So glad I found this community for advice and...

So glad I found this community for advice and support! I am deciding whether or not it's time to finally get this done. I broke my nose when I was about 11, and have hated my profile ever since. I've been lucky to be a confident person aside from my nose, but I am having some breathing problems.

Also, I'm getting married in April and I can't imagine spending all day avoiding "bad angles". Haha I know you all know what I mean! So I have a consultation set up for early next month and I keep going back and forth on whether or not to do it.

My main concerns are: I don't want a nose that doesn't fit my face and regret getting it done. Also, I'm concerned about people's reactions to it! I am a pretty private person and I don't want to have to do a lot of explaining.

I uploaded some photos and would appreciate any advice I can get from those who have been through the process already! Thank you!!


I would schedule more than one consultation. Try to visit at least three board certified plastic surgeons with elite credentials who've done many, many rhinoplasties.

Check out this list of tips I put together. Finding the right doctor is crucial!

Please keep us posted on your journey and congrats on your upcoming marriage!
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My rhinoplasty is September. Don't worry about what others think but my opinion is definitely stay natural-looking. I've been admiring different model noses but then I realized that all their features are so different from mine and that type of nose just wouldn't be appropriate for my face. So you are exactly on the right page when you say that you don't want a nose that doesn't fit your face. I think that is so important for the proportion and angle to be in sync with other facial features. Best luck! I look forward to reading more about your story. :)
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That's sooo true! I think it will be important to get a doctor who can help me best find a way to fit my face and angles to make if natural and beautiful! I just read your posts too, you'll have to let me know how it goes in September and I will be following you! You are gorgeous, I'm sure it will go well!

Simulated pictures

Played with a simulation app to try to see what I would want- definitely something subtle!


No regrets!!! Do glad I did it! I still can't believe I actually did it. It was just a far off impossible dream forever.

More simulated pictures :)

Let me know what you think!


I agree with the other posts on doing your research on the docotrs. I researched many and made multiple consultations. I ended up choosing the one that specialized in rhinoplasty's and he had lots of awards and was considered a top doctor in the area. His website was kept up to date and he had lots of before and after pics. Your wedding will be amazing, but I know how you feel. I dislike viewing pictures of me where I don't actually know am being photographed or video taped. It has to be something you want and like others mentioned dont' worry what others think or say. Plastic Surgery is a touchy topic, not everyone understands. I wish you luck and a happy wedding day to come. Regardless you are beautiful!
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Thank you so much, I really appreciate your advice! I will definitely do my research and make sure I feel comfortable before moving forward. Thanks for your support!

First Consultation Today!

I was very nervous but I met with Dr. Imola today, my first consultation. The staff there were all amazing- friendly, patient, and caring. Great experience! Dr. Imola didn't spend much time with me and seemed very down to business which is fine with me! He confirmed I do have a deviated septum and he said he could fix that, and also remove my dorsal hump. Because I have such thin skin on my nose, he said he would need to take some skin from my face (scalp/temple area) to make it thicker. He would be doing an open rhinoplasty and said he charges more than other doctors because he schedules more time as he is a perfectionist. His simulation gave me a very straight nose (no curve). I absorbed a lot of information today, so I'm feeling a little anxious!!


Good job on your consults. Have u tried a simulation with curve just to see how u may like it? I think you should try many and see what u like best ! Good luck I'm sure you'll find the right one!
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Good point. I didn't ask for a curve in the consultation but I think I will go on another to see what it would look like with a curve! He mentioned that since I'm tall he wouldn't want to give me a little nose (I wouldn't want that either!) Thanks for your advice :)

Second Consultation!

I had my second consultation in Denver today- this time with Dr. Slenkovich. Wow, what a great experience! He was VERY personable and made me feel very comfortable. He explained everything so in depth and seemed very attentive. I had a great experience also with Lyndsay, the Patient Care Coordinator. While Dr. Imola seems to have a lot more rhinoplasty reviews on here, I had such a great feeling with Dr. Slenkovich that I am leaning a little bit in that direction. I can't decide though as I really like Dr. Imola's before and after pictures, and he really seems to have a great aesthetic. I set up two more consultations- one with Dr. Raval and one with Dr. Cote. Let me know if you have any experience with any of these doctors please!!


