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I had acne for about 4 years (High school yrs :( ...

I had acne for about 4 years (High school yrs :( .Accutane took care of this in 10 month-I wish my doctor prescribed it earlier-However, I was left with 3 scars on my left cheek and I never even knew that plastic surgeons could do anything about them.[0.7 cm hypopigmented & indented scar]

I went last month to a local plastic surgeon who performed 'on spot' dermabrasion for free and told me he would charge me only if we saw ‘very significant’ improvement.I so trusted him. 10 days later I went to him again for a follow up appointment. The area was red & needed 1 more mm to reach 'no indentation' level .It became however,less hypopigmented...

The surgeon injected very little mount of filler and of course I saw an immediate result. Now I see no indentation at all but the area is still red(less than last week) but with even less hypopigmentation.

I am applying Petroleum creams and covering it when I go out. I will give it an 85% so far.

For pain..He injected a very littel amount of lidocaine prior to the procedure and i felt nothing.

I will keep you posted. Pray for me!

Updated on Jan 8, 2009:

This is my 4 weekly updates..

Redness:less by 15% -but still red


Overall satisfaction: 85%..I hope i find out how to fix hypopigmentation!

Updated on Feb 5, 2009:

I had been 2 months now. I can confidently say that there isn't any indentation at all. The redness however is less by 40%.

Glad to read your comments and I am willing to share my experience because I feel I owe 'Dermabrasion'!

After 2 months I can see how difficult for someone to get the full face dermabrasion due to its final results are worth it.

I have seen pictures of people who did this and I have to say that it is a brave decision as it has both psychological and financial (time off work) liabilities.

My overall satisfaction is still high: 85%

Thanks for your wishes

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I wonder what the results would look like if he hadn't used any filler... I see that this was posted in 2009. How do your scars look now?
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It has been about five months now.I have to say I am happy! The redness is a 'no problem' to me but I have recently noticed that the redness decreases in the mornings and 'flushes' by the end of the day. The redness has lessend by 60% but not gone! at a glance.. The procedeure seems to have done a very good job..i will keep you posted! pray for me.
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Yes, please share your drs. name.
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Hi Oncall, We can post the name of your provider in your review for you.
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Which doctor did you go to in nyc?
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The pigmentation came back for me after a long time.
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Did you have hypopigmentation before the dermabrasion?
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Yes DTtrf03! I did. It was a complication from my acne. I think there isn't a way to get the colour back to normal. I read about tattooing and melanocyte transplantation but none seem to make sense to me [If anyone has a better idea, shoot!] The main lesson I learned about this procedure it is excellent for resurfacing and it does not interfere with colour changes(If it was done by a good surgeon). So far I see no indentation at all and the area is only red around the edges. The redness has not gone away completely yet! I have 4 really superficial pox scars (not as deep as this acne scar) I am planning on dermabrading those as well [soon]. My plastic surgeon told me I will see better results with these (results are totally depth dependent). I hope I am of use to you.
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