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The sudden onset of the crepey, wrinkling...

The sudden onset of the crepey, wrinkling appearance of skin on my thighs is what sent me in search of the cause of it and something to treat it. I had multiple different types of laser and skin tightening treatments, but nothing helped or even gave any sign of improvement. I am 47 and seemingly overnight at the age of 46 I looked at my legs and was horrified. From what I have read it appears that the change in my skin is the result of a hormone inbalance and the contributing loss of collagen and elastin.

I stumbled upon this treatment with the premise that the needling causes trauma to the skin and stimulates your body to create new collagen in the healing process with no damage to the dermis. Well, it works. I use a 1.5mm roller (not the "DermaRoller" brand)and have rolled twice. The results are amazing. Lets just clarify that I don't have the skin of a 20-year old, but I can comfortably be seen in shorts again without being self conscious of my wrinkly legs.

The skin on my legs has become thicker and tighter, as well as smoother. I have used the roller on my face/neck and arms also with great results.

I'm not going to lie and tell you that it's an easy thing to do. It is a little painful at first, but it gets easier as you go. It is also a little time consuming (about 30 minutes on each leg), but I only do it every 6 weeks and after my 3rd treatment I plan on only doing it twice a year.

I watched a video on youtube and also on another site to learn the proper rolling technique. I sterilize the roller before and after rolling and quite often during each rolling session. I apply a vitamin c serum before and after as well, and then a vitamin e oil on top of that. The rolling allows a rapid and deep absorption of these vitamins and moisturizes. I also take oral vitamin c daily.

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What size roller did you use on your face!?? Did you notice a big difference and how often did you do it?? What vit c serum did you use after?? Thank you as I just got my rollers, (1.0 for my face) and (1.5 for my legs)
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I used a 1.5 on both my face and my legs. I rolled every six weeks. I use obagi c rx serum and I use a 20% strength, but it's expensive and you may want to consider a lesser strength at first as it is quite potent and stings at that strength if you haven't used it before. I had great results and haven't rolled in quite some time, but I'm thinking of doing it again. It really did improve the texture and thickness of my skin as the collagen was rebuilding. I think that I stopped rolling after getting good results because it was so time consuming.
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Yes, Terri, I have been on bio identicals for about five years now. It's hard to know their effects, I guess I would only know if I stopped using them, and I won't be doing that! If nothing else, the derma roller is very good for product absorption. It is also recommended a lot for hair growth serums, which I find helpful, as those serums are troublesome to apply, and you really don't know the condition of your follicles, so the derma stamp is added insurance that you are getting to the "root" of the problem!
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Wow, thirty minutes on each leg? Well, this must be why you are getting results! So you get bloody? I have done the front of my thighs and my upper arms, but not for nearly as long, maybe ten minutes total. If this is how you get results, I will definitely invest the time. BTW, I know exactly what you mean about that skin above your's not fair!
  • Reply's not fair! I do spend that much time. Cross rolling which is the proper technique takes time. My legs do get little blood specs. I only do it every few months now. My face is where I have seen the best results. I used to get botox and I haven't had botox in over a year. I'd like to add that started seeing a doctor that specializes in hormone therapy in November and the biodentical hormones that I'm taking may also be contributing to the improvement in my skin.
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I. Am a guy trying this..I'm am 24 yrs. Old and using this dor a burn you push the needlings all the way into the skin while rolling? Someone asked this up top but wasn't giving a straight answer.. I hear some people say. The needlings should only stimulate and on youtube videos, the dimistration shows the needle go all the way into the skin to the base of the roller. I'm using a 1.5 so should the needles be pushed 1.5mm into the skin?
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You roll firmly. The needles should fully penetrate. Keep in mind that you choose a roller with the desired length of needle based upon what you would like to achieve. The needle can only go as deep as the length that you select. I personally haven't rolled with a needle length of more that 1.5mm
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Maybe I should clarify......I didn't use the same roller over and over. Of course it needs to be replaced. My imitation brand has worked just fine.
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Did you push the needles all the way in? I have seen a couple methods and am not sure what to do.
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Hi Terrin, 

I'm so glad this worked for you and you are comfortable with shorts again. Thanks for the review, a number of community members often have mixed reviews of this so I'm glad you were happy with it. Pictures would be cool if you are comfortable. 



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