***2wk post op: HOLY SENSITIVITY!!!*** Size DDD/E/F - Who the Hell Knows to C (Hopefully) - Des Moines, IA

Hi everyone! I had my consultation with PS on...

Hi everyone! I had my consultation with PS on 6/22/12, got insurance approval in about 8 days (luckily as that is not the norm) and surgery scheduled for 8/20/12. Just over 2 weeks to go!

I've been considering BR surgery for a few years now. I've lost close to 70 pounds in the last year and a half and lost *maybe* one cup size. I measure to fit in a 36DDD but wear all kinds of sizes based on bra brand. I hate them all! I love this website!


Good luck to you , hope it all goes well for you xxxx this web site have. Even amazing for me and I hope it helps you to .
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2 weeks to go from today!!! I hurt my knee early...

2 weeks to go from today!!! I hurt my knee early on Saturday morning and have been taking a high power anti-inflammatory drug (Mobic) for 2 days and feeling fine ... calling PS office this moring to see if I can continue to take it for another day or two or if they are going to make me stop. 2 freaking weeks - I can't believe it!!!!!


Only women with big breasts understand all you are going thorugh. I wish you most happiness. Hope you heal quickly with no problems ..JR
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Iowa71 - I'm going thru Iowa Clinic (Lekkas). Are you from DSM?

Deka21 - thanks! Even with the 70 pounds I still have about 25-30 to go and had hoped to have that gone before surgery but it's not going to happen. I was beating myself up about it, but realized that I now know HOW to lose weight the right way (for me) so after surgery and I am all healed, it's back to the grindstone!
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Congratulations on the weight loss - 70lbs is quite fantastic and in two weeks you will have lovely breasts that totally match the new you!! I look forward to reading about your surgery and recovery.
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Well here I am 1-week prior to surgery and...

Well here I am 1-week prior to surgery and FREAKING OUT! My nerves are terrible lately unless I can keep myself occupied and mind off of things. Easier said than done! I am a list-maker so I have a cleaning list, grocery list, and other general to-do list to do this week and upcoming weekend. I've had my surgery date since mid-July and the time has really flown by. I know this last week is going to fly by as well. I almost threw out one of my bras last night because one of the hooks is broken, but decided instead, that I would save it and add it to my Bra Burning Pile post-op! Can't wait to use that firepit in the back yard!!! LOL!


This site must be God-Sent :) When I saw that Dr. Lekkas is doing your surgery I just had to comment! I have thought about getting a BR for a quite awhile (I am 25 now but was an early bloomer.. I literally had bigger boobs then both of my female teachers by 7th grade haha) and thought of I would wait until I had children to look into it more but last month, my OBGYN gave me the push I needed with the list of potential health problems that I could run into if I delay (and the fact of if I do it while I'm young, my body will bounce back quicker).. with that said, I have a have an appointment with Dr. Lekkas next Friday (Aug. 24th).. My doctor said that he tends to make a lot of referals to Dr. Lekkas because "he's a prefectionist and will make sure you are pleased with his work".. I'll pray for a speedy recovery for you and can't wait to hear of your results! :)
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ImMizzAO - what a small world! I think it's super cool that we have the same surgeon! I was a bit nervous for my consult, you know, bare and share it all with a strange man but he was nothing but professional and explained everything. Never know ... maybe we'll bump into each other sometime and not even know it at follow up appointments! LOL! Do you go upstairs to the OBGYN's at the same office?
Small world indeed! You hit the nail on the head with the nervousness of having to "bare and share".. matter of fact this will be the first time in about 10 years my mom's gone to any doctor's appt with me (she's one of the main ppl that have encourged me to go as she --although not having the issue herself-- has seen the limitations being well endowed has restricted me to over the years and will be the main one helping me post-op).. The possibility of us running into each other is greater then most would think so we will see lol!! And my OB Dr. moved out toward Merle Hay but I am familiar with the area in WDSM :)

Beginning Stats: 5'10" 195 lbs 36DDD/E/F...

Beginning Stats:

195 lbs
36DDD/E/F (?)
Goal: C cup
PS estimates 600 grams on each side to be removed

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Here I am about 17 hours pre-op. I didn't sleep...

Here I am about 17 hours pre-op.

