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Thermage for Loose Skin on Abdomen After Pregnancy - It Worked for Me

I chose Thermage because I had loose skin on my...

I chose Thermage because I had loose skin on my abdomen after two pregnancies. I was not interested in a tummy-tuck, so Thermage appeared to be a good alternative.

So, I'm about 3 years out from the procedure & it still looks great. It got rid of almost all of the wrinkly, loose skin. The only trace remaining is around my belly button.

The downside is this: it is absolutely the most painful experience I have ever had next to child birth. I was stunned by the intensity of the pain. I'm told the stomach area is more sensitive than the face. In any event, I won't find out b/c I won't have it done again.


I will see what I can come up w/. I definitely have after pics but I will have to dig for before pics.
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Glad it looks great an you are happy! Could you possibly post before and after pics? What docotor did you go to? I would love to get this done on my tummy.
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See before & after photos ... .

See before & after photos ... .


After looks great! I did 3 natural child births and you are scaring me about the pain. I am debating against Thermage (radio frequency) vs VaserShape (ultrasound). Anyone have opinions on that? Thanks!
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I haven't heard of VaserShape so I can't opine on whether one is more effective than the other. Since I had mine done - maybe 7 or 8 years ago - the technology has allegedly improved. I am told there is a bigger laser head available, which means, the application of the RF covers more real estate in each pass, which would result in a shorter overall procedure time. Good luck!

I think it looks like you lost a lot of weight from all over your body. In fact, your skin tone is so different in each photo, I actually doubt it's the same person in each photo.

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Still a Believer

I am amazed at all the doubters. One even said it doesn't take a rocket science to figure out from the pics that it was my "workout" regimen. Wow, he/she must have gone to Oxford; I am utterly undone by that analysis. As if he/she knows anything at all about my diet/exercise choices, lifestyle, etc. The comment also incorrectly presupposes that all skin responds the same to being stretched into a Volkswagon. Does any woman out there really believe that if they just lost weight and did lots of abs, their skin would simply return to its former elasticity? For some women it does b/c of this radical thing called genetics, but for most, it does not. Think of it another way: if skin did return to its pre-pregnancy elasticity, so would the skin of obese people after massive weight loss and plastic surgeons wouldn't be advertising for post-weight loss surgeries. One final thing - I am in the best shape of my life since having a third child in 2011. I am thinner than I was in this after picture and I have abs too, but guess what - the wrinkly skin is back w/ a vengeance!


meant to say 'I believe my stomach would be taut, but definitely not TONED.'
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I believe everything you are saying, and I even believe that the wrinkly skin came back (as it probably would for most people) from another pregnancy after the procedure. I just think people are doubters because you seem to have musculature in your abdomen, which would most likely not be produced from the thermage alone, but from concurrent or subsequent exercise. I don't workout so if I had this procedure done, I believe my stomach would be taut, but definitely not done. I haven't done anything to achieve such musculature, as I strongly think is the case for anyone who doesn't work out the abdominal muscle group. Also, you are right, I have gained and lost 80 pounds over my adult life and for some reason, when I lose weight, my stomach just gets small and tight, no loose skin or wrinkles. I believe it's genetic. However, my hips and thighs hold weight and cellulite whether I am 90 lbs or 180. There may be some procedures that would help that for me, which I would love to try, but I really nothing will make it go away entirely.
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it looks like your tummy didnt have any wrinkling it was just protuding a bit which can be fixed witha lot of tummy exercises.
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Alexis Parker

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