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Hi,, I'm 29yrs old and I have 3 wonderful...

Hi,, I'm 29yrs old and I have 3 wonderful kids(11,9,3). I been wanting this for a very long time and I had been doing my research a lot until I was comfortable enough to go forward it. I excercise a lot and I still can't seem to tighten up my stomach. The other descison was I just had my tube tie 3weeks ago so I know there wouldn't be any unexpected!!! I'm only 5'0 and weight 115. My pre-ops is on June 6 and surgery is the 22. I'm not nervous at all, I just can't wait to have that great flat tummy. I also been reading a lot of other ppl post which give me the idea what to expect.

I'm 29yrs old and I have 3 children. I got...

I'm 29yrs old and I have 3 children. I got pregnant at the age of 17 and I went back to my pre baby weight at 98lbs. I got pregnant a year later and it really took a toll on my body. I didn't care what I eat or excercise until after I had my last child that I notice cuz I went to 135lbs. Remember ladies when your short like me at 5ft that whateva you gain, is goin outward. I been doing my research for a while now and I did consult with a PS back than, they jus told me to be close to my idea weight. So this past year I been excercising to P90x, lots of cardio. I even start eating healthy! Trust me I struggle a lot back than with all the fitness bootcamp, diet pill, weight loss program but it just didn't fit me well. This year was different, I was more determine cuz I jus had my tube tied 1and a half month ago, to be honest I jus wanted to have a period, I had the IUD put in when my 3rd child was born. I'm jus ready since I manage to lose 15lbs in 2.5 months and this was the first time I ever got past 120lbs!! I know I want my body back but I can't seem to lose my belly. My pre-ops is on June 6 and surgery is set for June 22. I'm have a full TT and lipo on my outer thighs!! I know my husband tell me there's nothing wrong with me but went I take off my clothes, I have this stomach is jus hang in there, waitin to be pull on. When I run I can feel it flappin on me so I jus can't wait to have a new body and feel comfortable being naked for ME and my husband.

My pre-ops is tomorrow so I jus can't wait!!...

My pre-ops is tomorrow so I jus can't wait!! Less than 2 and a half week left. Also goin to pay my remaining balance off too. I also still go thur every1 blogs and looking at pix and constant takin a b4 pix of me!!! Silly me!!

Went to my pre-ops and I ask as much question that...

Went to my pre-ops and I ask as much question that I can but they already mail me a package that has all my answer last week.. I just sign my consent and tell them where I want to pick up my meds. My ps seem very please with my weight lost so he think I would look great. I told him I want the incision to be low as possible so he said he will do his best. I ask him how far is my scar gona be and if I end up havin a dog ear than he will fix it. Since I'm in great health, he said I will recover fine. Funny how I'm still obsessed at lookin at more pix of other ppl and their recovery but I'm so excited..yayy me

9 days til my surgery and I end up with a flu. I...

9 days til my surgery and I end up with a flu. I don't know how but it was the worst feeling ever but the only thing that went through my head is the surgery couldn't be as bad as this. My whole body was shaking, sore, and my fever just kept getting worst. I know I'm not suppose to take any meds 2 weeks b4 hand but I had no choice. I'm still sick but hopefully its gone a week b4 surgery. Its funny cause I just feel like I been drug up all day. All this coughing, my sore throat, and my head just hurts. Keeping my finger cross and I need to get some rest and get myself healthy again and be prepare for the big day.

Tomorrow is a BIG day. I have to be there at 7am....

Tomorrow is a BIG day. I have to be there at 7am. For the last week, I cough so bad that my doctor put me on robitussin with codeine. I'm still coughing a bit but not bad enough to delay my dream. To make matter even a little bit of a problem, I just sold my couch and my new one won't get here in 6weeks. So empty living room so guess ill be suck in my bedroom. Its fine with me since my bathroom is next to it and I have netflick.. I went to buy soo much pillows today so I would feel comfy. I'm not nervous at all. This past week that I been sick, I just kept thinking of trying to get over it or did my body just don't want this surgery to happen. What's even worst, I just started my period..well talk to my PS and they just told me to wear a tampon. I'm just thinking how painful of the recovery would be since I'm still coughing. Oh well, wish me luck and let's see how this end.

Day 2 post-0ps. It hurts soo bad the next day. I...

Day 2 post-0ps. It hurts soo bad the next day. I broke out in fever. I been staying in my bedroom but it's so high it's hard to get on an off. The only thing that hurt so bad is only the lipo on my hips and on the back. My surgery only took 2 hours so happy about that. I haven't been worn out or tired, just having a cough is a big challenge. Well I haven't got a chance to look at my new tummy but I'll just wait to see on my next appt when they pull out my drain! I'm still having a hard time sleeping. My back also hurts soo much.

