650cc - Six Months Post Op - A to 36DD!

I am 2 days away from surgery! I'm getting 650cc,...

I am 2 days away from surgery! I'm getting 650cc, submuscular, Mentor silicone moderate plus implants with armpit incision. My doctor is wonderful so far and the staff/facility are also awesome. I've read so many reviews on this site preparing myself, so I thought I would thank all of you lovely ladies for offering such great advice.

So far, I've purchased frozen berries for the bruising, made sure the remote was charged and Netflix was ready, had all of my prescriptions filled, helped the fiancé wash all of the bedding, taken off all of my nail polish, and stocked up on crackers and soup. Not sure what else to do!

I'm waiting to buy any bras because my dr said that I am to not wear one for the first week and nothing with underwire for 6 months.

A little history: I'm a 29 year old with no children. My doctor said that my boobs are "mildly tuberous", but I'm not doing any type of lift. This may or may not need a revision.

I'm only reading the positive reviews now so that I don't get even more scared! And I'm soo excited!

Tomorrow is the big day! My surgery is at noon. I...

Tomorrow is the big day! My surgery is at noon. I have to be there at 10:45 and my mom is driving me. It's about and hour and a half away. Excited and nervous!

The girls are here! Surgery went very well and...

The girls are here! Surgery went very well and everyone was so sweet. They're a little pointy right now but they look amazing and should fluff really well. So excited! Dr. Burden was so nice and professional. Highly recommend him.

I'm in pain. Maybe a 3 right now. Taking 2 Percocet every 4 hours. It makes me super hot and sweaty so I'm keeping the house really cold. Walking every hour on the hour and doing the little stretches in front of my boobs with elbows close in and then crossing hands in front. Hurts but should take away some of the pain for tomorrow which is supposed to be the most painful.

It's not as scary as I thought it would be. Just take deep breaths and it's over before you know it. :)

First picture! I love them already!

First picture! I love them already!

Day 1: very little pain. Staying ahead of the pain...

Day 1: very little pain. Staying ahead of the pain by taking 2 Percocet every 4 hours. I feel really good and I'm super happy. Got up every hour on the hour and did my stretches. My sweet fiancé set his alarm to wake me up every hour. No bruising yet... thinking the arnica Montana is helping with that. Very swollen though. My hands and face are huge and my whole body is puffy. Took off my Ted stockings at 6 am. Could sleep so much better after that. Can't laugh or open pill bottles. That should go away soon. Overall, really satisfied with them so far. :)

Day 2: woke up very stiff and in a ton of pain....

Day 2: woke up very stiff and in a ton of pain. After taking my pain meds and moving around a bit, I feel really good again. My pain is about a 3 right now, with just tightness and pressure on my chest. Overall, not terrible. My boobies are looking awesome and still no bruising! Super surprised that there's no bruising. They look wonderful already and I can't wait to see them drop and fluff. :)

Day 3: started bruising today and was a bit stiff...

Day 3: started bruising today and was a bit stiff all day, but I tried to cut my Percocet down to 1 pill every 4 hours and it may have been too soon for that. Bumped it back up to 2 and I feel okay again. Small heart shaped bruise in between my breasts, and a little under the right crease. Barely visible though. The strap has been irritating my underarm area... until I finally remembered that I can wear the strap OVER my shirt! Remember to wear the strap over your shirt! The irritation sucks! Otherwise a good day. Looking forward to my post op on Friday. :)

Day 4: was up and moving around a lot today. Took...

Day 4: was up and moving around a lot today. Took the bandages off of the incisions and they look really good! The boobies are getting softer and I have my alarm set to do my stretches and massages. Overall I love them and don't regret a thing.

Day 9: Went to postop on Friday and the nurse was...

