8 weeks post op! How time flys!

I'm a 25 year old male who has struggles with my...

I'm a 25 year old male who has struggles with my weight since I can remember. I've lost a total of 90 lbs since my heaviest weight in high school. I'm currently 5'9 and weigh 160. I'm probably the most fit I've ever been. I've slacked with working out the past few months after injuring my knee during extreme kickboxing class. My procedure is scheduled for next Monday march 4th. I have wanted a tummy tuck the past few years. I've finally got enough courage to finally do it! I have a poor pain tolerance and the recovery is making me very stressed and anxious. Any advise would be great! This site has been so helpful already and consumes a lot of my time, reading everyone's stories. Will keep ya'll posted on my little journey I'm about to take.

Welcome to the community.  Great job on the weight loss and fitness; keep up the good work.

The first week post op is the hardest but you can do this!  Stay on top of the pain meds as prescribed and you will find this really helps.  You have some really excellent support here on RS and we will all help you through the tough times.  

Make sure to post your before and after pics.  Deep breaths and before you know it you will be home recovering.

Congrats, getting your weight down is a hard task and keeping it off is another. Good luck on your surgery, you will be fine.
You go Tucker87! Now that I've had mine, my husband wants one, too! Please keep us posted on your recovery! The recovery really hasn't been bad at least for me. Truly nothing I couldn't live with. I'm sure you will be fine. Do you trust your PS? As long as you are comfortable with him/her you'll be fine. Just remember how great you will look and feel when you join us on the flat side! Good luck!!!

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm shocked on how...

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm shocked on how relaxed I am. I know tomorrow will be a different story. I have my mom staying with me for a week. She's from out of town (about 3 hrs away) I'm so greatful to have her stay she's a saint. I rented a lift chair, I have read a lot people saying they were helpful so I was all about getting one. I hope I can sleep in it. Ill try and update as with how I'm doing post op. ill try to put some pre tummy tuck pics up. Positive thinking is key right now!
Hope all goes well! Keep us posted. I am scheduled for March 13th
Good luck tomorrow
Best of luck to you Tucker! God bless and happy healing!

I made it To the flat side! Went to the ps office...

I made it To the flat side! Went to the ps office at 8am was in the OR at 1000. Lasted 5 hours. I did wake up sick that was No fun at all. Have been sleeping non stop just up to take my pain medd and Valium. I can't wait too see my belly doc said I could shower today. I have a return appt on Thursday to remove my drains in my breat. I have one JP drain for my belly. Hasn't bugged me too much. I've been punching the fluids and have has 2 smoothies in the past 24 hours. Don't have an appetite currenyly. Ill post pics when I can .

Just finished with my shower post op day one. It...

Just finished with my shower post op day one. It was a struggle at first but felt amazing after I was finished. I'm not totally satisfied with my belly but it's only day one I'm sure it's just edematous. The pain is nothing at rest but have discomfort getting up and down. Sooo blessed with great friends and family! Happy healing,

It's my 2nd day post op. I'm doing much better...

It's my 2nd day post op. I'm doing much better then expected. I have hardly had any output from my jp Drain. I f/u with the doctor tomorrow to get my breast drains removed hopefully they will take the JP out as well. Have I mentioned that my abdominal site looks amazing!!! Today I'm having more discomfort then the past days? Just keeping up on my pain meds. . Mom is still here and don't know what I'd do without her! I feel so depended. Also I plan on taking some mom today I don't want to get constipated :) happy healing! Will continue to update!

Day 3 post op- went for my 1 st follow up today....

Day 3 post op- went for my 1 st follow up today. The doctor removed the drain tubes in my breast. Didn't feel a thing, still pretty numb on my chest. I do look and feel swollen. Still no BM kinda stressing me out. I keep pushing the fluids and walking. I am passing gas which is good. Me t appt is next Tuesday and should get my last drained removed! :) will continue to update.
Looks great, heal well

4 days post op and feeling pretty good. I can...

4 days post op and feeling pretty good. I can stand straight up, just not for long periods of time. Off the pain meds just taking Tylenol currently. Still haven't had a BM! I even gave myself a supp and MOM x2. My doctor said if I don't have one by Monday to get ahold of him. I am passing gas which is good. I posted a new pic from this morning. Can't wait till I can hit the gym and start to work on a 6 pack :). That's all for now.... Happy healing.

Today marks a week. My mom left yesterday morning...

Today marks a week. My mom left yesterday morning so today has been my first full day without someone staying with me. I did have a friend stop over and help me put my binders on after my shower today. I had a restless night up every hour to pee It felt like. Have been sleeping in my bed the past 2 nights and its still hard getting up from a laying position. I've also been nauseated the past 2 days which has been the worst part of this experience. I'm sore but the pain truly hasn't been that bad, sooo thankful for that. I go to the PS tomorrow I think he plans to remove my drain (only had one for my belly). In the mornings I look so good and at night so swollen I know it will just take time. Hate this swelling! Took 1 week pics, will post. Will update tomorrow after the doctors appt.

