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I have 3 beautiful children, but they did a number...

I have 3 beautiful children, but they did a number on my tummy. I gained 60 pounds with each of them, and was already overweight when I got pregnant with each. So, I have been up and down the scale about 85 pounds. I am finally at a normal BMI and the only thing to stick around through my weight loss is my ugly, fat tummy. I have been this weight before, but my tummy NEVER looked this bad at this weight. I decided it was time to say goodbye to the tummy and I'm very happy with my decision.

Pre-op apt is scheduled for July 12th. I am so excited I can hardly stand it! However, I know it will be a rough road. I have read many other's stories about their journies through the process and have found them helpful, so here goes the beginning of my journey!

I have my pre op on Tuesday and I'm very...

I have my pre op on Tuesday and I'm very excited. All I can think about is that I'm going to have a new tummy very soon. I need to do something to take my mind off this!! but it's very difficult.

Pre op was yesterday and it was very informative....

pre op was yesterday and it was very informative. They gave me all my meds and a shopping list for things I'll need post op. They also took my before pics...not the most fun I've ever had. I have my packet with me and find myself reading it over and over. The procedure is also paid for and I got approved for 10 days off work. I sometimes can't believe it's actually going to happen! 2 more weeks!!

Omg, I just bought a bikini to take before and...

omg, I just bought a bikini to take before and after pics. Also bought some post op necessities and did meal planning...

I got the job offer i wanted and I just gave 2...

I got the job offer i wanted and I just gave 2 weeks notice at my job. I start a new one aug job, new tummy! t minus 4 days...

Only 2 full days of an ugly tummy left. I'm...

only 2 full days of an ugly tummy left. I'm pretty nervous.

On my way to the surgery center!! just said...

on my way to the surgery center!! just said goodbye to my kiddos.

At home, drugged up. not too bad unless I move,...

at home, drugged up. not too bad unless I move, lol. lipo areas hurt the most so far. I have a pain pump for the tummy.

I woke up this morning with a little more pain...

I woke up this morning with a little more pain than yesterday. I may have waited just a smidge too long to take my pain meds. I also think my pain pump is running out of juice. I go in today for my first post op and I'll have them refill it. I have some major swelling and bruising of my labia, particularly the left side that worried me, but between realself and talking to my ps last night I was put at ease. not using my abs is a slight challenge when trying to get out of be. that my also have exacerbated my soreness.

Painwise, today is worse. VERY sore and I can...

Painwise, today is worse. VERY sore and I can feel my incision. will be glad to see the doc today..and see my tummy. I will also have a tummy massage, which kind of worries me. it's hard to imagine someone touching it.

Finished with the doc apt. Got to see my belly. ...

Finished with the doc apt. Got to see my belly. it's super swollen but I definately see a big difference, and major curves :). I had a gentle massage to encourage healing and my lymphatic system. it didn't hurt, but made me a bit nauseous. I'm feeling ok now. I'll be back in bEd soon!

Day 2 post op and I really can feel the pain...

Day 2 post op and I really can feel the pain starting to leave. Still sore, but getting better all the time. I took a shower today and it felt great, but putting my binder and cusion thing back on definately required help from my hubby. It was also challenging figuring out how to manage the drains and pain pump. There will be no quick showers until those suckers ar out, lol.

I like how flat my belly is, but the puckering and buldges by my insicion are a little concerning. The nurse yesterday said everything look good so I guess it's normal.

I am so far very happy I did this.

My pain pump ran out of juice, so my hubby and I...

My pain pump ran out of juice, so my hubby and I took it out. it's nice to have one less thing hanging out of me! However, taking on and off a garment really took it out of my. I am pretty sore now. now time for meds and bed! I'll try to post the pic I took today tomorrow. Wish I could do it from my iPhone!

BTW, I'm feeling a lot more in my tummy. it's...

BTW, I'm feeling a lot more in my tummy. it's super tight and a bit uncomfortable. may have something to do also with not having a BM...

I am so swollen and bloated right now I can hardly...

I am so swollen and bloated right now I can hardly stand it. I'm having a WTF did I do moment. Everything looks so funky right now. I took a shower and looking at my bloated swollen body was a little depressing. Man, my tummy hurts!

