4 weeks 3 days PO new pics!

Im a 28 year old mother of 3 Boys. and a lucky...

im a 28 year old mother of 3 Boys. and a lucky wife of almost 10 years. im 5'9" and 163 lbs. my boys are 6, 4, and 18 months, they weighed 8.6lbs, 7.3lbs and 10.5 lbs. I gained 75 the first 50 the second and 90 the 3rd pregnancy. my body has been beat up. ive been talking my husband into this since my first born. im so excited. 19 days to go

I forgot to tell you guys I am getting a tummy...

I forgot to tell you guys I am getting a tummy tuck, lipo on my hips and I have something called an accessory breast. it is a fat bubble under my right armpit that is being removed. I hate it looks horrible in tank tops. I have had it since I can remember. and another thing. I am traveling 7 hours to my PS. he says I can leave right after the surgery all the way home. has any one else traveled right out of surgery? curious how that went?

So tomorrow is my pre-op. it is on the phone since...

so tomorrow is my pre-op. it is on the phone since I live so far away. im so excited and have a bunch of questions. I have the best support from all my friends and family. a few of my friends want surgery but they said there gonna wait and see how mine goes. lol. I don't mind paving the way. I cant wait to walk into my closet a grab a shirt with out looking to see if its too tight. I know its a long recovery but well worth it. my main concern about healing is I have a 30 lbs 18 month old. my husband is off for 12 days after surgery to do it all with the 3 boys, but you thing after 12 days I can handle it or should I line out some help?
I am 12 days post op w a 9, 6 , & 1year old who weighs 23 lbs. My 2 oldest help me put my little one up in places when I need help. I have been on my own during the day since day 7 & I'm actually carrying my little one for a few seconds at a time, its tiring but I really missed it! Your baby is a little bigger so he might me more gelpful than mine who just started walking the week of my surgery. Best of luck, you'll do fine!
that's awesome to know. thank you so much!! its been heavy on my mind. good luck to you and your recovery.

Today i had my pre-op on the phone. Thanks to...

Today i had my pre-op on the phone. Thanks to reading you gals's stories i pretty much new everything i needed to! But i did find out i have to stay the night the day of surgery at a motel so they can take the packing off. I bummed cause my doc said i could just go home right after. Guess not. Ots a 7 hour drive home so i guess stayin the night is a good idea,just in case. They got my payment yesterday so im ready to go. 13 days!!

I met to ask. My TT is a no drain one. Has any one...

I met to ask. My TT is a no drain one. Has any one had a No drain TT
I just had a drainless TT. I personally liked the fact that I didn't have to deal with drains but there is always a possibility that you might need them. I would ask in detail what your PS plans to do regarding this type of procedure and how much experience he has. I had stitches or statures placed under the skin to eliminate any open space to decrease swelling and fluid buildup in the dead space. If your PS doesn't do this then I would be very concerned being that you would be more prone to complications because you don't have drains. Does your PS require you wear a compression garment after surgery?

I leave for Denver in one week! I got my blood...

I leave for Denver in one week! I got my blood drawn yesterday and got my pills to pack for trip. Tomorrow starts my kids spring break. So we are going to get out of town and do something fun. My husband is at work till Sunday so just me and my boys. I'm not nervous yet just excited. Still not looking forward to the long drive home after surgery. Any one else have a long drive home? Mine is 7 hours
Good luck!!! Mine was a drain free and I have done fine.. I left post op and we live just a little over a hour away you will need to stop hourly and walk..
Could you have handled a 7 hour drive?
With pain meds yes!

Leaving tomorrow for Denver. my pre op is...

leaving tomorrow for Denver. my pre op is Wednesday, then surgery on Thursday morning. if I don't write before surgery, wish me luck and pray that it goes good. I have 3 babies to get home to.
ive got my pillow wedges for motel and home. shower seat for home, old tank tops for under CG, pain meds, low sodium snacks for after.....etc. I think im set.
now a deep breath. finally starting to get nervous and feeling selfish. but I have a lot of people that love me and want to help. thank god for them!!!!
Good luck!
Good luck
I feel the same way. I am having mine on Wednesday. Good luck! See you on the flat side!!!

