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Educate Yourself First - Denver, CO

I prepared my skin for a year with Retin-a and and...

I prepared my skin for a year with Retin-a and and 6 months alternating with a properly pH balanced AHA serum. In the past, I've had professional glycolic peels and microdermabrasion at hundreds of dollars. None have produced the results that the 25% at home TCA peel I did on myself have, and it's not even finished healing. The new skin being revealed so far is pink, and healthy looking. I'm looking forward to the full results. I will do this again in a few months.

I can see how those uneducated could be frightened by the healing process. I have read extensively on this peel, but there was still a part of me afraid that my face would not heal. Take excellent post peel care! I used aquaphor + neosporin for the first 4 days then switched to cracked skin relief cream by derma e. I did not go into the sun without a 30 spf mineral sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses.

Other considerations: I am not susceptible to cold sores, but using the peel around my mouth provoked a small breakout, which is clear in the pics.

One week Post 25% TCA Peel and I'm mostly...

One week Post 25% TCA Peel and I'm mostly healed. There is still some redness where I double and triple treated. Results: tighter skin, refined pores, very refreshed looking, two age spots gone. Very pleased and will be doing another peel in 4 weeks. Then giving my skin a break for 6 months.

Excellent results, wow. I'm getting ready to do one, hope it's this good.

Hi touch,

First thanks so much for the video, awesome! Glad this worked out so well for you. Your review should very much help those who are scared of doing the peel at home. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review, and enjoy your week!


You're welcome. I added a picture. Cheers.

This is about the 3 month mark and I just wanted...

This is about the 3 month mark and I just wanted to reiterate how I feel this is worth it. I have taken a pic today, and made sure I was on a bad day (partied too much over the weekend, and been eating terribly, eyes have been puffy because of this, unshaven, direct lighting, etc), and I am still thrilled with the face I see in the mirror. It seems to get a little better everyday. I was ID'd for alcohol over the weekend and she couldn't believe I was over 30 (I'm 38). I do take immaculate care (aside from the partying and sometimes poor diet :).. ) of my skin on a daily basis, but nothing made this kind of difference and I will do another in 3 months.

BTW, that is not a wrinkle on my right (left in...

BTW, that is not a wrinkle on my right (left in the pic) eye, it is a scar. This picture is unretouched.
Ur 38? Wow! U look like u can be 29, 30! U look so young and refreshed congrats on the results from ur treatments
it should! if not, I would suggest investing in a PaloVia. It's giving me amazing results so far. Better than TCA did.
Hi there

I have used TCA twice and wanted to move up to the 25% but am a little scared of using this strength under the eye. Did you have any problems using it there and do you think it has improved that area of your face. By the way, your skin looks great.

Hey guys, I just wanted to give an update. I just...

Hey guys, I just wanted to give an update. I just did my annual 25% TCA a few months ago, mid-July 2012, right before my 39th! I applied it full face and neck, and triple applied under eyes. It took the usual 7 days to peel. I once again used aquaphor day and night and washed with Dr Bronners baby mild.

I have also been using a 20% salicylic peel monthly to maintain. I attached a new pic from a week ago. It shows a really nice even skin tone. My skin is so bright! IMO, chemical peels are absolutely the key to maintaining youthful skin if you cannot afford a surgeon. I'm thinking if trying the 30% TCA/Jessners selling on amazon. Anyone tried?
...I would add this comment: There are so many things to consider when doing a TCA peel..not only Skin Patch testing at least 24 hrs prior to doing your treatment to determine proper strength, but also accessing your skins condition...is it thin & fragile, do you wounds/open sores from acne, are you taking medications which cause sun sensitivity, do you have a medical condition...all this & more! must be considered prior to deciding on if you are a good candidate for doing your own home peel! Then how do you apply it...do you make one pass over the area or several...did I use a lower strength in sensitive areas of the face or body? So yes it is important to learn as much as possible, do your patch tests 24 hrs prior and pay attention to HOW you apply it to your skin and the after care you give it! High point on the face such as the check bone may respond more and easily can be over treated which can result in some slower healing & persistent redness or discoloration ( I use lighter peels to get rid of those issues)! So know your stuff and have all your after care ready before starting!
I have doing chemical peels for 20 years (52 yr of age now) and beautiful skin. I am a medical estheitian and work for a plastic surgeon so I believe I know what I am doing. Lol
To "Touchthisskin": AWESOME REVIEW! Your results look great! You obviously someone who understands the correct use & preparation for TCA peels! Good job!

30% TCA

I finally got up the courage to try a 30% peel under my eyes and I want to warn anyone doing this at home that this is some serious stuff. I ended up peeling and scabbing twice during the healing process and I'm still red under my eyes after a month! it was almost in danger of turning brown due to hyperpigmentation. Luckily the community here had excellent advice and I used a hydroquinone cream twice a day as well as a hydrocortisone ointment at night. Be careful! I've never been so frightened by what I did to myself, and I have experimented with a lot of things on myself! That all said, people constantly think I'm in my early twenties. I highly recommend getting a TCA of 25% or higher once a year
my last peel was 2 coats of Jessners and cross hatching some larger pores and then 2 coats entire face with 25% TCA, I really liked the results but I'm a little worried about the 30% whats your thoughts on this? BTW your skin looks great.
How do I find the medications to do my own facial?
How do I purchase a micro-dermabrasian machine? How long is the recovery time and do you see a change quickly with this technique?

30% under eye peel finally healed

And i look super good! I'm now almost 41 and i am always mistaken for 21-29. BTW, not sure i would do another 30%. It scared me pretty good when it took three months to heal.
Hi I ordered the 30% from amazon brand Erlenmeyer's Laboratory. Have you heard of that brand? I had a peel b4, and they do work, but my dermatologist did it and seeing your pics and you tube I can try it myself. You look great btw
30% is scary. Unless you have nothing but time for a couple of weeks after to dedicate completely to post care, i would not recommend it.
Thanks for the comment, I think that I'll stay with what I'm doing.
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