I'm shopping around for a Denver Rhino surgeon too. Obviously we want a surgeon board certified, but more importantly, pick the one who specializes is what you want done. I wouldn't have the same surgeon that does my breasts, do my nose. It doesn't mean they wouldn't do a "decent" job on both. I just believe, stick to the doctor and his biggest specialty. A handyman may be able to help you with your entire house remodel but you would get better results if you used a professional tiler, for tile, a drywalled for texture, an electrician for wiring...people who do the same thing all day so they have lots of experience. Dr. Imola works only from the neck up. I'm not sure about Dr. Slencovich as his website shows other procedures. I will find out about Dr. Raval next week.
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October 13th--Surgery Booked!!

I booked my surgery today!! I will be going with Dr. Raval in Denver. I had 3 consultations, and I felt that he was my best fit personally. He seemed very connected and confident that he could give me great results, his before/after pictures were my favorites in Denver, and the digital imaging he created for me was the most similar to what my desired outcome will be. On top of that, he specializes in facial plastic surgery, and in particular, rhinoplasty. I have a good feeling that he is the right doctor for me and am really excited to get the surgery booked! I am getting nervous now that it is actually going to happen!


Hi there, I decided to move forward with Dr. Raval. I have heard only great things about Dr. Imola, but I felt more connected to Dr. Raval and personally feel like his aesthetic is more similar to what I'm hoping for. Keep in touch with me regarding your surgery moving forward so we can be support for each other locally :)
Thanks again for your advice- I did end up liking a very slight curve look better, and am going with the doctor I think can best achieve that for me. Your support means a lot!
Thank you for the list of tips! I met with three board certified plastic surgeons, and I found the right doctor for me!

More Before Pictures

Just wanted to include some more before pictures now that I have it scheduled so I have more to compare it to when it is done!!


Congrats on finally booking! I have been wavering for years about whether I should do it. I just booked my surgery a couple weeks ago and am getting it done Sept 22nd. Yeek! It still hasn't sunk in that I'm actually doing this. And of course, now that it's booked I am starting to hesitate about whether it will be worth it. In the perfect lighting I don't mind my nose and start to hesitate. Then I step out of that perfect lighting, or catch myself at a certain angle and I'm reminded of why I want to d this! My nose has bugged me for years, so I figure I need to just do it! I just went shopping for cover-up makeup assuming I'll be pretty bruised for a while. I'll be posting about what I bought once I have a chance to sit down and write that post... It sounds like you did some good research finding your doc. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you get the results you hope for. Your morphs look great and seem reasonable to achieve if you ask me (although I'm not a doc...). Good luck with everything!
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Thank you! It sounds like we are kind of on the same path. I feel like the main thing I keep remembering is that I will be glad I got it done the older I get and the more time that passes I will wish I had just gotten it over with! I'm excited to read your post, please do it so that we can keep each other updated since our surgeries are around the same time. I definitely don't think I have unreasonable expectations, I just want an improvement but to still look like me! I'll be thinking of you when you are getting yours done- keep in touch!
I will definitely write more posts. I really wanted my nose job to be done before my wedding, but I was too much of a chicken to make it happen. I got married a year ago, and hated my nose in every pic! Thankfully I know how to use Photoshop really well ;) You'll be happy you got it done before your wedding. I still regret not doing it before then, but at the same time I just wasn't mentally ready. Plus, I didn't think about my nose once on the actual day... I just hated it once I saw all the pics afterwards!

Pre-op Appointment

I can't believe I'm really doing it!! It seems surreal. Had my pre-op appointment, only 10 more days to go! Excited but nervous and have so appreciated all of the support and help I've gotten on this site!


Can't wait to see your results! So exciting :) we will be recovering at the same time.
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Ah!! I can't believe it's finally here after all these years and I can't believe I'm actually going through with it! Feeling nervous and excited! More nervous that I don't want to have it look like Michael Jackson or something after it's done lol. Just ready for this day to be over with at this point!


Can't wait to see some updated pictures!! Congratulations!
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Thinking of you:) hope your surgery and recovery is going well.
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Good luck!! Good to see you went with your gut feeling re: surgeons! Looking forward to your pics :)
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Surgery Done!