Day 9: Went to postop on Friday and the nurse was SO ROUGH with my "massages". Those implant displacement exercises HURT! Almost to the point of tears. But she said that they will make them drop faster and fuller. I am to do them 10x a day for five minutes each time. There are four different massages and I am to walk my fingers up the wall to stretch the sides of my boobs. The whole thing is soooo painful but should be worth it in the end. I have alarms set to do them every hour on the hour every day from now on. I go back in 2 weeks for another postop.

The left implant is dropping much faster than the right implant and feels much softer. The right one is still sitting way up high near my collarbone and looks a little weird in shirts. Hoping this goes away soon!

I'm getting frustrated with the constant, dull pain that I feel whenever I turn or stand or lie down or reach. I can't sleep on my side or cuddle my fiancé. It's all getting more and more frustrating as the days go on, but I'm guessing this is probably normal for everybody. Can't wait until they feel normal again and they're not on my mind ALL the time!

I'm really surprised with the lack of bruising. I had a small yellow bruise between my breasts that showed up around day 3 and disappeared by day 7. Considering how easily I bruise when I even bump into a countertop, I'm shocked the my whole chest isn't black and blue! But there's absolutely nothing. Arnica Montana likely helped with this. :)

Overall, feeling pretty good but looking forward to feeling 100% normal and for the implants to drop nicely.

Forgot to mention the best part of the postop! I...

Forgot to mention the best part of the postop! I don't have to wear that compression band anymore!!!! Only had to wear it one week. And I'm not to wear any bras (even sports bras) for 6 months. Only tank tops with shelf liners for modesty. It's super comfy and it's SO nice to not have to wear those big huge thick clunky padded bras anymore but have nice boobs in my shirt. So awesome! :)

3 weeks post op: almost NO pain now! Massages are...

3 weeks post op: almost NO pain now! Massages are going well. Went for my 3 week post op on Friday and all is well. They are dropping and softening nicely. I don't even really think about them anymore because I don't feel them anymore. The incisions healed up perfectly and I was wearing deodorant and shaving after week 1.

Still not wearing a bra per dr orders. Not even a sports bra. No compression or pressure on them until month 6. It's super comfy. I've been wearing scarves for modesty, seeing as how it's winter and all and they seem to stand at attention more than usual! Haha!

One of the weird things I've noticed that no one tells you is that they feel cold under the muscle. You can feel the coldness against your muscle but the skin feels warm. It's an odd sensation, but nothing crazy.

I love, love, love them so far.

Absolutely no regrets so far! Can't wait to see what they look like at 3 months!

I am SO happy with my new boobies!!! No pain, no...

I am SO happy with my new boobies!!! No pain, no weirdness.. just beautiful boobies. I don't even notice them anymore. In fact, sometimes I forget that I even had surgery. There's a part of me, just like my arms and legs and eyes... I just never really think about them anymore. So for the ladies who just got out of surgery, no worries.. It gets so much better! :)

I went for my first bra fitting last week and I am officially a 36DD! I could barely fill a 36A before. I am so happy with them. I feel that they look very natural and have a nice slope and the bottoms are nice and round. They're just perfect!

Feel free to ask me anything. And good luck with your surgeries!
Pensacola Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Burden is a sweet, southern gentleman who truly cares for his patients. He does some of the best work in the industry, and is a pioneer of the no scar on the breast technique.