Day 6 po and I feel like I've turned a corner. I...

day 6 po and I feel like I've turned a corner. I can stand up much straighter and the pain has decreased immensely. My only concerns are that one of my drains put out a large amount of fluid overnight and the consistency was really thick, almost mucusy. Also, there is a crease right in the center if my belly at my belly button, vertical a little above and a little below. I'm assuming that is because of swelling. Overall, I feel way better today than I have since surgery day. Hoping the day stays on this positive note!

So I was having a pretty decent day, until my 3...

so I was having a pretty decent day, until my 3 year old decided it was meltdown time right after my husband left to take my son to football. It felt like all the good that had been done was undone. My grandma is here to suposedly help, but she wasn't a help at all at that point. I guess I expected too much from both of them. For future reference, don't expect to be able to handle an unreasonable 3 year old on your own this early in the game. I am SPENT.

One week post op...I walked a couple blocks to...

One week post op...I walked a couple blocks to pick up my daughter from her first day of kindergarten and it almost killEd me. Most pain I've had so far. won't be doing that for a little while longer.

Went to the ps today. had bb stitches and one...

Went to the ps today. had bb stitches and one drain removed. If my output on the last one remains low my hubby can take it out for me. As long as it's out my Monday, I'll be happy. Brand new job Monday!! I can't believe it. I need to remember to take it slow and easy. I got a refil of pain meds I can take after work if I need it. I'm still swollen, but I can wear a nice tight shirt and show off my new figure. Guess I need to go buy some new shirts! I drove today and was out an about and think I was just this side of a little too much. But each day is definately better.

Woo hoo!! I'm drain free. can't believe the...

woo hoo!! I'm drain free. can't believe the relief I feel! Now I feel the real healing can begin! If I wasn't sore, I'd do a little dance

I had such a rough night last night. Kept having...

I had such a rough night last night. Kept having coughing fits. I never knew how painful coughing could be. I also think my husband is tired of me being incapacitated to a degree. He's having so much attitude now about needing to pick up my slack. like he's trying to make me feel bad. I start a new job Monday and need to take it extra easy and it's going to be a he'll weekend if my husbands attitude doesn't change.

Why can't I get rid of this GAS! I've taken gas x...

why can't I get rid of this GAS! I've taken gas x a few times and it's NOT helping. Makes for a little extra discomfort. On a positive note, I LOVE that I can wear tighter clothing! can't wait to show off the new bod

I'm 2 weeks and 2 days po and I'm sure I would be...

I'm 2 weeks and 2 days po and I'm sure I would be feeling much better had I not a)started work too soon and b)gotten a cold with a cough. Coughing is so painful! I'm spending the weekend doing nothing and hopefully will be a new woman by Monday.

Additionally, I may have an infection in the mons area. It became very swollen and red as I went back to work. PS prescribed me new anti biotics and said to keep an eye on it. said it should resolve over the weekend and if it doesn't, they may need to reopen me and drain the area. I'm hoping it was not an infection and will resolve!! I think it already looks a bit better.

My belly button is tiny, my scar is puckered, I swell like crazy and I have unevenness on both hips. I knew this stuff would happen, but looking at myself sometimes make me "WTF". I know I need to focus on healing, and keep my "eye on the prize" but today has been a little rough. I look forward to the day when I can definitively say I am happy I did this.

I tried on some new clothes today and realized how...

I tried on some new clothes today and realized how VERY happy I am I did this for myself. Everything looked good on me. I love my new body and can't wait for everything to settle into its final shape. Doc said I didn't need to wear my garment also and it feels so liberating, and a bit scary. I may use spanx if i start to get uncomfortable

I'm 8 weeks post op now and though I'm mostly...

