say it gets better. Baby Steps..... This is the toughest thing I have ever been through. EVER !!!!

New Pics up today !!!

9 Days PO today.... THIS IS MY TURN AROUND DAY...

9 Days PO today.... THIS IS MY TURN AROUND DAY !!! I feel great !!! Still have drains till Monday, but I am walking much better with no back ache, took my first shower by myself, AND shaved my legs. I KNOW RIGHT !!! My tummy does not hurt at all, actually nothing really hurts. I can get up and down fine and even drove and picked up chemicals for our pool. I took some photos, and although the bruising looks bad, I don't feel it at all.

WHOO HOO !!!! I'm ready to get this healing started ...

11 Days today !!! I still can't believe I'm...

11 Days today !!! I still can't believe I'm actually looking at MY BELLY !!! It's amazing, totally amazing. On my way this morning to have my drains removed, it sucked having them "hanging around" for so long, but the are not putting out any fluid, which makes me happy. Things are healing well I guess.

Things I wish I would have known before Surgery:
I bought WAY to much stuff prepping for this surgery, Most of the things I bought I haven't even used at all.
I didn't need the grab arm, I have found that I can squat and pick up anything off the floor.
Arnica Cream was never used because I am so wrapped up in this garment that it was to much of a pain in the ass to try to use that cream. Bruises are just about gone now.
Chucks pads never got used. I never leaked fluid at all.

What I'm glad I had and am still using. RECLINER !!!! I'm still sitting and sleeping in my recliner. I know some ladies opted for the lift chair, but I found it a little hard to get up the first 2 days, but after that, no issues at all.
I have a table with a basket full of my MORE needed items right next to me. That was a great help.
A small trash can ( I used a paper bag) for garbage. It was nice to have something close by for trash.
A small pillow for behind my back, after about 3 days in this recliner, my back was KILLING me. This pillow helps so much.
yoga pants came in so handy for easy ups and downs at the toilet.
shower chair is a MUST. 11 days and I still can't stand for long periods of time. I love getting in the shower and sitting under the warm water, it feels so nice. I wish I would have had a hand held shower head for rinsing, I used a cup. It works fine.
Flushable wipes. it is so much eaiser to wipe when it hurts to bend over. Plus, you just feel cleaner afterwards.

I'm sure I am forgetting things, but I will update more later. LOVING this so far..

Drains came out today, no pain at all with that. ...

Drains came out today, no pain at all with that. Approved to wear spanx instead of my garment, but still have to wear the binder all the times. She packed my BB full of gauze while it heals. Next week is silicone strips for scar.

18 Days PO today. Still feeling great, but my...

18 Days PO today.
Still feeling great, but my poor body is moving S LO W !!!
I went to the grocery store yesterday for the first time since my surgery. I dragged my 15 year old son with me, so he could lift the heavy stuff. I think it went well, I was a little tired when I got back, but all and all, I think I did okay.
I did develop a little infection in one of the Lipo incision sites, right under my left butt cheek. I think it's just in a bad place and rubs in my garment. It hurts to sit down. I sent a picture of the sore to my most awesome nurse Lisa and she called me in some antibiotics for a few days. I just love being able to communicate with the PS office without being put on hold or being told someone will call you back. Isn't technology awesome !!!
I am still sleeping in the recliner. I think I am going to try the bed again tonight. We shall see.
Lipo areas are still SUPER SORE, leaving me walking funny most of the time. I have been dry brushing my body everyday to try to help with circulation and massaging the lipo sites about 2 times a day. PS starts recommending professional massage at about 4 weeks. UGH, I better start saving my pennies, I bet that is going to get expensive.
I added a few more photos.

20 Days PO today Went for my 3 week check up...

20 Days PO today

Went for my 3 week check up today. My super nurse Lisa took out a few stitches that didn't want to dissolve. I was told to start massaging my scar, and to apply silicone strips for 12 hours a day. The doctor thought I might have a fluid build up, so he inserted a needle to drain it, but nothing was there, just swelling he said. I can start walking on the treadmill, and stretching out the lipo sites. 3 more weeks in my garment and binder. I don't go back for another 4 weeks. OH, and I need to go have a nice deep muscle massage as soon as I would like. Ahhhhhhhh, I can't wait !!!

