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Upper Respiratory Reaction with Invisalign - Denver, CO

The first 24 hours were fine except they were very...

The first 24 hours were fine except they were very hard to get out. This got better over time. But very soon I developed a funny dry cough. I didn't feel like I was getting sick, just had a persistent cough. It grew worse over a couple days and I began to suspect the new clear braces. I realized that I stopped coughing soon after taking them out!

I googled "Invisalign Allergic Reaction" and got several hits. Others had the same problem, some accompanied by nausea. Yikes! My new plan to correct my bite has hit a wall! My ortho never heard of this, but I cited the pages on-line. He is currently contacting his Invisalign rep and will get back to me. Waaah! I don't wanna be a metal mouth again at this age!

Dr. Rudman

My son used Dr. R and he and his staff are pleasant, professional and effective providers.

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My daughter had a reaction to Invisalign--swollen tongue, lips, and cough on the first day. The cough persisted for two weeks.

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My son started with invisalign yesterday. This morning he woke up with a swollen tongue, sore throat and sores on his tongue and back of his throat. He also had a rash on his hands, feet, forearms, calves and stomach. I started to investigate allergic reaction to Invisalign. Their website doesn't say anything about this but the pamphlet says it is rare to have a reaction. While investigating I'm finding that these symptoms are not that rare. It seems to be happening to a lot of people. They need to give consumers this information as a warning!
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My husband has had a dry cough, and sores in his mouth that started about the same time he started using his invisalign. I have all sorts of allergies - food and environment, so knowing my reactions, we eliminated all the usual suspects from his diet to no avail. When we suggested to his ortho that he stop wearing the invisalign to test, his ortho said that the FDA monitors and approves these things so it was probably something else.

Incidently, the FDA sent a warning to Align Tech for not reporting these sorts of complaints. (Its posted on the FDA website.) Thanks for the tips about the hypoallergenic materials.
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Unfortunately, my wife, who also suffers from allergies, kept using the Invisalign trays for over seven months until she finally removed them in February. The dentist continued to tell her that the company assused him that everything was alright with the product. Eventually, they admitted that people with allergies can have problems. The are not admitting that the problems can be severe. Glad you husband didn't keep the Invisalign's in very long
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The company, Invisalign makes another version from a different material that is hypoallergenic, but the ortho has to contact his/her company rep and insist on getting new trays made from the hypoallergenic material.

I would push this ortho and show him/her the on-line evidence of other patients with this problem. My ortho had never heard of it, but he listened!
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My wife tried a second time to wear the trays after she was assured thru her ortho that the company made this set of trays and they were hypoallergenic.

Ten minutes after putting the upper tray in, she experience shortness of breath and hives returning. Immediately took the tray out and washed her mouth out and still had hives last night.
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Did her ortho tell her to stop wearing the trays immediately once she told him/her of the breathing problems? If not, switch orthos. That is unacceptable. If the company has the hypoallergenic trays for these cases, then it obviously is admitting that there is a problem. Good luck. I didn't know of FDA's involvement. I'll look it up. Thanks.
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My wife has had hives for most of this year. On Feb. 27, she removed the invisalign trays and slowly she is getting over the hives. Her Ortho told her the sales rep had not told him about problems with people that have allergies, asthma, ot similiar problems. They have a procedure for doing trays differently in those situations. Problem is, myh wife suffered hives and breathing problems for three months. Why didn't the company tell the provider of this alternative. They have not responded to me when I ask about this problem. Maybe why FDA got involved in Nov. 2010.
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Invisalign is aware of the problem and will correct it. My ortho contacted them and they replaced the trays with their hypoallergenic version made from a different material. So far, they're working great and no coughing or other side effects!
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That's great news. Yay! Who knew they made hypoallergenic trays? :)

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please somebody help me. I have varicose veins and I noticed they are getting worse since I put in the second tray..Has anyone had headaches after putting in aligners. also the roughness of aligners is causing blisters in my lip..help I paid a lot of money for these things
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It seems you have other systemic diseases.There is no relation between varicose and Invisalign .Invisalign is a costly treatment.
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Wow, I've never heard of an allergic reaction to Invisalign. I'm curious what your dentist says after talking to the Invisalign rep, so please keep us posted!

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