I didn't sleep hardly at all last night. ;( I have been fine up until the middle of the night and my stomach was so upset with nerves. My kids (boys age 5.5 and 7) know that I'm having surgey tomorrow but not specifically what - and this morning they keep saying things like: "I had a dream you already had your surgery and you were already all better." And, "I will be taking care of you after your get your surgery, mommy." Me thinks I will be doing a lot of tearing up and crying on and off today.

I am not scheduled until 12:00pm tomorrow with an arrival of 11:00am. PS is estimating to take 600grams from each side for a D cup result, but I've been thinking lots in the last 6 weeks since my consult and think I'd much rather have him try and take me to a C if he thinks he can.

I did get my pedicure yesterday with my girls and got my hair did last night by my awesome sister (highlights and lowlights), then we went out for dinner with my mom, sister, myself and niece.

I don't have much to do today for nesting, a little dusting and vaccuming but that's about it. I did much of my nesting on Friday and Saturday. Hoping to keep myself occupied somehow. Now hoping for some sleep tonight.


Hey, Garden! How did it go? Get plenty of rest, but will be anxious to hear all of the deets when you feel up to it!
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Day 1 POST OP: Good Morning everyone! Well, I'm...

Day 1 POST OP: Good Morning everyone! Well, I'm home. Surgery was scheduled for 12:00pm yesterday, the 20th. And I was walked back to the OR at 12:07. I was a ball of nerves but never offered anything to help calm me down. So we arrived at the surgical center, checked in, made my co-insurance payment, answered 1 million of the same questions. STEPPED ON THE SCALE and I had lost over 5 pounds in the last few days!! Rock on!!!

Got my gown on and hospital slippers and hat. Hot look (note sarcasm). Doc marked me up which was somewhat awkward with my husband in the room but I made it. PS was great to mention I had the "boob sweaties" going on. Nice. LOL! I asked if I would be put in a surgical bra after surgery or just bandaged. He told me just the bandage and it would look like some kind of redneck state fair tube top deal. Hot again!

Walked into the OR, anesthesiologist asked if I liked to go on vacation ... how did Hawaii sound ...I said sure and he said Aloha and just like everyone else, woke up in the recovery room with a sore throat from being tubed. I was awake but couldn't keep my eyes open. Painlevel was an 8 I guessed so they gave me 2-3 doses of something in my IV then eventually wheeled me to my discharge/recovery room and made me stand up and take a few steps to the ugly recliner in there - about fell over and instantly got very nauseated and dry heaved a few times.

Surgery took about 3.5 hours, about an hour in recovery, then another hour or hour and a half in discharge/recovery room. My husband went to Walgreens to fill my prescriptions right after they took me back for surgery so it was a straight shot home - which I slept most of the way with my mouth open and drooling. Truly a hot mess.

I am a Diet Dew addict so that was my first priority once we got home.

Rough numbers from PS are that he took 600 grams from lefty and 500 grams from righty. He did complimentary lipo in the pit area so I'm wondering what that will look like. I'm wrapped up pretty tightly, and I do have the drains which will come out on Wednesday (tomorrow) and that's when I will get my grandma surgical bra also. My husband set the alarm clock for meds in the middle of the night which was completely unnecessary because I didn't sleep for more than 2-3 hours total.

I got Percocet and Valium, as well as an antibiotic. I think the Valium wired me up because there is no reason I should have been so wide awake. All in all, I guess I feel pretty good considering I just had surgery. I'm sore in a couple places, the bandage is tight.


Congrats :-)

a lot of women have mentioned drain tubes....I didn't have those....can you explain what they are for?
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Congrats! So happy to hear the details! Trust me...you aren't as flat under there as you think you are! Good luck getting your drains out and I hope you rest better tonight! Hugs to you, Garden!
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They look good! Mine looked bigger the first days I was home and wrapped up because there was so much gauze in them. Wrapped up without gauze, I look like I am flat chested, haha.

I cant wait to see how you heal up! Skinny Minnie!
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Visited the PS this morning to have my drains...

Visited the PS this morning to have my drains removed. I didn't think it was too bad, but definitely weird - I could feel the small tubing moving around in my boobs! PS says, "Didn't I tell you we put worms in there before we finished?" LOL. It felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD to have the gauze and Ace Bandages taken off today and not be so smushed! Lots of swelling and it looks more like I have one big boob compared to 2 little ones. My surgical bra has this wedge type thing to push in the middle and kinda separate and form the cleavage. Not much bruising to see right now. He did do lipo under the arms/sides. He said he took exactly 600 from leftie and 500 from rightie. The surgical bra feels really good. Boobs have an odd shape to me right now, and are as hard as a rock.