Day 21 Just adding a picture of the silicone...

Day 21

Just adding a picture of the silicone strips the doctors office sold me. I want to let you all know that HAD I known I could have bought the VERY SAME strips on the companies website for $20.00 less, I would not have paid $60.00 at my PS office. Lesson Learned !!!

4 week update. I'm feeling more and more like...

4 week update.

I'm feeling more and more like myself now. I'm still slow at moving around, and bending over, but all and all, I feel good. I am still swollen in the hip area from my lipo. I went for a deep tissue massage of only the lipo areas today, and man did it feel sooooo good. No pain at all. I plan on doing that weekly for a couple of months.

4 weeks I can tell my updates are becoming far...

4 weeks

I can tell my updates are becoming far apart, this is because I am feeling much better. I think I am at the point of just waiting and watching now. I'm not 100% yet, but I do feel human again. I will update again at 6 weeks PO.
Lawrence Scott Ennis, MD

I do want to say that i have had the best all around care by Dr. Ennis and his staff. Lisa, my nurse makes herself available 24/7 through text, phone or email. I text her for everything, and she checks on me all the time. That kind of care is so unheard of these days. Dr. Ennis is unbelievably talented ! My incision is so low and small, my belly button is a work of art, and I become more amazed everyday. I would drive a million miles to have Dr. Ennis work on me. I'm totally impressed with everything so far.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Where did you buy your binder? You look great
  • Reply
You look amazing!!
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@freefall, i saw your new pic, you look wonderful !
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You look great--congrats on getting through the surgery. :)
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wow you look great!!. I can not wait to look that good(still very very swollen I still can not even wear regular clothes LOL)
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Well I'm glad it gets better, I'm 4 days PO from TT/Lipo and I still feel like I got beat with a 2x4. Follow up tomorrow but I'm sure my drain is staying in. I can't believe I finally did it!
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Sorry Amy I meant to say free fall wife. I guess I looked at the name of the last person posting thinking you were free fall lol ;)
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Hi Nena~I think you have me confused. I didnt post any photos of me and I never had Lipo? I weigh 130lbs...I havent gained or lost any weight since the TT. I just started to power-walk this week (4 weeks post-op)...I hope I was helpful to you! Amy from PGH
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Hi Amy. I read your review. I wanted to ask you. Did you exercise your arms (maybe weight training) after that firs lipo you had years ago. I'm having tummy tuck and lipo of waist in July and thats one of my worries, my arms and my chin, they seem to get chubby right away when I gain weight. You are looking great by the way. We are about the same height. How much you weigh now after the tummy tuck. Thank you for posting so much useful info :) Happy healing to you
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Hi nena6
I did gain a TON of weight in my arms after my first lipo back in 05. I did my arms and chin/neck last year, and man, I'm glad I did. I love it...
My PS did lots of lipo this time and boy it looks so good. I do have a few spots that are uneven, but I think I'm the only one that can really see it. My ps does revisions after a few months, so I will make sure to show him my spots I want fixed.
I'm totally impressed with my weight change, as well as my body change. I went from 185 pre surgery to 172 now. I'm still eating really well, so I hope to drop another 10lbs. I HOPE !!! haha Keep in touch and let me know how your lipo goes. Good Luck !!
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You look great and you don't look like you weigh 172. I guess tt and lipo remodels your figure and that's what I'm looking for. I weigh about 160 but have totally square like a refrigerator lol. I hope I get some kind of shape or figure after this. And I worry about gaining weight on my arms and neck because I have a tendency on gaining weight in this areas but if I do those areas will be next ;)
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Amy, I am praying for you , too!
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Hi Ima Summer Girl~I'm a Summer girl too! 3 things we have in common:) PRAYER is 1st! God will never let us down:)......How are you feeling? Amy
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Hi Free Fall~TY:) ...Yes you are correct~I'm just afraid to document because I think I may be involved in a law-suit. I will know today. As you can read from the beginning, I had doubts about my PS from the start. I should have listened to my "gut" but went through with it anyways:( lesson learned...I do have a Seroma~I dont know if it needs drained or not. I was told that no other Surgeon will touch me because they will all refer me back to the operating surgeon. Clearly, I'm not returning to him. I'm waiting to hear my next step here~TY for praying for me. Amy