Day3 post ops, the pain isn't as bad anymore....

Day3 post ops, the pain isn't as bad anymore. I'm able to walk myself to the bathroom and I try to walk here and there around the house to get my legs moving. I manage to have a peek at my tummy so I can put some lotion on since its been really itchy.it's been easy to crawl off the bed. I did mention that my bed is really high. Not much blood is coming out of the drain so hopefully the doctor will give it ok to take it out early. I'm use to sleeping on my back or side and it's has been hard on my back. Some how my mouth is alway dry and I been drinking a lot of water. I finally stop my period but I sure do like peeing standing up tho. LoL. Still my main pain is the lipo on my thighs. It's hard to walk with it but I'm able to stand up straight. To me I think the worst pain is my lipo that my TT and BA. Sorry I haven't post up pix yet but I still wanna wait for the doctor to take the out. I can wait. I'm in no rush!

Day 3 post ops. It's getting better. I'm...

Day 3 post ops. It's getting better. I'm able to get up by myself and took a shower. It was the first I saw my new tummy and it look GREAT!!! My PS did a great job. Like I said before, it didn't hurt as bad as I though it would be.. Having my BA done was worst but I'm still having a hard time walking since both of my legs are bruise up. Now that's the worst pain is lipo on your thigh but it's better now. I see no more stretch marks.. Yayy. All I needed help was on the first day than then then the rest, I just manage to care for myself.I'm not pushing myself too hard cause I sure don't want my money to go to waste. Ill post some pix later!!

Day 4 post ops.. Wow I must had just wrote things...

Day 4 post ops.. Wow I must had just wrote things down repeatly. Well today was great. My drain was just hurting me soo bad on my side that i just move it around to make it more comfortable. Just remember that the first and second day is the hardest but it gets better. Everyone help out around the house even tho they think that I have an infection on my tummy so still no one know but just me and my husband. Not very much is coming out of the drain and I can walk around but not pushing myself too much. It's still hard to get off the bed since its so high and all the lipo on my legs but I think it's been very helpful when my kids share me their flinstone vitamin. It's worth it and I still think the pain I had on my BA was worst than this. My PS just told me to take a shower as much as I want and let me tell ya this, it look amazing!! Before surgery, I told him how low I wanted the incision to be an ladies. I just can't wait to see him to find out how much was cut out and how much lipo was taken out from my thighs.. Cuz this drains is driving me crazy already!!

Its still day 4 post ops but the drain on my left...

Its still day 4 post ops but the drain on my left side is driving me crazy so I just move it around til I was comfortable. Well I though I felt good enough to go to a festival with the family but I couldn't last no more than 10mins but I'm in less pain and there hardly still much fluid coming out the drain. Well I decided to take some pix for all of ya to see..don't push yourself too much and u will heal faster. Oh by the way I had the biggest cough today and it hurted so bad that I cry. I felt like my belly button was gona pop out!! And to those that your back so hurting, my husband went to go buy me a IcyHot Patch for my back and it did help a lot. I still take some flintstone vitamin too. My legs still hurt from the lipo. Its still black and blue but its getting better.

Day 6 post ops and it was great. I'm still...

Day 6 post ops and it was great. I'm still having a hard time walking because of the lipo I had on both of my thighs, so they're pretty much black and blue. I still think lipo hurts worst than the TT so guess I was lucky. I didn't have any problem. Alway shower and my PS just took off the drain and everything looks good so far. I'm still taking my meds and my flintstone vitamins and drink lots of water. Yes I still have the hot patch on my lower back.

Its almost 2 week post ops and its getting better....

Its almost 2 week post ops and its getting better. My back still hurts but no pain, swollen, or puffiness from my tummy. Its perfect and flat but my PS won't let me put any cream on it til I see him next week. I would get up and walk around the house often but going to th store or the mall is different. My legs begin to hurt and I would feel drain that I even fell down but hubby was alway there to catch me. I had lipo on my outter thigh and it still hurts and swollen. Been massage it everyday like the doctor say. It still black and blue all on the back of my legs. I'm feeling bad cause its summer time and the kids wants to go to amusement park but I can't til I heal. They understand. I don't know if its me but I begin to see more problem with my body. I'm thinking I might go back and have lipo on my inner thighs too.. happy healing everyone and I still depend on the meds cause of the lipo on my legs.

I'm almost 3 weeks post ops and I went to the...