Less than 12 hours to go. I'm so nervous. I am in...

Less than 12 hours to go. I'm so nervous. I am in the motel because we live so far away. And I just said good night to my boys. It was so hard. I just want everything to go good. I wanna wake up. I'm not so scared about recovery, just waking up. I can tell my husband is nervous too. He is saying things like you are completely healthy why would you do this? After we have been planning it together for months. It feels like I have to be strong enough for both of us but I just want to melt down and have a good cry.
So pray for me !!!!!
good luck!!! i will send positive thoughts your way
I was also told that even though they do no-drain, there is a small chance I could get a drain placed if it seems I may need one. Here's hoping I don't!
Hey girl! By now you are out of surgery! I'm having a TT with Dr. Wolfe (Vaths business partner) next month! I'm also really glad you decided to stay on the hotel. I hope they have a recliner! Speedy recovery to you, I'm gonna keep checking in with you. My son will be 14.5 month when I get my surgery. He's a heavy baby, too! I have two older girls as well.

Went in at 8:30 this morning. We had to wait quite...

Went in at 8:30 this morning. We had to wait quite a while. We later found out another women having surgery, her husband went back to see her and got nausious and fainted. Lol. Me must have been way nervous for her. I went in put in iv and asked sme alot.of questions and went through after care.doc came i. And marked my. Kissed hubby and i remember nithin leaving that room. Just woke up what seemed 5 mun laterr. But i think itwass 2:30-3 some tme. When i woke up my stomach hurt bad. Not stabbng but EXTREME ab burning. Like doing 200000 crunches most pain was right under boobs . Could not feel incisiin or under arm. I cried and started shaking. And chatering ny teeth. I think i was in recovery for almost 2 hiurs. Standing was not as bad as i thought. Got in car around 4. M in motel bed now. It is 7:15. Very sleepy. Been slipping in and out been driinking water. And had like 3 salt free. Salteens and i little deal of apple sause. Stil in pain but managable walking doesnt hurt but u are hunched over. I went pee once since got ti motel and walked. I pray i sleep tonight. I dont think ill have a problem. Just pray for me that i can get my hubby up iff i need him. Any pray that i can handle a 7 to 10 hiurs ride home in morning after post op apt at 9:30. I am so druged right now. Hop u can read it!
Congrats on making it to the flat side...remember to stop and walk on the drive home...sending you prayers
i will keep praying for you!!!!
You made it through to the flat side - yay! Keep us posted, we're here for you!

I made it home. The long drive wasnt that bad. I...

I made it home. The long drive wasnt that bad. I slept alot. I'm very sore and I threw up toaday. That sucked felt like I ripped the top of stitches but I'm sure they will re fine. been moving from bed to recliner. Been sleepy most the time. My husband and his mother are here for kids and me. Just gonna sleep a few more days before I try to do anything. I'll try to get pic up
Glad to hear you made it home...take care and rest

PO 3. feeling not to bad my love handles ache the...

PO 3. feeling not to bad my love handles ache the most. my stomach is supper tight and hard. haven't had a problem sleeping. praying it get better everyday
You're nearing the end of the critical, tough post-op stage. Hang in there!
You are doing great... Looking good and it does get better every day
Looking great already! Here's to healthy and not too lengthy recovery!

It is PO day 4. It feels kinda like I'm ready for...

It is PO day 4. It feels kinda like I'm ready for a BM but I sit down and nothing happens. Been taking collase 3 time a day, any tricks I can try?
I swear on Mag07 which you can get at vitamin cottage, but it's not for immediate help. Prune juice, dulcolax, glycerin tips? Good luck, I'm sure that provide great release after you go!
It was 5 days for me. Every day I took 3 stool softners, ate a Fiber 1 bar (the one with 35% daily value of fiber) and drank about 1-2 cups of prune juice. I didn't want to take any chances. I would suggest a Fiber one bar, they work pretty well. Good luck!
Hello fellow Wyomingite! I bet by the time you read this you will have had the glorious number two! Lol....I don't go in for my mommy makeover until July first, but I heard that day four or five is the average day usually! Good luck in your recovery and thanks for sharing your story! I love there is a wyo gal on here other than me! ;0)

PO Day 5. Not to bad. Dont realy need pills...