I'm 8 weeks post op now and though I'm mostly happy, I hate that I still have uneven lumps and bump around my scar an mons area. Doc said it should still even out over time, but for some reason I'm not as certain he is right. I guess if it's still an issue at the 6 month mark, we'll talk revisions. I'll take some pics later tonight and post them. I like my flat tummy and how I look in clothes! I just need to focus on weight management and not focus on the stupid lumpiness.
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Ruby, you are looking good! How are you feeling??
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Thank you! I feel great. I started to walk 2 miles a day and will eventually evolve that into a more involved work out. I still have soreness in the lipo areas, but my tummy usually feels just fine. Only occassional twinges. Your results also look great!
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Hi Ruby! We are TT buddies, I am 8weeks post op too. I am glad you are healing well, give your lumps time, at least 6 months, focus on being healthy! Can't wait to see you pics.
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Hi Ruby - your headline made me have a look at your post as thats exactly how I feel just now. My surgery was 27th also - my swelling is crazy, scar is puckered, I have stretch marks that were sewn together in the middle and these are puckered I am really worried this part won't settle down as at either end of the scar its pretty smooth. I have bad bruising you will be able to see from my pics, my bb is looking a bit better now not as red the dissolvable stitches came out the other day but all in all I wish I could fast forward a few months as its one thing having a jelly belly at least you can hide it, my swelling gets so bad its hard I look pregnant so there is no hiding it!! At least I know its not just me and others are going through the same thing so it must be "normal" don't see my ps for another 4 and a half weeks!
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I am sad for you that you are having a tough day. We all have them. I did my surgery shortly after yours (aug 5) and I have followed a couple ladies journeys on here who have similar tummies as mine so I can know what to expect results wise. I can honestly say that your after pics really inspired me. You look fantastic. Even if the scar isnt perfect you have a flat tummy that is so much better than where you started. Take some more after pics so you can really see how great you look.
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You look great. Thanks for posting pre & post op pics. It really helps those of us still interviewing docs.
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Oh, no! regarding the walking! I made a similar mistake during my recovery. :) Hope you don't hurt so badly tomorrow!
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You are looking good! Now slow it on down w/ the walking as you need some more recovery time. You'll get there but this is a bit too soon. Hang in there.
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Ouch! Sounds like you did too much. Are you still taking pain meds?
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I didn't take them yesterday early so I could drive and took some before my walk, but it did not help. Had to really lay down and sleep when I got home. I'm glad today was so much better
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You are looking fantastic! Are you able to give your PS's name? I live in C/S and was wondering if I should start looking at Denver plastic surgeons.
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You are early in the game and that swelling will go away.  It's very exciting to watch the changes take place right before your eyes.

Hang on and soon you will feel better.

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Ruby, awesome pics. You are going to be so happy once the swelling goes down and your incision is cleaned up and has dried up a bit. I wish I knew how to put my pics together as you have, it helps to see them next to each other to get a better idea of before and after. I was able to in the Word programme but when I tried to post them, they would not upload ???

I hope you are able to have a BM soon and feel better. You are looking sore, so don't overdo it and rest as much as you can. I hope you are ready to start your new job on the 8th - you really need to give it some serious thought before you rush back to work.

You are going to look great, you did so do the right thing :)
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thanks Robyn for the encouraging words. I have found this site extremely helpful in relieving some of the anxiety in this process. thanks again for your time, and everyone else who puts effort into this.
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Your results are so amazing. Congratulations. I hope I look this good!
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You look fantastic girl....
  • Reply look FANTASTIC! So happy for you. It must feel great already! Hope you feel as good as you look!
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Seeing all these pics together makes me feel good! I know there is an enormous ammount of swelling still and can't believe it will look even better in the future!
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Can't wait to see your "after" pics! My belly looks so similar to yours before. I have 10 days until my day is here! Hope you are recovering well!
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You definitely need to have the BM.  If you get all backed up it is going to hurt.  Get some MOM on board.

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I can see I'm a bit smaller under the binder, but will hopefully see more results today when they take off my binder and check my bandages. by the way, I'm posting from my iPhone, so it's super easy, but prone to typos, lol.
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Ruby, well done. You are on the upside now. Hang in there and take those pain meds !!! Don't wait for the pain to return, take them 4 to 6 hourly for the first few days. Rest easy and don't try to do too much too soon. I Will be checking on your progress and wish you well on your road to recovery. Look forward to seeing your PO Pics. Take care. Regards Robyn
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So glad to see you feel well enough to post! From what I have been reading it seems that day 2 and 3 are the worst so you will be past that soon enough! Hope it went well at the doctor today! Can you already feel a difference? I am leaving now for my excited!
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Thank you for checking in with us:)   Keep the drugs on board and rest girlie.

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Today is your day! Thinking about you and hoping you have an easy recovery!
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