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(The cost above is in pounds sterling) I loved...

(The cost above is in pounds sterling)

I loved this! I used it for the first time during the summer of (I think) 2010. This was a 4 week course, which at the end of, left me with my very first tan! Ever! (I would've normally just went red then white. I am extremely pale- I'd call it more blue) I went on hols, which then enhanced my tan and it lasted till the following year. When it started to fade I repeated this exact same process and the tan lasted longer; till the end of 2013. I haven't had a jag since the summer of 2011 and I feel so white, but I can't seem to get them now. They're like gold dust here :-(
Now at the start I did find that I had nausea with them and that my sex drive was increased, but as soon as I lowered the dosage (to, I think, 0.5) the nausea disappeared. Plus some of my moles and freckles that I had got a bit darker. something that, with my tan, you didn't really notice. I think they're just back to norm now.
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yeah, I agree it is great stuff for helping us persons who do not our pale, reddish complexions. Whenever I use it, I always get compliments - like, wow, you are looking great or you are looking younger or you have great colour although since I dont go too dark, most cant quite put their finger on what it is about me that looks better. lol. But, I cant help but be concerned about the unknown toxicities potentionally associated with this product as well as the unregulated manner in which it is made and sold. What really bothers me, is that I always get pain when I inject the fluid under my skin. Not pain from the jab or the injection site but pain from where the fluid is squirted and diffuses into the tissue... Is my body trying to tell me something? This is the same with multiple brands and sites that I have bought from. Others have the same experience? I use M1 btw. with light,
Wow amazing that your tan would last for so long.  Thanks for sharing your story. 

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