PO Day 5. Not to bad. Dont realy need pills anymore. Just take them so i can sleep with out waking. I finally had a BM!!! Not much but should het things moving. Have had an appette more today. I coughed 2 times and sneezed once. That.was horrible. Get tje drian out of my armpit on thurs. It hasnt buged me to bad. Belly is still hard and swelled a bit. Bit i am the.most sore on love.handles. i dont take offCG but just to peek once a day.
Yay for day 5! How are your armpits healing up, I wish I had had that done at the same time. Your belly will be fabulous! It took me a good 6 days before I had a BM but, I wasn't eating much for the first 4 days or so. I say, MoM is where it's at ! That way you don't get that horrible cramping you get from a lot of stimulants or gas.
Fleet phosphor soda sold at Walmart.... Works in 30 mins....
Oh wait... Just found out it was taken off the market.... Sorry!

PO day 7. I got my drain out of armpit today. it...

PO day 7. I got my drain out of armpit today. it did not hurt at all. feeling pretty good. I went to store with my husband and our bag girl ( the one we always have) says, " how you feeling? your 4 year old told me they cut all the skin off your belly from having babies". LOL so I cant hind it from anyone, my children are spreading the news! oh well.
barley hunched over now. my love handle and back are still the sorest. I can feel tummy twitch here and there. I have 6 more days with my husband who is a GREAT help. but ive already heard from friends that wanna help when he leaves so I think it is all gonna work out great. The worst part is I wanna tackle my baby and chew on his fat lil legs! soon enough
im day 2 of being drug free, not even Tylenol

I have a bunch of pillow.wedges. but i wannt just...

I have a bunch of pillow.wedges. but i wannt just lay flat in bed when did u guys
I went in my bed day 8! It was heaven!
I was in the recliner for 3 weeks, then moved to the bed (with 2 pillows under my legs) for another week or so, then I went down to 1 pillow after that. I knew it was time to lay flat when I woke up in the mornings and had (unknowingly)kicked the pillow to the floor. Your body will tell you when it's time. I tried once too soon and ended up grabbing the pillows.
You look great. I hope I get just as great results. Did you stay over night in Denver or head home after recovery? I think we will head up night before and stay then head home after surgery. Not sure what to do, if there is problem be right there. Do you have any thoughts on that or what he recommended. Thanks

Well today i woke up feeling good. Made boys...

Well today i woke up feeling good. Made boys breakfast drove to town with family. Come home and cleaned a bathroom. I think i over did it. and my husband is in asshole mode. He needs to split more firewood because spring refuses to come. And build fence for a guy up the road. Ahhhh country life. Im worried that i need to take it easy. But too much to get done. And i am left with my 30 lbs baby in the crib. Lord help me get him out when he wakes up. Rrrrrrrr. Men are stupid somedays. So im sore. And relaxing while baby asleep then do laundry and dishes as slow as i can. Frustrating day!
Deep breath count to 10. Tomorrow will be better
It sucks to have a crappy day...sorry:( Try not to do anything that's not going to allow you to heal properly... Hope tomorrow is a better day
I had to laugh at that first picture you posted with your little boy! OMG, cute and funny all rolled into one! ha! Anyways...just wanted to tell you that you look awesome! Happy healing!!

Today I am PO 12. I feel fine. Took kid to...

Today I am PO 12. I feel fine. Took kid to preschool, went to store, laundry dishes, dinner. I feel fine. When my sides start to burn I know to sit down for a bit. Seems to work the last few days.
Take it easy ... Continue to listen to your body
Sorry you are having a bad day:( just look in the mirror and that should cheer you up...you look great! The first picture with your little boy cracked me up!! I hope you feel well and have a speedy recovery:)

Well. Im on my own now. Hubby left for 2 weeks...