I'm almost 3 weeks post ops and I went to the amunsement park over the weekend when my PS advice me not to. Instead I did and just didn't ride anything but walk and swim. I did look great in a bikini but my legs was still aching from the lipo. My tummy look awesome but than it made me realize all my other bad body parts. Yes I been feeling the blue and wanting more plastic surgery. I'm still massaging my legs with plamer's skin therapy oil on my outer thigh from the lipo. All I know is that its worth every money and I still think lipo hurts worst than TT. I haven't put anything on my scar from my TT cause my PS advice not to til I see him on Monday. Until than I might plan on asking about another surgery since its been really bugging me.

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Is Dr cherny @ bbl? Anybody!
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I only met with Dr. Robbins though my doctor and I discussed other doctors such as Ganske, Cherney and third though the name is escaping me now. I waited for Dr. Cherney for 1 and 1/2 hours and left without my free consultation. I'm having the TT and a BA stands for breast augmentation which I could use too but budget restaints. The before and after pictures in Dr. Robbins office were after 4 weeks and the healing was remarkable. I hear the first week is rough but continually better each week and really good by week four. I'm taking a week off from work and hope that will be sufficient. If anyone will respond about the recovery that would be great. I did hear some questionable information regarding lipo from Dr Oz and that fat can reposition itself in other parts of the body after this type of procedure. I'm sure you can go to his website and get better information. I've lost 76 pounds and with exercise have been able to improve my shape but there is no solution to stretched skin. Good luck.jeanpc
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I'm so excited seeing all your guys comments can you guys tell me the ones that have visited Dr. Robbins and done the TT how long after procedure were you able to wear your regular size pants?? Also, I'm kind of contemplating doing the lipo on the sides "flank area" wondering if any of you had that done with the TT and what your thoughts are?? Thank You!!!
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Hello JeanPc,