Well I did it! I can't believe it. I am at home recovering. Not in much pain, just pressure and uncomfortable. I already have a lot of swelling and some pretty huge shiners! But overall I don't feel bad. It was a long day so hopefully ill get some sleep tonight. Can't believe I have a new nose under this cast- I wish I could see it!

The worst part that for some reason I wasn't expecting is how much it is bleeding. For some reason it is just grossing me out so bad it's really the worst part. Hopefully that will be better tomorrow. I wil post again tomorrow :)


Congrats on your surgery! Keep us updated :)
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Thank you for your sweet words! I appreciate it so much. Can't wait to get the cast off already haha
Thank you for thinking of me today, means a lot to me!!

Post-Op Day 1

I feel pretty good considering it's my first day post op! Slept a few hours on and off in a recliner. I've been taking my pain meds religiously lol I think that helps!
So glad the bleeding slowed down that was the worst part.

Also I have really bad bruising and swelling already. I definitely have the avatar look going on! And he had to make a couple small incisions in my nose because it was so badly broken and there were lots of bone fragments and scar tissue.

Now I'm just ready to stop wearing the gauze and for the bruising and swelling to subside! I've been taking vitamin c and arnica for the past week and also they prescribed me Celebrex for swelling which I've been taking too.


How are you feeling?? Any tips. I'm ready for my surgery on Saturday :O
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Hey! I am super super bruised and swollen but not in a lot of pain. There really hasn't been much pain, just a lot of discomfort. Definitely be ready to feel pretty out of it for a few days and keep tons of water nearby, especially when you are trying to sleep!
Congratulations! Hope your recovery is fast!! Can't wait to see the cast removal! :D
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Day 2 Recovery

So I just up on the second day after my surgery. I don't feel that awful but my god I look TERRIBLE! My swelling and bruising are the worst ever. Ugh kill me


Day 3-5 were the worst for me. Hang in there! It gets better soon enough. Arnica cream on those black eyes! Apply gently w a brush.
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Ok thanks for the tip! I got arnica gel but haven't used it yet, think it will work the same as arnica cream? I have my first post op appt tomorrow so I get the stents out thank god!!
Yeah gel or cream are both fine :)

Day 3 after surgery

So yesterday was pretty brutal. I felt awful like I had a bad headache all day and I threw up a few times which felt awful but it also meant I couldn't keep the meds down. So my doctor called in an anti nausea med for me and that helped a lot.
Today I woke up and felt 100x better. Like so so much better. No headache, no nauseau. I showered and cleaned my face and felt much better. Then I went to my first post-op appt and had my stents taken out. I can't even tell you how greatthat felt to get them removed! Also I can breathe for the first time since I can ever remember. It's an Incredible feeling! My bruising and swelling are so bad but my doc said totally normal. But they did a laser bruising treatment for me for free which was awesome!
So happy I can breathe, now I just need to stop swelling so I can look like myself again.


I'm glad you are feeling better.
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Thanks sweetie. How are you feeling today?

Day 2 vs. Day 3 Pictures

You can see how much worse I was on Day 2! Day 3 I feel like a whole new person!


Good to hear that you feel better :)
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Thanks girl! I am so much better it is such a great feeling! I was worried I might have a couple more rough days. Whew!
:) I can't wait to see your new nose! You are going to look great, it's crazy how a day makes a difference right? Just have patience you will love your results ♡

Day 4- feeling good

Today is the first day I can say that I actually feel good. I can breathe through my nose (even though it is stuffed up) and I wasn't in any pain. I am starting to feel like myself again! I still have bad bruising and swelling but they are both noticeably improving everyday which gives me hope that they will be gone by the time I have to go back to work in 9 days! Eating and drinking normally now. Took a little lunchbreak outside in my backyard and the fresh air feels good. It is such a weird sensation to breathe through my nose! For any of you ladies who did this in part bc of breathing issues, you will be amazed!
I was cleaning out my nostrils and I think I accidentally pulled out a stitch but it didn't hurt and it looks fine so I'm just going to pretend it didn't happen lol.
I get my cast off on Monday so just 2 more full days with it on! I am starting to see the shape of it a little better now that the swelling is moving down my face a little bit. I look like a chipmunk with very colorful bruises haha. My fiancée keeps telling me I look great and that I look better everyday so that helps :) my dog has been such a good little snuggle buddy that I had to post a picture of him too. Thanks to all you ladies on here for your support I honestly don't think I would have gone through with it if it weren't for all of you! Xoxo


