Upper/lower abs, hips, inner thighs tumescent lipo 34y.o.

I have battled weight since I was a teenager. I...

I have battled weight since I was a teenager. I am 5'6 and at my largest was 200lbs, but I usually hover between 140-150. I have a fairly small frame so it's all pudge and I hated myself naked, would sit in the closet and cry knowing everything in it makes me look terrible, and was really dreading an upcoming trip to FL with my husband. I work out, anywhere from 0 times a week to 5 times a week. I have a 16yo and a 4 yo. My husband was very supportive and told me to do what makes me happy. So off to my consultation I went. I decided to have my upper/lower abs, hips, and inner thighs done. Went in on the 15th and they got everything done in one session. I have experience with lidocaine not being very effective for me but knowing that the amount they can administer in one day is limited, I sucked it up. I'm not gonna lie, I was in pain. Some spots I felt nothing, others, I swear I felt everything. But remember, I'm the girl that the dentist always has to give extra shots to numb up before dental work. My body just doesn't take to lidocaine very well. I survived the procedure which lasted about 3-3 1/2 hours. I was there a bit longer because my BP plummeted every time I tried to stand. Although lidocaine seems to have little effect on me, everything else seems to give me exaggerated side effects, including the Demerol they gave. The nurse was fabulous and worked with me and tried different tricks until I was back up to 120/70'ish and off we went. They removed 4L. At home, I had some pain but mostly dealt with residual dizziness when ambulating while the Demerol slowly worked it's way out of my system. I basically slept for 2 days and woke up feeling mostly back to normal. I could see immediate results. I was down almost 5lbs the day after surgery. Today is post-op day 4 and I am swollen, bruised, and sore. Bi also worked a 13 hour shift last night. It was rough but I made it. I also tend to bruise easier than the average joe, so don't use me as typical results. But I can still see, through the swelling, that I am thinner looking. I am up a pound and a half from my pre-op weight. But I am not discouraged. I know this is part of the healing process. I will update with pictures as I continue my recovery.

Post-op day 4

Very swollen.

1 week post-op

Pain is getting better. Bruising isn starting to subside. At pre-op weight. Back to wearing compression piece most of day/night to try and help with swelling.

2 weeks post-op

Still tender. Hard lumps in most areas of lipo which nurse told me are areas of extreme inflammation and that activity, gentle massage, and compression garment would help to get rid of the lumps. Wearing compression garment 10-15 hrs/day. Down a pound and a half from pre-op weight. I look sooooo much better in clothes. No more rolls!!! Can't wait for the swelling and inflammation to continue to subside and get closer to my end result.

2.5 weeks post-op

Down 5lbs from pre-op weight (147 to 142). Lumps are starting to get smaller and I am feeling less tender. I can't get over how much better I look in clothes. No change in clothing size yet, but my muffin top isn't pouring out over my pants anymore. Confidence is way up. Very happy I did this. The discomfort is totally worth the results. Every day gets better. Take my advice, be good about your compression garment. I am certain I wouldn't have such positive results this early if I weren't religious about wearing it 12 hours per day minimum. Today was my first day in the second stage garment. Went from a large to a medium. It was tight, I am not gonna lie. But it is helping my thighs soooo much.

4 weeks post-op

Still lumpy but it gets better every day. My thighs are the worst. Attributing this to location and gravity? Sometimes my thighs will feel a pinching sensation but it isn't often and subsides quickly.
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I think you look great!  Good question about the thighs and gravity- you should ask it in our Doctor Q&A, I'd love to hear what they say.
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Thanks for posting! Your review has been helpful to compare my healing to. You look great!!
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I feel like your lipo twin as I had mine on 8 19. I had upper lower ab and some sides this time. This is my second time. I workout like you do also and my weight also was at 200 before. I'm also 34! I had severe bruising and I know I bruise easier than most too. My upper thigh 2 inches down looked like a meat tenderizer was used on me. First week is hell I always say. (It's all been hell because I got a respiratory infection along with the "flow"). I sill have hard spots right at my belly button and the lowest ab is the hardest and swollen still. It's been 4 weeks and it's still hard for me to walk fast as that area gets jarred. That area I had before, had developed into this fatty pouch, my waist was flat, then had the beak type of overhang belly button, then roll at the top under bust. I had all this done before excluding the top, it developed into a roll so I had to wait for more money to fix again. I wear compression bodysuits 24/7, one for day has bra cups, night is more lighter but the middle is still compressed. I hope my lowest part swelling goes away by this week. You look so good now! You had little legs anyway but I fell your issue when YOU feel something isn't right. You're looking fabulous!
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I was 189 at surgery and I just had upset/lower abs and flanks too! Happy healing!
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The results are great! Keep posting please :)
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Don't worry about the swelling, it will take a while to go down.  Congrats on being on the flat side!  I hope you keep us posted on how your healing goes.
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