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Hi There~Thanks for the comment. Thinking back, I probably should have gone to the ER too for pain. It was totally uncontrolled for the 1st 10 days I would say. Looking back, I dont know how I survived? I'm 4 weeks out now and I feel a lot better but I still need to take my Percocet in the Evening time. Around Supper, My Belly gets really sore. I guess from being up and about, back to "normal"? Plus I have a Seroma~I dont know if that causes more pain? I'm not returning back to my PS...Bad Bad Bad experience~I dont want to leave details on this website...Do you still "hurt" at the end of the day? TY:) Amy
  • Reply
Oh Amy ! I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with your PS. I am just a few days shy of 4 weeks PO. I still get very sore after sitting for a long period of time, and I can tell I get tired very easily. I still can't sleep in my own bed yet.
I do still have a little pain around my upper abs, I tell myself that it must just be the healing process. I'm not taking anything for the pain anymore, although it would probably help I guess. I see you don't want to talk about your bad experience, but this is exactly where you should talk about it. By telling your story, you give others the information they need to make a solid decision. I know when I was looking for a PS here in the area, I read anything and everything about his work. If just one person would have said they had a bad experience, and I felt the PS was at fault, I would have made a different choice. I hope you get to feeling better. Can you go see another PS in your area, just for a check up? Just to make sure you are healing correctly?
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Hi Amy.
The Demoral was much better at controlling the pain, although i felt like nothing ever really totally took the pain away. It was so frustrating to hurt so bad with no total relief. When i went to the ER for my panic attack, they gave me Dilaudid through an IV. It scared the crap out of me when it went it, it made my whole body feel hot and numb. I think that dose helped my pain more then the others, but it didnt last long. Not sure i could handle the side effects of taking Dilaudid every few hours. I finally had to just help myself with some muscle relaxers my husband had. Those were my magic pill to sucess. They helped my back pain so much. I have never in my life had pain like i had with this surgery, i will never again say i have a high tolorance to pain. I will have more PS in the future, but I'm so glad this surgery is in the healing stage. How are you feeling?
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FreeFall~I "related" to your pain description. Can you comment on the Demoral? I too ate Percocet and Vicodin like candy. If I do decide to get more PS done, I'm obviously switching Surgeons. I want to ask on my Pre-op what the strongest Narcotic they prescribe.....Thoughts? TY! Amy
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looking good!
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You really do look amazing! I am so encouraged. My husband was also more concerned about the skill of the ps rather than the final cost, so we went with someone more expensive but very highly recommended. It will be well worth it for us!!!
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Thank You, It becomes more amazing everyday. I will add more pictures soon.. I am loving wearing all the clothes that have been sitting in my closet for so long. Yes, it was WELL WORTH IT !!!
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you look great!!!. The last photo is amazing at the difference. I could only hope I have as great of results as you are having.
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Thank You reankanesmom, I am unbelievably amazed with my results. I picked a really good PS this time. I actually cried all the way home from my consultation, because when he told me 15K, I just knew my dream was never going to come true, but when I told my husband he didn't even flinch, he said is he good? then go ahead and do it. I'm totally thrilled with everything he has done so far.
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It's not a pity party honey! It's being over 40, having the effects of babies on our bodies, but remembering what we used to look like and wanting that back. One of the biggest reasons my husband didn't want me to have the surgery is because he thought it would just lead to more and more. He knows I constantly pick apart what's wrong with me. I think we have to be more like zaftigmom and decide that we love our bodies. At one point my husband said to me, there are thousands of women who would trade their bodies with you just to have the chance at doing something they can't....conceive and carry a baby. You know I love ya. We are a lot alike. You're feelings are real and it's okay. Thanks for sharing. Your not the only one feeling this way.
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you look fantastic! About your body image, believe me, you are not alone. But you can fight it. Society tells us fat=bad, but seriously, you don't have to buy what the magazines are selling. When you look in the mirror, decide that you love the body that birthed those 5 babies! You're awesome!
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