Been taking my pain meds as directed - figure I paid for them, why not take them and stay comfortable! I will work on weaning myself down though. PS said everything looks super duper and no issues at all. I go back in 1 week.

Enjoy the new pix!


they look comfortable .. good luck :)
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You will feel like you have so much more mobility now that those tubes are gone! And did you know you had such a small waist under all of that boobage?
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I am itchy as hell!!! Been taking 1 Benadryl tablet and it seems to take the edge off temporarily but always comes back. Itchy EVERYWHERE! Yes having the drains gone is wonderful and my waist - was a total surprise to me!

Today I am 1 week and 2 days post-op. Feeling...

Today I am 1 week and 2 days post-op. Feeling much better with some pressure, swelling and discomfort but all in all starting to feel like myself again. Visited the PS today and he left the steri-strips in place as they looked clean and no problems (yay!!) I go back in 9 days and he said at that time he will remove the strips and clean everything off. I was given the go-ahead to sleep on my side (THANK GOD), ok to drive, and ok to start resuming light activity as my energy comes back. No "exercise" but walks are okay.

I can't tell how much swelling I have but PS seems to think I will be C/D. I wanted to be C. Not unhappy or regretting anything, just hoping for C more than anything.

I updated some pictures - let me know what you think!


You are looking great!!! I'm glad you're progressing well.
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They look fantastic.. you must be so haappy
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Looking fabulous!!!
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Whoa Mother - I am having some MAJOR sensitivity...

Whoa Mother - I am having some MAJOR sensitivity issues. If I am outside and the wind blows just right or if I happen to get the chills from the air conditioner or something my nips and the rest of my boobs FREAK THE HELL OUT! I mean I guess having the sensitivity is a good thing but damn it's almost painful at this point! Did anyone else have this super sensation? I was thinking I might be up for a little bedroom action but I'm kinda scared about how much it might hurt.


Oh yea! A cold room is my nemesis! I'm grateful to still have nipple sensation, but gee golly it gets a bit intense.
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Oh yes! I had the super sensitivity as well. As far as hubby action, mine saw a lot of it because of the sensitivity :-) I left a bra on, but I was insatiable. That was so amazing because prior to surgery I had very little sensation at all.
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I have an appt. on Friday (which will be 2 days...

I have an appt. on Friday (which will be 2 days short of 3 weeks). I don't think I am ready. I still have my steri strips on and I noticed in the shower tonight that there is a section of my steri strips starting to peel a little so I kinda pulled on it just a little bit to see if I could see the actual incision - GROSS. All I saw was two stitches and I was freaked the HELL out. I don't think I am prepared to see myself all raw and "frankenstein-ish". :(


I am just past three weeks and I know what you mean about super sensitive....ouch! I wound up in tears at the supermarket this week because of the air conditioning being so cold. It seems to be a bit better each day....keeping these girls warm has become a priority. You are right super sensitive is better than numb and this is temporary for sure!
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I just posted this same issue on my site.. I am soooo freaking sensitive to the cold its crazy. At least i know now that i'm not crazy :)
This site is fantastic, I am definitely feeling the jitters today and reading all of your posts are so encouraging! To my fellow Iowa girls, I am having my BR done by a plastic surgeon at the Iowa Clinic, Dr. Reece. I was referred to him by my D.O, who said she would send "her own daughter to him." My consult was fabulous, he was great about making sure he met me with my shirt on first, he treated me with the utmost respect, looked me in the eye, asked me many times if I had any questions. I was absolutely terrified to take my shirt off, but Dr. Reece and his nurse Trudi made me feel so comfortable. They assured me that, essentially, they see a lot of boobs and that I didn't have to be embarrassed :) Dr. Reece's bedside manner so far is amazing, and his work speaks for itself....one of my sister's friends went to him and is beyond pleased. Also, I work at a hospice and one of the nurses found out that I was having this and told him to say hi to him for her, as she worked with him on the burn unit for years as he did reconstructive plastic surgery for burn victims. I love that he is more known for his reconstructive work and reductions. The thing is, I went for my consult on 9/20, got my letter in the mail on Saturday, called Monday and they had a cancellation for this upcoming Monday, 10/15..so I took it, but I'm getting extremely nervous today instead of the excitement I've had before. It's all going so fast! I'm not going to back out but words of encouragement from people who've been there would be greatly appreciated!!
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Konstantinos Lekkas

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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