Dermsonic Was the Only Thing That Worked for Me!

I have tried all types of body treatments and have...

I have tried all types of body treatments and have never seen the results like I have with the Dermosonic treatments I received!

I have researched so many cellulite treatments and found this to be the most effective. Other treatments have been very uncomfortable at times as well as painful and caused bruising. They use ultrasound and a massager to break up the fat cells causing cellulite.

I noticed results within four 60 minute treatments and it was far more affordable than other treatments out there today!

Hi, I'm in MN as well, could you please post the name of the doctor you went to?
Had you tried the Velashape treatment before your Dermosonic treatment? I am trying to decide if I should do the Velashape....never heard of the Dermosonic. It sounds similar to the Velashape. Thanks!
Is it possible you could give the exact address as to were you went for the treatment and phone# I have been in search of a doctor In new york and so far have not found one. Thank you in Advance
Name not provided


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