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Hi, I am a now 33 year old male with lower eyelid...

Hi, I am a now 33 year old male with lower eyelid hereditary eye bags. I have had them for many years but as I reached my late 20s they seemed to double over and when I smiled sat on my cheeks, Constantly looking tired even though I am a very fit young man, I always felt my eyes aged me greatly, I visited 5 different consultants to get the best possible information and finally bit the bullet and on the 6/12/13 had the surgery knowing I had the Christmas to recover. My right eye as can be seen from photo is perfect and my left eye is still swollen but, I am assured it will continue to settle.

Week 1 Swelling on one eye

Week 1 swelling and asymmetry

Week 1 was tough looking at bruises and stiches, First night my right eye swelled even though was icing and keeping upright, During the surgery the doctor explained he would take every precaution but some leakage may be possible.
I didn't think I would look like I had a fight with Rocky Balboa.
This picture was taken just before I had stiches out, My swollen eye was slightly pulled looking but this is due to the swelling. I will post week 2 next

Week 2 looking more normal

After stiches came out and a reassuring chat with the Dr, I was ready to face the world again. The Dr was very happy with the healing and reminded me of the amount of internal stitching and work that was done and fat repositioning. They Muscles around the eyes are layered and swelling can cause pulling in different directions in time it will settle. I am noticing the really good contour on my eye and the tear troughs have disappeared on the good eye, fingers still crossed for my swollen eye.
I was a little concerned with the stitching on my swollen eye as it looked to tight but this was swelling. slight scar on left and right eye from orbital muscle suspension. plenty of Bio oil and Arnica cream for me.

Week 2 Photo

Week 3 its coming around

Week 3 is the week where I was getting a bit of confidence back and that I had made the right decision. Fearful of all that could go wrong and looking at all that bruising and swelling and scarring over the past 2 weeks my confidence was running low, but mid way week 3, I could see potential in the results. I still had a very visible bruise on my left eye but tear troughs and eye symmetry had improved significantly.I could see my good eye the left eye was really good and if the bruised eye healed to that level I would be happy. Every day brings improvement and its important to stay strong.

Photos to add

Week 4

Hi again, 4 weeks in and had my revisit to surgeon, my right eye has healed perfectly and continues to progress, my left eye on the other hand still has bruising, as can be seen from the photos. Having endured such a large bruise for so long it has still left its mark and waiting for that to disappear, the doctor was concerned that the haemotoma had not fully cleared and applied pressure to the eye to disperse the lump, which has given me a further mini black eye,I am told this will clear but 50/50 if a small rework of that eye may be needed, a follow up appointment in 2 months to see effects.and daily massage on eyes for next week to help everything settle .
Getting a bit fed up but I understand the doctors opinion it was just unfortunate that one vein leaked so much and caused a delayed healing . Keeping the Faith,
Satish Chawdhary

Dr Satish an Ocular surgeon with vast experience in Ocular surgery put me at ease and explained everything in huge detail.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Looking fab! I've just had my stitches removed from upper & lower bleph. Ups & Downs.. Mood changes by the hour! Found your posts interesting, informative & inspiring. Good luck for continued recovery & healing!
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thanks very much! I am 12 weeks post op, I really need to update this but I will do after 3 month visit shortly....
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Fab! Will be good to see updated pics! I'm so sick of my swelling at the mo.. Keep feeling really fed up.. Looking forward to not having itchy, dry eyes.. And hopefully an improvement in the luggage dept!
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Looking good!  That bruise was huge- glad things are settling and you are feeling more normal again :)
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It is looking good. Good choice.
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Your story reminds me so much of mine!  Were your incisions inside your eyelid/transconjunctive?  I can't see any scarring from your after pic.  I think you look great for being about a month out. 
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Hi Jill, no it was outside just under lash, Dr explained that because he was ocular surgeon he new all ducts and veins to avoid so he went as close as possible also because no skin was removed a even scar healed and no marks. Really pleased with that myself, I was inspired by your quality post to do my own. I will put up week by week photo progress shortly
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Wow your surgeon did a great job!  I'm glad you will do weekly updates, it is so helpful to anyone considering this surgery or going through the healing process to know they are not alone.  Glad my review helped you!
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