3 Week Post Op Breast Implants and Lift - Denver, CO

5'6" , 125 pounds, 36 years old had 275cc sub...

5'6" , 125 pounds, 36 years old had 275cc sub muscular implant with lift. Expected pain - as this is 2 major surgeries. However, the pain is exhausting, deflating, and draining and way more than anticipated. Had a hard time managing pain since the minute I came out of surgery. From a 2 and half hour surgery, took over 5 hours in post op. stopped pain meds after 3 days because I couldn't take the side effects, and they didnt really work, but perhaps that was my first mistake to not continue. (Note - i metabolize pain meds and sedation, muscle relaxants very different than most people)

On pain scale of of 0 to 10, 10 being that you want to cry, I wake up everyday at a 7. Takes me a couple hours to get moving and get pain down to 4 or 5 at best. By the time I go to bed, I am back to a 7 or 8. Days are long, pain is more than I expected and am questioning when I will feel even slightly normal again. I only took 5 days off of work and that likely was my second mistake. Worked on computer in slow mode for next week - didn't feel like I did a lot but apparently taking a solid 2 weeks off is HIGHLY recommended and even doing your make up and driving very short distances is too much.

Pain is achy, shooting knife like, switches from side to side on any given day and nipples feel like I have nursed 25 babies for hours at a time. Beyond hyper sensitive and sore. Miserable is the word that comes to mind. Tightness is very tough - still hard to breath. Very frustrated at this point and really questioning my decision. Really like my doctor and they say I am healing correctly but completely underestimated pain and really went in expecting the very worst and even that was not enough. Sleeping is tough - sitting up. Once I sleep I stay asleep for a good 8 hours but getting up is awful. I am REALLY hoping this week is better because I am not sure how much longer I can take this (not that I have any options) but looking for any insight, advice, shared stories etc. It helps to hear words of encouragement. Note: cost is Doctor, hospital and anaestia.

Hello All- Had a post op today and my doctor saw first hand the extended pain as she massaged them, touched the nipples etc and saw me go through the ceiling. The good news, is that the boobs are healing really well, scars look way better than expected at this stage. No infection, hematoma's etc. What she thinks is that this surgery triggered some nerve issues in my body. (my whole body hurts - boobs, skin, arms, legs, etc). So put me back on full pain meds plus some for a few days just to try to get the "fire" out ( i will actually take them all this time) and she is researching some medications for nerve pain (Lyrica, etc) with a pain specialist. She noted she has never seen someone come out of anesthesia as early as I did and the effort it took to get my pain under control the day of surgery. She said she now understands why I tell docs that I metabolize meds differently than most people. So on the good side, the boobs look great, and are healing really well - just going to focus on the nerve issues now. @BirthdayBoobies - not sure if this helps you at all. But at minimum, I feel better that I have been heard, I have been understood, empathized with and have some plans to try. So be open and very detailed with your doc, and I hope you get a good plan in place too. My doc really is amazing. She is the top doc in Colorado (hence the higher price tag that I paid) and for a good reason. I am pretty sure I am an extreme anomaly situation, and I hope I will love them as much as most women do...soon! Will continue to update. Thanks all who have posted with stories and encouragement - it REALLY does help!
Hi MB I will be 4 weeks post op tomorrow and I have to say that I am in a very similar situation. For me, nights are the worse. I am still sleeping on a wedge pillow. My nipples are not as sensitive as you describe but my breast themselves are very sore and painful and still tend to swell. I wake up with hard breast that hurt after being woken several times each night because of the pain. I feel like between weeks 3 and 4 I did make a leap of progress. At week 3, the constant pain had me frustrated and discouraged. The early weeks I was optimistic and the pain was expected. At this point, like you, I am desperate for some relief. I too was told that I am healing correctly and that I will "feel many levels of discomfort over the next 4 to 6 months". I like my doctor and trust him and his reputation however I know that I do have a good pain tolerance and this just seems too much when I hear from other people. Just wanted to let you know you aren't the only one.
Thank you so much for sharing! It does help so much when you hear that you are not the only one. And you described the the exact part that is the most frustrating is the hardness you feel each morning. Did you have both BA and a lift? Are you massaging? I try to a couple times a day, but it is really hard with the pain. I think this is a ordeal that is not a 1 + 1 = 2 times the healing, but that 1 + 1 = 3+ the times of healing. I go in for my 3 week post op on Friday and will share any tips I get, because I am not leaving until I have some options!!
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