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I'm a very petite person. I'm around 5"7 and...

I'm a very petite person. I'm around 5"7 and around 110lbs. My surgery was just yesterday, which I'm very aware on how early and stupid this question must sound. But are my Breast far apart? The gap scares me. Should I push them inward? Some say not to lift my arms but others are saying move as much as possible. I'm able to lift my arms straight above my head and straight out. I'm wearing this band over the top of my breast about a inch or two away from the nipples.That has constant pressure pushing against my chest. I'm able to massage my breast in certain areas it feels amazing.. But scared to massage the insides due to how far apart they appear. Is this normal? Do they even seem far apart to you? Thanks again.
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I was very impressed on how much time he spent with me through my consultation. He made me feel comfortable with myself even before having the surgery. I was getting prepped for surgery an Mr. Burden came out again to make sure I really wanted this and I was comfortable with what we discussed. I would recommend him to any one! Thanks Mr. William Burden!!!!

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When they drop they will look more natural but I doubt they will look like touching each other. Breast augmentation does not change the shape of your natural breasts just makes them bigger. Did you have a big gap in your natural breasts? sometimes after being augmented create a bigger gap like mine, that I did not have naturally, I mean not so much. I am surprised with yours though because you got so many cc's, I thought mine look like that because I got really small implants. Check my profile. Post some before pictures. They do not look like you have a big gap to me at all. It is nice to have some gap. They look very good.
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What size did you get? Your boobs will change a lot over the next few weeks. Do not massage until your doc says it's ok to do so. Your pockets are developing and healing, so do not do anything to them until they are ready. All the docs say they can't create cleavage necessarily if you do not naturally have it, but once you are able to wear regular bras again, they will not look as wide apart. Part of that is the natural swelling that occurs after surgery -- once they soften and drop they will appear lower, smaller, and closer together.
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Thank you so much. I'm getting all types of feedback. Wow.... I'm impressed. Okay so I'm not quite sure what size I am just yet. I got 550cc which to my body type is a full "C" /small "D". So just depends on the healing. I'm on day 3 today an I have to say I'm okay. Not hurting
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Dear Kainsmommy, hope you a feeling well after your surgery. I have been reading tons and tons of feed back from many women. All say it will get better and it's really hard to say in tbe beginning. The girls will change. I am scheduled on Monday to meet my new best girlfriends :) very excited and will thinking of you and sending Good wishes.
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I only hope that mine look like yours 1 day post op! From what a hear and reviewing oictures, they will do a lot of changing in the next several weeks/months. Keep the pictures coming, I can't to see the progress! What size and profile did you go with??
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Thanks girl. I was nervous but after hearing all of this I think I feel better. I will definitely keep you posted on pictures. I went with silicone implants and under the arm (pit) and under the muscle. I got 550cc. With my body that is suppose to be a full "C" little "D". I'm hoping that these baby girls fit my body. That I don't look deformed. Thank you again!!!
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You will be ok, just give them 2-3 weeks to start dropping and then you will have a better idea of how they will look. It's been a month for me, and at first I had a lot of buyer's remorse because they hurt, one was bigger than the other they were ridiculously high, and they were really hard. I follow dr's massage instructions every day, and I am starting to like them a lot more. I am planning on going bra shopping this weekend. Believe it or not, JCP and Target have pretty decent selections and much better prices than Victoria's Secret.
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Thank you so much for the response. I will definitely wait n see. I'm excited cause I feel they look great. Just nervous cause they seem separated to far. Thanks again for your response.
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