Well. Im on my own now. Hubby left for 2 weeks today. And go figure i am so swollen and sore. The top of my stomach hurts, always has and does not feel flat to my ribcage like i thought. Is this normal? And my skin is all peeling. Is that normal? And i keep.getting goose bumps through the day. More than i ever have. Is this normal? Ill take some.pics tomorrow to put on.
You look great and you are just in the beginning of recovery. I am so excited to have mine done with Dr Vath. Cant wait to see your new pictures :)
You look great! Everything you are feeling is normal. You are way early in the healing process so your body, including your upper rib cage is going to change consistently with time. You really should take it easy though, even if there's a lot to be done. You can damage what was done and you spent good money to look that good so most things can wait! :)
You crack me up about hubby being in "asshole mode"!!!!! I keep think to myself, "he doesn't know what it is going to be like with me being down and out!!!" So the other day I told my husband that he probably needed to start reading some the blogs to know what to expect. He said he would. Especially men like we have from where we live. Their attitudes tend to be " pull yourself up by the boot straps and get on with it. Or buck up woman!" Lol...that would be the time I say take that hammer and shove it up your $!#%! So with that said, honor the healing process and your body! It will be better for EVERYONE in the family!

Feel better today. I think that bulge is because I...

feel better today. I think that bulge is because I am still not standing up all the way. when I stretch up a bit I think my stomach will start at my rib line. loving results in pics. and to think im still swollen. I would be happy if I looked like the pic now all day long. feel good now but it is the morning. will let you know

So I am busy with kids and life and shoving shit...

So I am busy with kids and life and shoving shit in my mouth! I am eating horribly. I normally don't eat extreme healthy but semi. And have maintained weight. But what do I do don't want to gain and haven't got on scale cause all u ladies gain so much or loose so much with water, I just don't want to look. ( maybe be brought down) thought I'd weight till I can do something about it. But I don't want to loose progress. Did any of you eat and eat and where okay? Lol...........think I might need to step on that scale. Not noticing any weight gain but I also live in sweat pants.
Yes a few weeks after surgery I was so hungry... It has slowed way down now..
you are looking great, please keep updates coming!

PO DAY 16 I think I'm having a bad day. Before I...

PO DAY 16 I think I'm having a bad day. Before I got out of bed this morning I instinctively streched. Not too bad.....until I tried to getup. So sore on my abs.
It is sat so I have all 3 boys who don't want to get along! That's fun by myself. Then my mother comes over and brings the boys mc Donald's and me a SALAD. ( like that's what I wanted) so much for eating my feelings today!
And I just am thinking to myself is this worth it? To sit on the toilet and beagle to see my vagina! All the slow hunched over crap when I could be fat and in a dog pile with my boys. Instead I'm yelling and screaming cause I'm stuck on my ass. When I say something to the boys I follow through and now I can't and the boys know. Rrrrr.
I'm sore. The house is a mess and I am wondering today if fat is better?
Hang in there! You aren't alone!
You aren't alone - we understand and man, I'm sorry that you're having to do so much so soon.
I hear you. even though I haven't been there, I'm sending you sister love and support!! I can only imagine but it totally makes sense that you are feeling this way. but man, its over and done. might as well surrender. the kids (I have three too) can act like crazy fools. let em know you won't forget and they will have tons of fun when you feell better and can catch em!! You're not having any dinner parties and we have years of wretched cleaning ahead of us. I think you need some practice being a neglectful blissfully unaware mama. lol you deserve it!! Hang in there. from what I've read, this feeling is normal, not that that helps! keep writing, keep whining, it will pass and then youll have to remind me when I'm feeling the same!

PO day18. The difference a few days make. I was in...