Your looking great : ) your past the worst part. I found day 3 the worst. I cant wait to see more photos. I a,so had the chipmunk look :0 isnt it funny.
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Haha it is comforting to know someone else had the weird chipmunk look, I haven't seen that many photos on here of people who have had that! How long did it take for your chipmunk cheeks to go away? Also did you notice that it affected your smile to have so much swelling in your lower cheeks? My smile looks bizarre!
My smile was terrrrrible for about 3 days. Pretty much couldn't smile at all really. Then it came back sooner than even the doc expected. I think 7 days post? It'll return... Don't worry

Day 5- better everyday!

Just trying to post a daily update in case it might help anyone else! Not a lot new to report, feeling and looking slightly better today and everyday there is some improvement. I am going for a car ride it's so nice out today we are going to go drive and look at the leaves changing colors in the mountains. It feels so good to get out and I can finally breathe through my nose which is incredible! My smile still looks weird but I think it is showing small improvement too so staying positive! I cannot wait to wash my hair and face normally when I get the cast off on in 2 days! I feel so gross! Slept all through the night last night which was the first time and felt great.


You are looking better everyday. I haven't been brave enough to go outside. Tuesday I get my cast off. My friend said our noses are going to be swollen once the cast is off. Enjoy the mountain :)
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Thanks! I get my cast off on Monday. I do not like being outside w my cast on but I was feeling so cooped up! How are you feeling today? That's good we should remember that our noses will be swollen when we get the casts off so we aren't disappointed!
Can't wait to see your new nose!! Your bruising/swelling wasn't too bad. Looks like Day 2 was the worse. Hope its the same for me cause I can't imagine swelling any more than I am today. I

Day 6- last day with cast on!

Today I am looking like myself and feeling good! I am still a little woozy if I get up and do a lot. I love football so it's been a fun day having family over just eating and watching football.
Today is the last day with my cast on!!! Words cannot describe how excited I am to get the cast off and take a long shower and SCRUB my hair and wash my face and feel clean! I.can't.wait. Ah! Still have some shiners, kind of can see the profile taking shape, the big hump is gone but it is pretty subtle, definitely not too small which I was worried about going in, so that's good! Tomorrow will be a more exciting post :)


How are you today? My day was a lot smoother with help from my bf. I'm excited to see your nose without a cast. Tomorrow I get my cast removed!
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How did cast removal go? Were you happy with the way it looked?
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Hey just posted an update!

Cast Off

Sorry it took me so long to post today I just had a very emotional day. Got my cast taken off this morning, and I did exactly what I know I shouldn't do but I got upset because it is not how I pictured it to look. It is still swollen and I know thay and my face is still swollen too. But I just don't love it immediately like I though that I would. I know, I know, it's too early to judge. It's just been a long hard week and to not see the results I was hoping for was hard. My fiancée thinks it looks great. It's all taped up so its hard to see exactly. I really hope the tip goes down more. I put up some before and afters to remind me that its at least better than it was before! I found some of the worst pics I could of my before nose lol.


How are you feeling today?
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Feeling ok. the pressure from the tape really hurts and is giving me a headache. feeling better about my nose today, trying to not obsess over it and just let it heal.
It looks GREAT! So much straighter from front and profile. I think you'll be really happy once tip swelling goes down. Tip is usually most swollen and unfortunately last to de-swell due to gravity etc. I'm playing the waiting game myself as i hope my tip shape will still improve. Patience patience!
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Day 8- one day after cast off

I'm feeling better about my nose today than I was yesterday! It is still swollen and even though it's not perfect, it is definitely an improvement from my broken nose with a big hump. Plus I can actually breathe through my nose which is amazing!! Today my nose was really painful, I think it must be from the pressure of the taping? I had to take Advil for the pain but that seemed to work. I still have bruises but I tried to cover with makeup. I hope that by day 14 they will be gone enough that you can't see them with makeup! Trying to stay positive and keep up with my anti-swelling (bromelain pills, Arnica gel, sleeping elevated) and hoping it goes down. But it is straight now which is good! Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments and support! Got me through a rough day :) xoxo

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