I've only had a tt from Dr. Robbins and mine was 7500. I'm 10 weeks post op and thrilled with the results. I'm thinking about getting breast augmentation, but have not decided just yet. Actually, I was doing research on it when I got your question. Please let me know if you have other questions. I'd be glad to help with whatever I can.
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Thanks Creative Diva: How long were you down or off from work? Thanks for sharing and any pain now? thanks again.
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Was anyone also quoted the TT?
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yes, I decided upon Dr. Robbins but not until Nov.
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I went to my consultation with Dr. Robbins today and was impressed with him, setting and staff. He made good eye contact, was not rushed, asked appropriate questions, had read my medical history and did not recommend I lose more weight though knew I had lost 73 pounds. My goal is to lose 17 more at at least I do not need lipo too. The price quoted to me was $7,490 for preop, anaesthesia, and the surgery. Must be paid in full 2-3 weeks before with a $500 booking fee that goes toward the total cost. He seemed trustworthy, credible, calm and friendly but not overly so. The nurse went over the cost and scheduling details. They do surgery three times a week. So I think I will do the first part of November and call to schedule and try to secure the time and price because quote is good for 6 motnhs. Looking forward to it and meeting my health and weight goals.
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OMG! that is awsome, i am glad you liked him. Dr. Robbins is very proffesional and inteligent so are you going with him?
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It will work out Great for all of You.. It's been almost a year now and you can't even tell I had a TT done but I did had the BA the year before that and I heal perfectly on both! Best of luck!!!
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Hi Jeanpc,
I am super happy you made your consultation... YAY! that's the first step and will motivate you to keep moving forward with the surgery :). I heard mostly negative about cherny than positive. I never consulted with him at all, everyone i work with said NO to him. I am in the medical field just so you know! everyone has their own opinion about him, i also know 2 girls who got BA with him they both look good, and they both had a good experience! so who knows right? My surge is july and i cant wait, i hope all goes well and i am not in so much pain. I had 2 C sections already and i heard its similar to that. i am excited and i hope the recovery goes fast so i can hug my little one. He is just so attached to me :)
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Thanks Mommy81 and CreativeDiva.
I just called Dr. Robbins for my consultation appt. and the person that answered the phone was quite pleasant, helpful and at just before 5PM. But yes, people can get a negative reaction on any given day. They were not familiar with this blog site which was interesting. Just FYI about Dr. Cherney...I missed the mini consultation night so they booked my free consultation with him after work. I waited from 6-7:10PM in a small recovery room outside their surgical suite and no one followed up with me or explained the delay so that experience was not a good first impression. I left and did not book another appt. My primary care doctor also said he is a little unusual so I'll be interested in what you think. Good luck.
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JeanPC, I'm sorry that you experienced that at Cherney's office. That probably would have been it for me, too if I experienced that. My experience with wait times, etc, at Dr. Robbins office were exceptional. What are you considering having done? I'm still going to go for the mini consultation, just so I can gather my own first opinion and then go from there. I'm not sure what he/she means by "unusual", but I know that he's a little challenging to communicate with because his eye contact is not the best. I understand he moves his eyes around a lot.
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Hello Mommy81.
You must have caught the receptionist on a bad day as I never had a bad experience with her (or maybe I just caught her on her good days). Who knows! I'm still very thrilled with my tt results, only wished I would have done it sooner. On my one month post-op appt, I got a price on a BA. Not entirely sure it's something that I want to go through with so I have more thinking to do on it. If I do, I'll probably want Dr. Robbins to do it, but I am going to go see Dr. Churney on April 10 as he's doing mini consultations that evening. Again, I'm very happy with my results and feel that I made the right decision with having Dr. Robbins perform my tt, but it does not hurt to get a second opinion. When is your surgery scheduled?
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hello, Creative Diva
OMG are you serious? i cant wait for my procedure :) well going back to the nurses i totally feel you on that one including the receptionist. (kind of rude and anti friendly) they were surprised i booked that same day jajajjaja... I love it. Good luck with your recovery and you should put pics.
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All great comments and I was going to meet Dr. Ganske but have rethought that decision and will call Dr. Robbins. Was the entire cost (including preop, post op, and anaesthesia $6,700? thanks jeanpc
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Hello Jean Pc,
Yes that includes all the fees, they give you a proposal and breaks down everything. Mine is 12,700 for the mommy make over BA and TT :) good luck with robbins :)
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Yeah, I liked him, too, but I understand what you are saying about being 'old school'. I would be surprised if Dr. Robbins wasn't less expensive, but I know that isn't the only factor you are considering before you make your decision. As far as Ganske examining my breasts, Gosh, no! I kept my bra and underwear on, but he had me take off everything else to complete the examination. Keep me posted!
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What?! He said to take everything off, except panties, so I took that as my bra also. So, when I was laying down on the table he immediately asked asked what my bra size was and kind of felt around if ya know what I mean. Maybe I was supposed to keep my bra on? No I feel silly but most specify the damn bra! Oh, and there was this weird awkward silence after he handed me the paper with the fees on it-maybe it was due to the fact that it says there is a consultation fee of $50 but over the phone they said free... also, did the before and afters he showed you seem ancient??? Not a good sign for me! At least he didn't make me bend over to make the fat roll : ) When is your TT scheduled for?
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I noticed that on the quote sheet that the consultation fee indicated $50, but I was never charged. Wierd! He had to of misunderstood what you were there for because there was no need to remove your bra if you were there for a tt. Again, wierd! I guess in his book I didn't really notice the pictures being dated. He just showed me photos of a few gals who were similiar in body type and weight and what their before and after photos were like. My tt is scheduled for Feb. 24. Did you get your appt. scheduled for Dr. Robbins?
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Hi ladies! I was reading your blog regarding your procedures and i felt like i was the only one dealing with this. I had my consultation with both Dr's already (ganske & robbin's) i hope i am making the right decision. I am going for Robbin's, my gut feeling just said to go with him and i am very excited for doing this. May i ask you if either one of you got BA with these Dr's? i am doing the whole Mommy make over TT, BA and Lipo on my sides. I hope i am making the right decision please let me know ladies... give me more input... BTW ganske was very nice, but i had a weird feeling with him.
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You made the right choice. Dr Robbins is very up front and honest. If only I did the mommy makeover too since its cheaper than doing it separately!! Good Luck, he does a great job!
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Good Luck
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Thanks! i can't wait. The reason i took Ganske off was because he wanted to do my implants over the muscle and i really got into details about why he chose that for me. Right after i ask him, he sparked got angry and straight out told that i needed to go with a different surgeon. I thought that was so rude, unprfessional and if he doesn't want my money than i am sure Robbins will. I am really familiar with BA mostly all my girlfriends and women in my family have them done, and they all have them done under the muscle. I really dont want a stripper looking boob job. I felt he wanted his way or the highway! oh well, his lost. Things were not meant to be with him. On the other note, Robbins was a much better deal and his results of his clients are amazing. Ganske had a dinky folder of patients in paper photocopy's. I thought that was so weird.Anyway thanks for the pictures you put up, again you look fantastic and i hope i look as good :) may i ask if you had a BA done too? and if so did u go to a dr here in des moines ia? sorry if i am asking too many questions... all the good surgeons i know from my friends and family are from california.
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Hi Mommy81 and congratulations for going all the way and doing the whole thing at once. I only had a tt with Robbins. I'm at the end of my third week, post-op and very pleased with the results. I liked him as a person and feel that he did a wonderful job. I wasn't as pleased with his nurses, and I don't feel that my experience was as personable as I had hoped for. I'm very customer-service oriented and while I understand this surgery was very routine for them, it wasn't for me and many times I felt rushed with things. However, your experience may be entirely different.Congratulations again on your decision.
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