PO day18. The difference a few days make. I was in bed last night and could not fall asleep. So I moved the pillow wedge I had been using and replaced it with pillows. Man was that better. I woke up and was standing more upright than I have yet. I wonder if laying more flat streched my stomach muscles?
Today was the most normal day yet. I vacuumed, did dishes twice, cooked dinner and gave boys a bath. Took lots of breaks but was a good day.
I have been cutting the tape off my scar as it peels off. I still have most of it but since I started cutting it off it lifts new edges and will be off sooner than if I didn't mess with it. The tape is still not off my armpit but close. The back of my arm is numb. Guessing that is Normal part of healing. Didn't become numb till they pulled the drain out. My lower stomach is also numb. About to my BB. That has a big scab and stitch sticking out I don't dare mess with yet.
I'm doing good today hope I didn't over do it I'll let you know tomorrow!
Hey girl! Just checking on ya :D
I know just what you're going through, BUT it is temporary. I am 4 months po and the first 2.5 months was hell. The emotional roller coaster really sucked. You will have good days and bad days and you are still VERY early in the recovery process. It wasn't until I was into my 3rd month that I felt normal. I bet in time you will love your results. Hang in there, I promise it will get better :)
I didn't even know it was an option to not have the nurse. Awesome and so true! I'll be asleep!

I am 4 weeks 3 days PO. doing good. still wearing...

I am 4 weeks 3 days PO. doing good. still wearing my brace a lot. but when I leave house been putting on spanx for the last 3 days. when I am wearing spanx and jeans I feel like it was all worth it. but when im home im in sweat pants and a brace and I feel like "come on man this healing crap takes for ever!"i am finally standing straight up. I cant sleep on my side still. I almost did last night with a pillow behind my back, but woke up and knew I had to move back to my back, too sore. my stomach and sides feel sore like one big bruise al the time, just when touched or bumped, and I cant lift my arm up all the way. it feels like I have a ligament that has been cut and shortened. you can see and feel it poking out to when my arm is lifted. the back of my arm is numb too. it is driving me nuts. I am messaging it and stretching it. praying that it returns to normal. other than that I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can clean and walk around for a long time with out getting tired. it is more of a twinge I get on my abs that lets me know to sit down. but it is getting better and better. cant wait to start working out to get better results. wanna loose another 10 lbs then im good. I weigh 157 now, and im 5'9". I have been eating horrible so need to work on that. but feeling better every day! good luck to you al!!!l

Just got done at a birthday party. I walked in the...

Just got done at a birthday party. I walked in the door and all the girls said "take off your coat we wanna see" lol. Not even a hello! Wore spanx felt pretty good. Swollen from all the standing and runnin after kids, but i felt so good after they tild me how good i looked. First time i felt realy good about myself since the TT!
how is your recovery going? are you still happy with the results?
You look great! I have had several breast surgeries and lymph nodes removed from under my arm, you might want to ask for refer to physical therapy if this is not getting better. They can help you with stretching and range of motion .
Amazing how a few nice compliments will reconfirm we did the right thing, eh?! You have beautiful results. Very interesting that he put a drain in your arm pit, but not your TT incision... I think all PS's went to a different planet to receive their education! :) Congrats to the beautiful new you, happy healing!

6 Weeks PO

so today is 6 weeks. I feel good. the first 4 weeks suck. after that it is down hill. the top of my abbs still hurt when I get busy or lift a lot, but other than that im good. I still wear my spanx. love the way im looking in clothes. it is fun to go in my closet now. I have noticed however that my hips and thighs are HUGE. lol are we ever happy with our bodies! so im gonna loose 10 lbs and try to never bitch again! I am 5' 9' I weigh 158 and I want to be 145 to 150. I still where my CG to bed. at 5 weeks I could roll to my side but not with out CG. I still don't have full range of motion with my right arm but it is getting better. tried on a bikini......it could have been worse! that's what made up my mind about the 10 more lbs! lol. my scar doesn't look too bad but I realy could care less. a scar is way better than all that skin. plus im a mother of 3 boys, and a wife. who do I need to be showing off to? As long as im happy with myself. plus cant get rid of stretch marks, whats a scar? good luck to you all

6 week 6 days PO

6 weeks 6 days PO. tomorrow I leave for Denver for my check up on fri morn. ill let u know hoe it goes and post more pics. I feel great! busy busy! back to normal everythin have been for a week or 2. gonna work out soon, just walk okay from doc.
How did your 6 week appt go?
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