Went to the doctor today and had my last drain...

Went to the doctor today and had my last drain removed. So thrilled! It didn't hurt at all just mild discomfort. My left side is/gets much more swollen then my right (the side with the drain) told me not to worry, that my body will take care of it on its own with the help of spanks!? I now have to wear women spanks for 6 weeks to help with the contouring and swelling. Just part of the process. I went to kohls with a friend after my appt to buy some haven't tried them on yet. I no longer have to wear my breast binder unless I notice swelling. I have it on now just for comfort. I have a follow up appt in 1 week to get my sutures removed. Whelp time for a nap. Been up and about the most today and I sure can tell. If anyone has helpful hints on what you wore (spandex) post surg I'd appreciate it.
i'm 6 months PO and I still get some swelling after a workout.

After getting my drain removed I feel like I'm not...

After getting my drain removed I feel like I'm not so tied down. I still keep grabbing my right side thinking the Dan thing is still there. I had a pretty restless night, was aging sharp pain in my rt side. I finally got out of bed at 2am and cut a stitch I think was causing the discomfort. I hope I can start falling asleep sooner. I can't be staying up this late when I start back to work. My tummy looks great this morning. But my left side looks awful! It looks like I never even got lipo done. Swelling?! Hope so it's making my stress. I also need advise on post op compressions. What did other men use? I have a frind bring me spanks after she gets off work. That's all for now. Plan to write out thank you cards and light house work today. Happy healing!
My Dr recommended Under Armour compression shirts. They worked great for me. Much more comfortable than the binder and much cheaper than spandx
Thanks, how long did you wear the under armour post op?
I wore them for a while, even after the Dr told me too because they made me feel better even when I started working out again.

I can hardly believe it 2 weeks into my new life....

I can hardly believe it 2 weeks into my new life. I'm feeling great! I do get tired easy. This week I plan to do a little more activity so I'm "conditioned" for work. I will post my 2 week pics. My flank (love handle) area still seems swollen? I hope it's swollen anyways because still not 100% satisfied with that area. As for my belly and chest I'm very satisfied the results will continue to get better with time. I read it takes months to see the full results of lipo. I can't wait to hit the gym. I haven't had a cig in 2 weeks! I've never gone this long. I don't plan to smoke again. New healthier me! I must say my nights still suck. I get so restless and can't get comfortable I think it's related to my spanks and binder combo. It's awful really! Hope it gets better. I know it will. I haven't taken any pain meds in over a week. Well maybe some tylenol at night. This has been a great experience this far. Very worth it! I get my stitches out go my nipples, belly buttons, and lover abdomen. My belly button had a red open area pin point in size has a nice whit wound bed. I put a little triple antibiotic ointment on it. Will have the doctor look at it tomorrow. Will update after my appt.

Today I'm 16 days post op. time truly flys. Went...

Today I'm 16 days post op. time truly flys. Went to the doctor yesterday and got my stitches out. He told me I'm ahead of schedule in my recovery. He was very pleased and is hopeful my flank area will go down. I'm feeling great. Starting to sleep better.

Today I'm 3 weeks post op. Also my first day back...

Today I'm 3 weeks post op. Also my first day back to work. I felt great this morning, even tho I woke up at 3 am anxious about work and really sweaty! But work went well. I was very tired by the end of my shift and had some general discomfort. Nothing Tylenol and a power nap couldn't fix. I'm still a little concerned about my belly button, small open area. If I don't see that it's decreasing in size or better by next week ill get into the doctor. I still get swollen at night, in the morning look super flat. cant wait till i just look super flat all the time :) I plan to post more pictures soon!
Looking awesome!!!

Congrats on your first day back to work and quitting smoking! It's so great and motivating to read your story and how you are healing so quickly. Yes, update you new pics. I'd love to see what 3 weeks of healing looks like. How are you clothes fitting? I know you're still swollen at times...but do they sit differently?

Thanks! So far I'm weari g the same size pants and shirts. My shirts are a lot more flattering "if you will" my chest is flat which I can really tell in my clothing. My jeans are the same size I'm sure when the swelling in my flanks go down due to lipo I will go down a size. Thanks for reading! Very proud person being smoke free for over 3 weeks :)

I'm 8 weeks post op today. It's hard to believe...

I'm 8 weeks post op today. It's hard to believe that not 8 weeks ago I was stressed to the max about my surgery and now that it's said and done. Worth every penny and gray hair! I still have some swollening at night or after a workout. In the mornings I look my best by far. I do have some saggy skin on my flanks. It's because I had lipo in that area so now the fat is gone and I'm left with some skin. Still looks better then it did but my wonderful plastic surgeon told me in the feature he will take care of it for me. My scar is fading still pinkish red in color but easily hidden by my undies. I started back at the gym 2 weeks ago just doing cardio no abdominal exercises yet. I still get a little sore if I over due myself. My belly is still numb which is a weird feeling that I guess I'm use to. It will be nice to have Ll the feeling back. Ill post some pics soon. Happy healing everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying your new body as much as I am.

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