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OMG, They are beautiful..can't wait to get mine!
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Thank you for posting progress pics! I just had an augmentation performed by Dr. Burden and am 4 days out. I was freaking out a bit at how high they are etc and am very comforted by your progress pics lol
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I have an appt with dr burden next week for a consult. I'm ready to do this...but today found some mixed reviews and heard some people say they have heard of some issues with him. So, now i'm scared and wondering if I should look elsewhere, However, your review seems good. So...still feel like you would go and do it again with him??? thank you so much.
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you look awesome!
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Thank you!
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Hey Florida.sunshine just checking on you. I know you are loving the girls! Did you ask your Dr about the cold feeling you described? I hadn't heard anyone talk about that either.
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It was just my muscles getting used to them and the fact that it was December and chilly outside. I've heard that women sometimes feel it when it's cold out, and that it shouldn't be a big deal. Sorry for the slow reply!
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Glad you're doing well. My 3 week checkup Friday went well too. I've been wearing a genie bra because the zip front VS was too small. I was sized at 36DD right before Xmas. I have been wearing camisoles under my sweaters to keep my girls warm. I didn't really notice my chest feeling cold before but I guess with the skin stretched to make room for implants it makes sense. So glad you ate doing well post more pics when you can
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Your boobies look awesome! :)
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In regards to the cold, I had asked about that. If you can feel them getting cold, shouldn't you also feel them getting hot if you use the sauna? Interesting.
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Living in Florida, I haven't felt them get hot... yet! I don't think they will though. Maybe they felt cold because they're submuscular? It was an odd sensation but not terribly distracting. Just different.
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Did you take Arnica Montana before your BA? If so when did you start taking it and how much perday? I have been thinking about it..
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We had our surgeries on the same day. I started taking arnica Montana the next day after my procedure. My PS office recommended taking 4 pills under my tongue 4x a day til the bottle was finished. I actually took it for a week. I ran out last night. I also was taking Bromelain as well 2 pills 4x a day.
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My PS offered it in the office and instructions were on my meds sheet. I bought mine at the health food store though. :)
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Thanks somuch for the heads up!
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Glad things are going well for you. I went yesterday and was told to start massaging as well and wear sports bra all the time. I will be a Full D but I think once they drop and fluff I maybe close to a DD. time will tell. Meanwhile the massaging is a little uncomfortable and then they start to feel tight but I have more movement and I can see my cleavage now when they come together. I'm loving my babies and I'm sure once all the work has been put in they will look great. They look great now just need them to be softer. I have patience.
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Sooo looking forward to softer! :) Glad you are doing well pretty lady.
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Mine dropped and settled at the 3 month mark, but everyone is different. Patience is a virtue....LOL
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Patience! :)
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hey florida sunshine. I am looking to get my done in march 2013 but my breat are similar to yours (slightly tuberous) I want to get the lift tho. What made you decide to not go with the lift? andare you having any regrets not going withh the lift :)
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hi! congrats on your upcoming BA! i'm sure you won't have any regrets! i don't so far. i love them. i decided to not go with a lift at first because i don't want any scarring at all on my breasts. i have an armpit incision, so there aren't any cuts on my breasts at all. usually with lifts, they have to do the lollipop incision, so you end up with scars on the bottom of your breasts and around the entire areola. that scared me to death... even though they eventually fade. the doctor said that i was a good candidate for just going with regular augmentation and to see how much i liked them afterward. he said they should fill out just fine without a lift, and so far so good. he said the only risk i have is that they may be too pointy in the end, but that it will be a "good, perky" kind of pointy instead of a tuberous kind of pointy... if that makes sense. for me, it was more a personal decision to keep any scarring to an absolute minimum. and i'm having NO regrets! the surgery isn't as scary as i thought it would be. it has actually been quite pleasant. and having a week off from work has been a much needed vacation! i'm going to my postop on friday and will know more about their progress then. i will keep you updated! don't hesitate to ask me any questions.
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Well good Im glad you have no regrets! I was told that since I am African American my scars wouldnt be so bad. Thank god lol because I think Ima go ahead with the lift! Thanks for a response Hope to see more pics!
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Hi, I'm going in two weeks for breast aug. I'm so nervous, but excited. You didn't mention what size and style you wet with? Are u feeling any rippling?
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Hey there blk11 I did get a lift with my BA and mine was done with a minimal incision on the top part of my areola. Because I didn't want my areolas reduced any, my PS did not have to cut all the way around. I have my 1 week checkup Sat and hopefully I will get to shower and get these strips off. I doubt that you will see any scars after so just check my page in a couple if weeks.
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I got 650cc which should put me around a D. Mine are brand new so no rippling, but I've read the rippling is significantly decreased with submuscular placement. I'm enjoying mine so far. :) Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!
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